White, Lee solo to 24-hour wins in the desert

Pivot Cycles, Team Spatchula race to men's and women's duo victories

Unseasonable weather blew into the Tucson area on Saturday, and gave the 1,850 racers at Old Pueblo all they could handle. Wind gusts up to 40 mph, dust storms, overnight rain, and frigid temperatures made this year's edition of Old Pueblo one to be remembered for a long time. "24 Hour City" came under attack as tents blew down, dust infiltrated every crevice, and rain soaked everything. 

Kathy Sherwin (NoTubes Elite Women) remarked "the dust didn't bother me as much as the wind. I actually did get blown from side to side." I actually almost ended up in cactus a few times. There was a strategy out there just in that you had to know both where the wind was coming from, and where the cactus were"

Anthony White won the solo men's race with a remarkable 18 laps completed. He rode laps between 1:04 and 1:34 during the event Jonathan Davis was second with 16 laps, and Kip Biese finished third with 15 laps. The women's winner was Lindy Lane who finished 13 laps, with Timiro Prius taking second place with 11 laps.

The most hotly contested race of the weekend was the 4-person men's race. Velocidad Maxima eked out just an 18-minute victory over the Epic Endurance Team. In the men's duo division, Pivot Cycles battled the Trek Bicycle Store for the entire weekend. When the dust settled, they both clocked 20 laps with Pivot being just 27 minutes faster than Trek.

The most dominating performance of the weekend came from the Stan's Elite Women's Team comprised of veteran racers Kathy Sherwin, Nina Baum, Shannon Gibson, and development rider Kaila Hart. It was obvious that they were the class of the field from the first lap when Nina Baum rode a time of 1:11. They won by two full laps over the Book Club team.

Kaila Hart was not only riding her first 24 hour race, but her first race as a pro. She seemed ecstatic as she headed out on the team's last lap to seal the victory. "I am happy with how I have done so far. I would have liked to been a little closer to the other girl's [teammates] times. I was about 8 minutes off their pace but I was happy with that since they have so much experience. The Durango resident added "I'm still in base [training], going to school, and working."

The race began with hundreds of racers sprinting on foot ¼ mile in a Le Man's start. While the fastest were able to grab their bikes and get underway, the majority of racers got caught in a logjam where some were still running while others were riding. Within a few minutes the chaos subsided and all riders were out on course.

The 16.1 mile course started off in reasonable good condition, then deteriorated due to an hour of sustained rain at 9:00 PM. By morning it had dried out and was becoming faster than Saturday's conditions. Amateur racer Dave Berg from Albuquerque explained "last night was definitely rough with the rain, cold, and wind but it shaped up the course nicely. It was all loose but now it is tight and fast. The course is a lot faster than it was yesterday."

Ben Sonntag, winner of La Ruta de los Conquistadores was impressive throughout the race. While his 5-person co-ed NoTubes/Weapons of Ass Destruction team finished second in their division, Sonntag rode blistering laps in under one hour. From here he travels to South Africa to race in the Cape Epic.

While the vast majority of racers told Cyclingnews they were there just for "fun", it was notable that the area around the leader board was packed with people for the final hour of the race. Many teams came up with unique names including Five Cruisers of an Old Age, Team Fat n' Fifty, 4 ½ Men, Cougar Barbie and her Four Kens, 3 Firefighters and a Concrete Guy, The Chainsmokers, and It Can't be my turn again!

In one of the most unique moments of the weekend, a racer named David asked his girlfriend Tess Anderson to come up onto the stage at the pre-race meeting. He got down on his knees and proposed marriage. She was stunned, but accepted as he slipped a diamond ring on her finger. The crowd of several thousand roared their approval.

Cyclingnews caught up with Tess after the race. She said "I raced on a co-ed 5 person team with lots of layers to battle the cold. It was my first time and I had a blast. I had a great mountain bike race, just rode my last lap, and I am going to marry the man of my dreams!"


Solo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ant White18  laps
2Jonathan Davis16 
3Kip J. Biese15 
4Jeff Austin-Phillips15 
5Team Dave15 
6Paul Romero14 
7Al Lewis - Team Rhino14 
8Bill Morris14 
9Trek Bicycle Store12 
10Troupe Racing12 
11Drunk Cyclist12 
13Loco solo12 
14Tom Stack11 
15Mykyta Yurtyn11 
16PKU Ride11 
17Brent Silvester11 
18Wes Barton10 
19Micheal McCarthy10 
20Serious Whiners10 
21Adam Stepanovic10 
22Thank you sir, may I have another9 
24Turd Ferguson9 
25chris campen9 
26Solo in Soho9 
27Hecho en Mexico9 
28RJ Ponchione9 
29Canadian Pride8 
32Curt Wilhelm7 
33Not done yet7 
34Team Bacon Strip7 
35Chris Collins7 
37Chad Sheirbon7 
38Bradley D. Ellis Sram Colorado6 
43Super Dave6 
44Dave Byers5 
46Rich Maines5 
47Gnome of DrunkCyclist.com5 
48What the hell am I doing out here5 
49Breathe Deep Into the Belly5 
50The Jordan5 
52SSFTA (Southern Sierra Fat Tire Assoc.)5 
54Nicholas John4 
55Drunk Monkey4 
56Nutty Armadillo4 
57Something Obscene Passing for Wit4 
58Eric K Williams, Ph.D.4 
60Brian Suzuki4 
61El Capitan4 
62D2 at Drunkcyclist4 
63Painfully Fun4 
64Old and In the Way4 
66Desert Acupuncturist4 
68225 mega hurtz3 
70All Alone3 
71Desert Sharp3 
72Team B & C3 
73Tainted Beef3 
77Jocko Homo3 
79Big Hit3 
81Bad Idea2 
82Mark it 8, Dude!2 
83Timber Johnson2 
84Ken Harrison2 
86harry cooper1 
87It's funny because he's fat1 
89Eleven. Exactly. One louder.1 
90Hyenas at War1 
92Troupe Racing1 
93By Choice Man!1 
Solo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lindy Lee13  laps
2Timari Pruis (Pivot Cycles/Kenda)11 
3Rocky Mountain Racing10 
4Elizabeth Sugar Boese10 
5Pudgy Apple Worm Racing10 
6Sabrosa Cycles9 
7Ronda Sundermeier9 
8Arizona Cyclist8 
9Michele Bliss8 
10What, What, What Am I Doing?7 
11Sarah Kessans6 
12Hurtin' Whooha!6 
13Stephanie Surch6 
14Kata Ann5 
17Terri Wahlberg3 
18Jen Klausner1 
Solo singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shawn Gregory15  laps
2Rubher Down14 
3Simon Z14 
4Big Lovin13 
5El Freako From Rico13 
6One Punch Cycle Co12 
7Seriously, I thought I signed up for corporate12 
8Ozone Bikes11 
9Two Wheel Jones Phil11 
10Dr. Dan10 
11Ozone Bikes10 
12Dirty Biker of Drunkcyclist.com9 
13Back of the Pack Racing9 
14Eddie Urcadez8 
15Overland Journal 28 
17Single Minded "Single Pleasure"7 
18Scandinavian Jesus7 
19Jeff Kellum7 
20Shannon Brown6 
21zia velo db cycling6 
22Adam Pace6 
24Bogan's Heroes5 
25Havin' Fun Now!5 
26The Caboose5 
27Team Free Lunch5 
28Single Minded4 
29Back of the Pack Racing4 
32Tony Steffan3 
33We're a Silver Gleaming Death Machine2 
34Rock out with your Cog out1 
Solo singlespeed women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1No Tubes/Light & Motion10  laps
2Whole Hearted8 
3Hard-Hearted Harbinger of Haggis6 
Duo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pivot Cycles20  laps
2Trek Bicycle Store20 
3Evil Gazebo18 
4The Kitty Song18 
5Ezi & Cheezi18 
6Los Dos18 
7Balls out17 
8Team Name!17 
9Pura Vida Siempre17 
10Bastards of Ironclad16 
11Newton's First Law16 
12Rhys & Daren16 
13Troupe Racing Company D&C16 
14Mill Valley Mayhem16 
15T.J. Frisbee Bicycles16 
16Reusable Team15 
17Subculture Cyclery15 
18Tortugas Bombers15 
19Duo Loco15 
20Simon & Kurt15 
21Tim & Duncan15 
22Reservoir Dogs14 
23Cartman and Tweak13 
252 Lost Polaks12 
26Rattle Yer Dags12 
27Haus of Pain11 
28The Armand Hammers11 
29On Your Left11 
30Stompaz (Scooba Steve & Dubble R Dubble T)11 
31Fat Tire Gila Monsters11 
32PJ Lingley11 
33Dirty Pirates10 
34All Legs No Brains10 
35Wish we were riding solo10 
36Two boys & Seven Bitches10 
37Lactic Acid10 
38Older than dirt Brothers10 
39Salsa Especial10 
41Team Incycle10 
42BWR Testes Brothers10 
43Mazura Brothers9 
45Pancho and Lefty9 
47Bad Decision Racing9 
48Black and Tan9 
49Jolly Roger8 
50Crocker Titus8 
53Full Fantasy Flyers8 
54Team Kappii7 
55Bucket List7 
56Back of the Pack Racing7 
57IIWII-ILL Adviseds7 
58Dos Muertos Gringos7 
59Red Rover7 
60not now donny7 
612 Geeks from the Peaks7 
62Dazed and Confused7 
65Team Yard Sale!6 
66the lion and his cub6 
67Bone Resistance6 
68East Coasters5 
69The Dueling Double D's5 
70Dos Borrachos5 
71two dudes one bike5 
72Team Zissou5 
73Do not pass, rider is sleeping.4 
74The Sledgehammers.4 
75MLR Dos Amigos4 
76Team Free Lunch-Duo4 
77Separated at Birth3 
78Positive Kill Ratio3 
79The Derailleur Duo2 
80The Sonoran Pirates Caca Pasa2 
812 Pump Chumps2 
Duo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Spatchula14  laps
2Whiners on Niners13 
3Dynamic Duo13 
4Pelotas de Ezekiel11 
5Team Godiva10 
62 four-Play10 
7ruff riders8 
8Beerwig and the Bounty Hunter7 
9Crass McNasty4 
Duo co-ed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Topo Fusion Gooney Riders18  laps
3Las Chupacabras17 
5Bike LIT Porn Stars film again15 
6Tapped, Racked, and Ready12 
7We're not together11 
8Get Fit Sports Training8 
9Crawling Spiders8 
10Gianna Love8 
11Greased Lightning7 
12Team Bussey6 
13I'm just saying......6 
14The Bicycle Company5 
15Fast and Curious3 
16Team SMENA3 
17Olive Oyl and Popeye2 
19The Bubba and Stinky Show2 
20Big Red Tandumb2 
Four-person male team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Velocidad Maxima22  laps
2Epic Endurance - Team 122 
3BicycleWorld.TV Team A21 
4Team Athlete Octane21 
5juwi solar21 
6BGR & The Old Growth Hoosiers20 
7Pain Locker20 
8Rocky Mounts20 
9cool arrows racing19 
10Epic Endurance - Team 219 
11Fly'n Naked Apes19 
12Alpha Bicycle Company19 
13Monkey Butt19 
14Pedal Mulisha18 
153 firefighters and a concrete guy18 
18Jemez Jellions18 
19Phoenix Police Athletic Club18 
20Lagartos La Primavera18 
21Sonoran Pirate Night at the Knoxbury18 
22Manifesto Cycles Expeditionary Force17 
23shake n bake17 
24The Four Locos17 
25Channel 4 News Team17 
26Cheese Grits17 
27Please Sir May I have another17 
28Perky Knobs/ Squishy Grips17 
29Team Armor Works16 
30Team FBR16 
31Dawn to Dust - Geared plus One16 
32Stabbing is so 90's.16 
33los quatro caballeros16 
36Crank Addicts16 
37Team Leiser Racing16 
38A Herd of Turtles16 
39Blood, Sweat and Gears16 
40Freeride Bandits16 
41Have bike, will ride!!!16 
4224 Hours of Bromance16 
43Hell on Wheels16 
44juwi solar - Power Pushers16 
45For Those about to Ride15 
46juwi solar - Solar Rollers15 
48Area9 Denmark15 
49Equipo #1715 
50Ridin' Dirty I15 
51Fat Tire Hangover15 
52Ghost Shifters14 
53The Dirty Bums14 
54Stout Saguaro Riderz14 
55Kitchen Pass14 
56Blazing Saddles14 
57The Kickstand14 
58AZ Devo Support Crew14 
59Whiskey Club14 
60Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy14 
61Cool Aeros14 
63riding dirty 213 
64The Mightier Meatballs13 
65Picking Up Chiclets13 
67IIWII - Eight Tender Testicles13 
68!@#%.....Shut up Legs!13 
69juwi solar - Killa Watts13 
71Montezuma's Revenge13 
723 Dads with Daughters and one TBA13 
74Just the Tip12 
76Los Pavos12 
77Team Brawndo12 
78Old Pueblo Gymnastics12 
79The Motorboaters12 
80Arogant big wheels12 
81Weakened Warriors12 
83Sun Adventure Sports12 
84Wuffin it11 
85Wuffin It Too11 
86Blend Me Another Brother11 
87Rollin Rollin Man My Nuts R Swollen11 
88Old and in the Way11 
89It Can't Be My Turn Again11 
90Mountain Flyer Magazine11 
91Man vs. Bike & Beer11 
92juwi solar - Training Wheel Warriors11 
93Desert Yard Sale11 
94Los Terribles Cucarachas11 
95Is that a cactus in your pocket?10 
96Crispy Lizards10 
97Meat Fruit10 
98Primary Crushers10 
99The Dainty Pukers10 
100Sinaloa Bikes10 
104Firehouse Dawgs10 
105Tequila Shooters10 
106Slow Flat Mice10 
1074 web ones9 
108The Old New Mexicans9 
109Three Sheep and a Welshman9 
110Knights of Cyclonia9 
111McGuire Racing9 
113Over The Line9 
114Fourth and Schlong9 
116Sonoran Pirates Donkey Chasers9 
117Nacho Queso8 
118Pocket Rockets8 
119Team Wingnuts8 
120The Lords of the Chainrings8 
121Team Sport Kilt8 
122Los Terribles Chupacabras8 
124The Gene Yang Gang8 
125Team Super Grover8 
126Overland Journal7 
127ride rep7 
128Broken REMs6 
129Lube makes everything better6 
130Busted Knuckles6 
131Poco Loco6 
132Mick Flip and the Magic Beans6 
133Secondary Crushers6 
134Reservoir Cogs5 
135Pollitos Chicken4 
136snitchz get stichz4 
137Worn Out Rubbers4 
139Sonoran Pirates/ Quater Beaners4 
140Team ToDoIt4 
141The Rolling Rocks3 
Four-person female team
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1No Tubes Women's Elite19  laps
2Book Club17 
3Rivet Sports Garage16 
4KK & CC's from CO16 
5Mud Honeys15 
6Cyborg Killer Daisies12 
7The Drunkcyclist Skirts12 
8Go Go Go Girls11 
9Pussy Power11 
10Red Riding Hoods11 
11Where's The Cabana Boy?9 
12Bat-Town Broads8 
13Low Estrogen8 
14Haulin Harpies8 
15Bitches Stole Our Wood7 
16Team High Maintenance - Red Oxx7 
17GS Boulder6 
18Pink Nipple Possey6 
Four-person singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sinners, Saints and Singlespeeds20  laps
2Damn Buckeyes20 
3M & M Cycling19 
4Adventure Bicycle19 
54 Corners Flyers19 
6Gay For Bikes18 
7A Cogwheel Orange18 
8Sons of the Red Sand17 
9The Dark Side16 
10Yeti Beti Team Spot Brand Bikes16 
11Golden Bike Shop/ Yeti Beti16 
12Sportin' Woodys featuring Salty Nuts15 
13SD Camelsak14 
14Single Minded14 
15Harbingers of Lager13 
16One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Gear13 
17Team Uno Bicycle Studio12 
18Team Solo Equipo11 
19BLVD Bike5 
Five-person co-ed 0 to 149
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1AZ Devo20  laps
2Chloe and the Colavito's19 
3Team Special Guys (& A Gal)18 
4El Grupo Uno18 
5Double Shred Date and Asa15 
6BIkes, Beers, and Billy15 
7Flaming Taint15 
8Everybody Wang Chung14 
9El Grupo Dos14 
10El Grupo Tres10 
11Team Sex8 
12Team MTBUI7 
Five person Co-ed 150-199
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Light & Motion21  laps
2Stan's NoTubes21 
3ThisIsWhat I ThinkAboutDuringSex19 
4El Grupo Coaches19 
5M.E.S.S.N. with Cholla18 
6Miracle Racing II18 
7Spacely Sprockets17 
8Wolf Nipple Chips17 
9The Chainsmokers16 
10We are here for the beer16 
11Team Mount'n'Speedaway16 
12Pound The Round16 
13Coyote Chasers15 
14One Beer Short of a Six Pack15 
15Safety First15 
17IIWII - Inebriants14 
18Two-Wheeled Attack Team14 
19Madness Adventure Racing14 
20Pack it in already!13 
214 Cocks and a Hen13 
22The Paisley Touch-Me-Theres13 
23Skin Side Up 3.013 
24Momma's Little Disappointments13 
26Meat Candy Express13 
27Lady and the Tramps12 
28Tucson Tri Girls & a Lucky Guy12 
29The Spinning Elvises11 
31TREK Bicycle Superstores San Diego10 
32Phat Tired10 
33Cactus Magnets10 
34Slaves to Performance Bikes10 
35The Skid Marks9 
36Ridin' Dirty II9 
37Guys and Doll7 
38Bits of Real Panther7 
39Bitches Coming For The Bitches!6 
40Hell Yeah5 
41Vanilla Thunder4 
Five-person Co-ed 200+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Mormon Militia21  laps
2NoTubes/Weapons of Ass Destruction21 
3Geo Man Gear19 
4Cougar Barbie and her Four Kens18 
5SOCAL Endurance18 
6Pivot Cycles17 
7Manic Monkey Riders17 
8Pony Girl & the Four Horsemen17 
9Burnt Offering17 
10Team Slaya17 
11No Fork n' Brake16 
134 And a Half Men15 
14Typsy McDragginn Ass Retires15 
15Iron Flyers15 
16wheels of the kingdom14 
17Five Cruisers of Advanced Age14 
18no brakes racing13 
19Luna Links12 
20The Barmy Army: Save the Santa Ritas12 
21Team G.J.J12 
22Medical Tumbleweed12 
23Bad Assets12 
24Team Vitesse11 
25Team Tugboat11 
26Mising Link Coed11 
28El Grupies10 
29Of the Clan McLeod10 
30The Fatties10 
31Rhino Relix10 
32No Pueblemo!9 
33Double Helix9 
34Nacho's Guerros8 
35Cactus Ninja Crew8 
36Team Fat 'N Fifty8 
37The Un-Chained Melodies8 
38Better Late Than Never8 
39Oprah Winfrey Presents7 
40Manada lobos de idiota4 
Corporate teams
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Area 51 A21  laps
2Hosie Cow21 
3Team Colleen's Bitches20 
4Team OVB + the DC19 
6Team Green18 
7Team Tool17 
8Sunday Cycles Bike Shop17 
9Area 51 B17 
10my butt hurts16 
11Ventana MTB'rs Against Cancer16 
12Serious Visual16 
13Catalina Brewing Company16 
14Kona Magic Tanuki15 
15Team Gnar Shred and the Rad Riders15 
17IIWII - Nauseously Optimistics14 
18U of A Emergency Medicine14 
19Fat Spatula13 
20Fair Wheel11 
21Broke Spoke11 
22Missile Trail Blazers9 
23Rolling Mayhem9 
24Willow Springs Ranch Hands8 
25Pass the Wine Buddy7 


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