Petacchi flies in Calabria finale

Montaguti wins overall in south of Italy

Alessandro Petacchi (Lampre-Farnese Vini) won the final stage of the Giro della Provincia di Reggio Calabria on Tuesday, using his usual high-speed, long surge sprint after another excellent lead-out from new last man Danilo Hondo.

Petacchi finished several metres clear of the other sprinters who were left fighting for the minor placings. Fellow Italians Oscar Gatto (ISD-Neri) and Mattia Gavazzi (Colnago-Csf) were second and third.

Stage one winner Matteo Montaguti (De Rosa-Stac Plastic) finished safely in the bunch and won the overall classification of the four-day race in the toe of the Italian peninsula. Montaguti finished 25 seconds ahead of Spain’s Francisco Ventoso (Carmiooro-NGC), with Daniele Pietropolli (Lampre) third at 34 seconds.

It was Petacchi’s second win of the Calabria race and the second of the 2010 season. The 36-year-old veteran also won stage two on Sunday.

Hondo leaves it late

The early action in the 165km stage again saw a handful of riders go clear but the Lampre team kept them under control and then reeled them in before the finish.

The only problem for Lampre was when Hondo dropped off the back for a late toilet stop, 25km from the finish, but he quickly got back to the front just in time to give Petacchi a high-speed lead out. First the experienced German took Petacchi up to Jacopo Guarnieri's back wheel and then dragged him clear of the other sprinters. Petacchi then took over and opened up the gas to win well clear of his rivals.

Petacchi won by so much he asked Cyclingnews photographer Roberto Bettini to have a look at the shots of the sprint. Yet he insisted he is not a pure sprinter.

"I've never defined myself as a sprinter but at the end of the day, that's how I win," Petacchi told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"My dream would actually be to attack on the final climb of a race and then beat my breakaway companions in the sprint. I'd like to win like Michele Bartoli used to win.

"But to be honest I'm just happy to win. And as long as I can do it, as long as I've got the legs and the courage, I won't hold back. One day I'd like to pass my experience onto a talented young rider. A bit like Erik Zabel did with me and then Mark Cavendish."

Montaguti wins overall

Matteo Montaguti (De Rosa-Stac Plastic) was pleased to have won his first-ever stage race as a professional. He won stage one with a brave attack on the final climb and never lost the sky blue leader's jersey.

"I don't think I've changed because I've won and I don't want to change, otherwise I'd lose sight of my big goal: Continue to improve," Montaguti told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Of course I've got more faith in my ability now. I'd never have thought to make an attack like that the one I did on the first day. I'll try and remember how I did it in case I get another chance."

After four days in Calabria, the Italian peloton now heads north for Sunday’s GP degli Etruschi race in Tuscany. The race is organised by former world champion Paolo Bettini near his home town of La California on the Tuscan coast.

Petacchi is the big favourite for the sprinter's race, especially after also having won the last five editions of the Etruschi race.

Full Results
1Alessandro Petacchi (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini4:09:13 
2Oscar Gatto (Ita) ISD - Neri  
3Mattia Gavazzi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
4Roberto Cesaro (Ita) Miche  
5Alessandro Maserati (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
6Andrea Piechele (Ita) Carmiooro NGC  
7Yuri Metlushenko (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad  
8Giuseppe Palumbo (Ita) Acqua & Sapone  
9Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo  
10Davide d'Angelo (Ita) CDC Cavaliere  
11Filippo Baggio (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
12René Weissinger (Ger) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
13Claudio Corioni (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic  
14Federico Canuti (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
15Nicola D'andrea (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
16Claudio Cucinotta (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic  
17Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi (Spa) Carmiooro NGC  
18Danilo Hondo (Ger) Lampre - Farnese Vini  
19Aleksandr Kuschynski (Blr) Liquigas-Doimo  
20Matteo Montaguti (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic  
21Alessandro Donati (Ita) Acqua & Sapone  
22Lorenzo Bernucci (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:00:05 
23Daniel Oss (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo  
24Manuel Belletti (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
25Daniele Pietropolli (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini  
26Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:00:06 
27Piergiorgio Camussa (Ita) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
28Paolo Longo Borghini (Ita) ISD - Neri  
29Cristiano Salerno (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic  
30Francesco Di Paolo (Ita) Acqua & Sapone  
31Andrea Noe (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
32Hubert Schwab (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
33Reto Hollenstein (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
34Damiano Caruso (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic  
35Paolo Ciavatta (Ita) Acqua & Sapone  
36Jakub Novak (Svk) Amore & Vita - Conad  
37Sergio Lagana (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic  
38Przemyslaw Niemiec (Pol) Miche  
39Riccardo Chiarini (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:00:13 
40Francesco Ginanni (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:00:18 
41Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Androni Giocattoli0:00:19 
42Leonardo Giordani (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
43Davide Torosantucci (Ita) CDC Cavaliere0:00:24 
44Daniele Ratto (Ita) Carmiooro NGC  
45Dominik Hrinkow (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
46Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad  
47Gianluca Mirenda (Ita) ISD - Neri  
48Mauro Da Dalto (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini  
49Enrico Zen (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
50Andreas Dietziker (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
51Luigi Gitto (Ita) Miche  
52Emanuel Vona (Ita) ISD - Neri  
53Salvatore Commesso (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
54Aurélien Passeron (Fra) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
55Diego Caccia (Ita) ISD - Neri  
56Francesco Failli (Ita) Acqua & Sapone0:00:34 
57Manuel Quinziato (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo  
58Mauro Finetto (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo  
59Fabrice Piemontesi (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:00:37 
60Emanuele Sella (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:00:42 
61Giairo Ermeti (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:00:47 
62Carlo Scognamiglio (Ita) ISD - Neri0:00:49 
63Edoardo Girardi (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
64Marco Frapporti (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
65Vladislav Borisov (Rus) Amore & Vita - Conad  
66Sacha Modolo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
67Alan Marangoni (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
68Jure Golcer (Slo) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:00:53 
69Brian Vandborg (Den) Liquigas-Doimo  
70Thomas Bertolini (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:00:54 
71Raivis Belohvosciks (Lat) Ceramica Flaminia0:01:15 
72Tiziano Dall'antonia (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:01:16 
73Mirco Lorenzetto (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:01:29 
74Simone Ponzi (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:01:55 
75Grega Bole (Slo) Lampre - Farnese Vini  
76Aristide Ratti (Ita) Carmiooro NGC  
77Marco Cattaneo (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic  
78Radoslav Rogina (Cro) Loborika  
79Fausto Fognini (Ita) Amore & Vita - Conad  
80Alessandro Fantini (Ita) Acqua & Sapone0:02:12 
81Cayetano José Sarmiento Tunarrosa (Col) Acqua & Sapone0:02:45 
82Hrvoje Miholjevic (Cro) Loborika  
83Kristof Vollon (Bel) Amore & Vita - Conad0:03:00 
84Andrea Masciarelli (Ita) Acqua & Sapone0:03:03 
85Silvère Ackermann (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:04:14 
86Enrico Rossi (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:04:40 
87Francesco Tizza (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:04:43 
88Marcello Pavarin (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
89Stefano Usai (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
90Damiano Margutti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli  
91Donato Cannone (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
92Domenico Agosta (Ita) CDC Cavaliere  
93Fabrizio Lucciola (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
94Josef Benetseder (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
95Massimo Giunti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli  
96Fabio Taborre (Ita) Androni Giocattoli  
97Santo Anza (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
98Giuseppe Muraglia (Ita) CDC Cavaliere  
99Olegs Melehs (Lat) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
100Fortunato Baliani (Ita) Miche  
101Stefano Pirazzi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
102Antonio Quadranti (Ita) Carmiooro NGC  
103Luca Zanasca (Ita) CDC Cavaliere  
104Bruno Radotic (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
105Dean Podgornik (Slo) Loborika  
106Mauro Hrastnik (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
107Mariano Giallorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
108Emanuel Kiserlovski (Cro) Loborika  
109Michael Rasmussen (Den) Miche  
110Leonardo Pinizzotto (Ita) Miche  
111Leonardo Scarselli (Ita) ISD - Neri  
112Pier Paolo De Negri (Ita) ISD - Neri  
113Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad  
114Denys Kostyuk (Ukr) ISD - Neri  
115Tomislav Danculovic (Cro) Loborika  
116Kristijan Durasek (Cro) Loborika  
117Leopoldo Rocchetti (Ita) Miche  
118Matteo Bono (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini  
119Daniele Righi (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini  
DNFPasquale Muto (Ita) Miche  
DNFRaffaele Ferrara (Ita) Carmiooro NGC  
DNFLuis Angel Mate Mardones (Spa) Androni Giocattoli  
DNFLuca Ascani (Ita) CDC Cavaliere  
DNSFilippo Savini (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
Sprint 1 - Marina di Caulonia
1Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad  
2Mariano Giallorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
3Josef Benetseder (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
Sprint 2 - Siderno
1Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad  
2Mariano Giallorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
3Josef Benetseder (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
Sprint 3 - Bovalino Marina
1Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad  
2Mariano Giallorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
3Josef Benetseder (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
Young riders
1Roberto Cesaro (Ita) Miche4:09:13 
2Andrea Piechele (Ita) Carmiooro NGC  
3Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo  
4Filippo Baggio (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
5Daniel Oss (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:00:05 
6Damiano Caruso (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:00:06 
7Jakub Novak (Svk) Amore & Vita - Conad  
8Daniele Ratto (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:00:24 
9Dominik Hrinkow (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
10Enrico Zen (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
11Luigi Gitto (Ita) Miche  
12Sacha Modolo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:00:49 
13Thomas Bertolini (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:00:54 
14Simone Ponzi (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:01:55 
15Cayetano José Sarmiento Tunarrosa (Col) Acqua & Sapone0:02:45 
16Kristof Vollon (Bel) Amore & Vita - Conad0:03:00 
17Marcello Pavarin (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:04:43 
18Damiano Margutti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli  
19Fabrizio Lucciola (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
20Stefano Pirazzi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox  
21Mauro Hrastnik (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
22Leonardo Pinizzotto (Ita) Miche  
23Pier Paolo De Negri (Ita) ISD - Neri  
24Kristijan Durasek (Cro) Loborika  
25Leopoldo Rocchetti (Ita) Miche  
Foreign riders
1Yuri Metlushenko (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad4:09:13 
2René Weissinger (Ger) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
3Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi (Spa) Carmiooro NGC  
4Danilo Hondo (Ger) Lampre - Farnese Vini  
5Aleksandr Kuschynski (Blr) Liquigas-Doimo  
6Hubert Schwab (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:00:06 
7Reto Hollenstein (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
8Jakub Novak (Svk) Amore & Vita - Conad  
9Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Androni Giocattoli0:00:19 
10Dominik Hrinkow (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:00:24 
11Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad  
12Andreas Dietziker (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec  
13Aurélien Passeron (Fra) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
14Vladislav Borisov (Rus) Amore & Vita - Conad0:00:49 
15Jure Golcer (Slo) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:00:53 
16Brian Vandborg (Den) Liquigas-Doimo  
17Raivis Belohvosciks (Lat) Ceramica Flaminia0:01:15 
18Grega Bole (Slo) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:01:55 
19Radoslav Rogina (Cro) Loborika  
20Cayetano José Sarmiento Tunarrosa (Col) Acqua & Sapone0:02:45 
21Hrvoje Miholjevic (Cro) Loborika  
22Kristof Vollon (Bel) Amore & Vita - Conad0:03:00 
23Silvère Ackermann (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:04:14 
24Josef Benetseder (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:04:43 
25Olegs Melehs (Lat) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
26Bruno Radotic (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
27Dean Podgornik (Slo) Loborika  
28Mauro Hrastnik (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team  
29Emanuel Kiserlovski (Cro) Loborika  
30Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad  
31Denys Kostyuk (Ukr) ISD - Neri  
32Tomislav Danculovic (Cro) Loborika  
33Kristijan Durasek (Cro) Loborika  
1De Rosa - Stac Plastic12:27:39 
2Colnago - CSF Inox0:00:05 
4Lampre - Farnese Vini  
5Acqua & Sapone0:00:06 
6Ceramica Flaminia  
7Vorarlberg - Corratec0:00:12 
8Carmiooro NGC0:00:24 
10ISD - Neri  
11Amore & Vita - Conad  
12Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:00:48 
13Androni Giocattoli0:01:14 
14CDC Cavaliere0:05:07 
Final general classification
1Matteo Montaguti (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic17:13:28 
2Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi (Spa) Carmiooro NGC0:00:25 
3Daniele Pietropolli (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:00:34 
4Federico Canuti (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:00:35 
5Aleksandr Kuschynski (Blr) Liquigas-Doimo0:00:38 
6Daniel Oss (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:00:49 
7Cristiano Salerno (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:01:04 
8Lorenzo Bernucci (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:01:12 
9Francesco Failli (Ita) Acqua & Sapone  
10Alessandro Petacchi (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:01:33 
11Andrea Noe (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:01:36 
12Davide d'Angelo (Ita) CDC Cavaliere0:02:35 
13Hubert Schwab (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:02:50 
14Damiano Caruso (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:02:54 
15Przemyslaw Niemiec (Pol) Miche0:02:55 
16Davide Torosantucci (Ita) CDC Cavaliere0:02:56 
17Mauro Da Dalto (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:03:18 
18Reto Hollenstein (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:03:32 
19Paolo Longo Borghini (Ita) ISD - Neri0:03:37 
20Enrico Zen (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:03:57 
21Alessandro Donati (Ita) Acqua & Sapone0:04:44 
22Francesco Di Paolo (Ita) Acqua & Sapone0:04:58 
23Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:06:02 
24Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad0:06:14 
25Mauro Finetto (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:06:57 
26Jure Golcer (Slo) De Rosa - Stac Plastic  
27Giairo Ermeti (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:07:10 
28Cayetano José Sarmiento Tunarrosa (Col) Acqua & Sapone0:07:16 
29Tiziano Dall'antonia (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:07:34 
30Grega Bole (Slo) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:08:06 
31Danilo Hondo (Ger) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:08:09 
32Riccardo Chiarini (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:08:24 
33Alessandro Fantini (Ita) Acqua & Sapone  
34Andrea Masciarelli (Ita) Acqua & Sapone0:08:38 
35Giuseppe Muraglia (Ita) CDC Cavaliere0:09:37 
36Enrico Rossi (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:10:00 
37Massimo Giunti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:10:03 
38Marco Frapporti (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:10:04 
39Sergio Lagana (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:10:19 
40Fortunato Baliani (Ita) Miche0:10:34 
41Paolo Ciavatta (Ita) Acqua & Sapone0:11:07 
42Daniele Ratto (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:11:25 
43Manuel Belletti (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:12:35 
44Simone Ponzi (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:12:42 
45Fabio Taborre (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:12:53 
46Giuseppe Palumbo (Ita) Acqua & Sapone0:13:19 
47Fabrizio Lucciola (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
48Edoardo Girardi (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:13:31 
49Diego Caccia (Ita) ISD - Neri0:14:11 
50Leonardo Giordani (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:14:20 
51Oscar Gatto (Ita) ISD - Neri0:14:51 
52Claudio Corioni (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:14:54 
53Francesco Ginanni (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:15:03 
54Roberto Cesaro (Ita) Miche0:15:04 
55Piergiorgio Camussa (Ita) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:15:12 
56Stefano Pirazzi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:15:15 
57Gianluca Mirenda (Ita) ISD - Neri0:15:18 
58Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Androni Giocattoli0:16:35 
59Marco Cattaneo (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:16:37 
60Manuel Quinziato (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:16:47 
61Radoslav Rogina (Cro) Loborika0:16:59 
62Santo Anza (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:19:07 
63Alessandro Maserati (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:19:20 
64Jakub Novak (Svk) Amore & Vita - Conad0:19:26 
65Andreas Dietziker (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:19:44 
66Emanuel Vona (Ita) ISD - Neri0:19:50 
67Emanuele Sella (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:20:10 
68Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:20:13 
69Dominik Hrinkow (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:20:33 
70Pier Paolo De Negri (Ita) ISD - Neri0:20:39 
71Aurélien Passeron (Fra) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:20:43 
72Josef Benetseder (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:21:09 
73Sacha Modolo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:21:27 
74Mirco Lorenzetto (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:21:40 
75Brian Vandborg (Den) Liquigas-Doimo0:21:51 
76Vladislav Borisov (Rus) Amore & Vita - Conad0:22:00 
77Domenico Agosta (Ita) CDC Cavaliere0:22:12 
78Carlo Scognamiglio (Ita) ISD - Neri  
79Thomas Bertolini (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:22:32 
80René Weissinger (Ger) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:22:51 
81Michael Rasmussen (Den) Miche0:22:52 
82Luca Zanasca (Ita) CDC Cavaliere0:23:18 
83Andrea Piechele (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:23:20 
84Denys Kostyuk (Ukr) ISD - Neri0:23:47 
85Silvère Ackermann (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:24:00 
86Leonardo Scarselli (Ita) ISD - Neri0:24:05 
87Salvatore Commesso (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:24:27 
88Yuri Metlushenko (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad0:24:35 
89Alan Marangoni (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:24:51 
90Antonio Quadranti (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:25:34 
91Olegs Melehs (Lat) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:25:53 
92Damiano Margutti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:26:22 
93Emanuel Kiserlovski (Cro) Loborika0:26:42 
94Donato Cannone (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:26:57 
95Nicola D'andrea (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:27:02 
96Luigi Gitto (Ita) Miche0:27:54 
97Fausto Fognini (Ita) Amore & Vita - Conad0:28:57 
98Claudio Cucinotta (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:29:18 
99Filippo Baggio (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia  
100Tomislav Danculovic (Cro) Loborika0:30:20 
101Fabrice Piemontesi (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:30:33 
102Matteo Bono (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:30:47 
103Daniele Righi (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:31:15 
104Aristide Ratti (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:31:22 
105Raivis Belohvosciks (Lat) Ceramica Flaminia0:32:13 
106Bruno Radotic (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:33:08 
107Leonardo Pinizzotto (Ita) Miche0:33:31 
108Francesco Tizza (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:35:34 
109Stefano Usai (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:35:35 
110Marcello Pavarin (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:35:38 
111Mariano Giallorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:35:49 
112Mattia Gavazzi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:35:51 
113Leopoldo Rocchetti (Ita) Miche0:35:57 
114Hrvoje Miholjevic (Cro) Loborika0:37:45 
115Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad0:38:46 
116Kristijan Durasek (Cro) Loborika0:39:04 
117Dean Podgornik (Slo) Loborika0:39:32 
118Kristof Vollon (Bel) Amore & Vita - Conad0:42:21 
119Mauro Hrastnik (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:42:37 
Sprint classification
1Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad18pts
2Vladislav Borisov (Rus) Amore & Vita - Conad14 
3Domenico Agosta (Ita) CDC Cavaliere12 
4Mariano Giallorenzo (Ita) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team12 
5Riccardo Chiarini (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic10 
6Josef Benetseder (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec6 
7Yuri Metlushenko (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad6 
8Luigi Gitto (Ita) Miche6 
9Bruno Radotic (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team6 
10Carlo Scognamiglio (Ita) ISD - Neri4 
11Sacha Modolo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox2 
Young riders classification
1Daniel Oss (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo17:14:17 
2Damiano Caruso (Ita) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:02:05 
3Enrico Zen (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:03:08 
4Cayetano José Sarmiento Tunarrosa (Col) Acqua & Sapone0:06:27 
5Daniele Ratto (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:10:36 
6Simone Ponzi (Ita) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:11:53 
7Fabrizio Lucciola (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:12:30 
8Roberto Cesaro (Ita) Miche0:14:15 
9Stefano Pirazzi (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:14:26 
10Jakub Novak (Svk) Amore & Vita - Conad0:18:37 
11Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo0:19:24 
12Dominik Hrinkow (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:19:44 
13Pier Paolo De Negri (Ita) ISD - Neri0:19:50 
14Sacha Modolo (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:20:38 
15Thomas Bertolini (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:21:43 
16Andrea Piechele (Ita) Carmiooro NGC0:22:31 
17Damiano Margutti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli0:25:33 
18Luigi Gitto (Ita) Miche0:27:05 
19Filippo Baggio (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia0:28:29 
20Leonardo Pinizzotto (Ita) Miche0:32:42 
21Marcello Pavarin (Ita) Colnago - CSF Inox0:34:49 
22Leopoldo Rocchetti (Ita) Miche0:35:08 
23Kristijan Durasek (Cro) Loborika0:38:15 
24Kristof Vollon (Bel) Amore & Vita - Conad0:41:32 
25Mauro Hrastnik (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:41:48 
Foreign riders classification
1Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi (Spa) Carmiooro NGC17:13:53 
2Aleksandr Kuschynski (Blr) Liquigas-Doimo0:00:13 
3Hubert Schwab (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:02:25 
4Reto Hollenstein (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:03:07 
5Jaroslaw Dabrowski (Pol) Amore & Vita - Conad0:05:49 
6Jure Golcer (Slo) De Rosa - Stac Plastic0:06:32 
7Cayetano José Sarmiento Tunarrosa (Col) Acqua & Sapone0:06:51 
8Grega Bole (Slo) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:07:41 
9Danilo Hondo (Ger) Lampre - Farnese Vini0:07:44 
10Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Androni Giocattoli0:16:10 
11Radoslav Rogina (Cro) Loborika0:16:34 
12Jakub Novak (Svk) Amore & Vita - Conad0:19:01 
13Andreas Dietziker (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:19:19 
14Dominik Hrinkow (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:20:08 
15Aurélien Passeron (Fra) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:20:18 
16Josef Benetseder (Aut) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:20:44 
17Brian Vandborg (Den) Liquigas-Doimo0:21:26 
18Vladislav Borisov (Rus) Amore & Vita - Conad0:21:35 
19René Weissinger (Ger) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:22:26 
20Denys Kostyuk (Ukr) ISD - Neri0:23:22 
21Silvère Ackermann (Swi) Vorarlberg - Corratec0:23:35 
22Yuri Metlushenko (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad0:24:10 
23Olegs Melehs (Lat) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:25:28 
24Emanuel Kiserlovski (Cro) Loborika0:26:17 
25Tomislav Danculovic (Cro) Loborika0:29:55 
26Raivis Belohvosciks (Lat) Ceramica Flaminia0:31:48 
27Bruno Radotic (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:32:43 
28Hrvoje Miholjevic (Cro) Loborika0:37:20 
29Serhy Hrechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita - Conad0:38:21 
30Kristijan Durasek (Cro) Loborika0:38:39 
31Dean Podgornik (Slo) Loborika0:39:07 
32Kristof Vollon (Bel) Amore & Vita - Conad0:41:56 
33Mauro Hrastnik (Cro) Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:42:12 
Teams classification
1De Rosa - Stac Plastic51:43:53 
2Lampre - Farnese Vini0:00:08 
4Colnago - CSF Inox0:02:09 
5Acqua & Sapone0:06:24 
6Ceramica Flaminia0:06:33 
7CDC Cavaliere0:08:03 
8Androni Giocattoli0:13:18 
9Vorarlberg - Corratec0:15:05 
11Carmiooro NGC0:26:25 
12ISD - Neri0:27:16 
13Amore & Vita - Conad0:39:26 
14Meridiana - Kalev Chocolate Team0:51:06 


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