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Cyclingnews readers continue to embrace our new forum, and as expected, Mark Cavendish's win in...

Cyclingnews readers continue to embrace our new forum, and as expected, Mark Cavendish's win in Milano-Sanremo is just one of the topics being discussed as you read this. Have a look at what else is making waves within our readership with a few examples of comments below:


• I was very, very surprised by the way Cavendish rode today. And very impressed as well. I had not expected that at all. I believe it showed that he is a force to be reckoned with, even when the races come with hills and/or great distances. - Cosette
• Great maturity for such a young guy – the next Cipollini me thinks – I think the influence of Zabel really showed today – awesome. - 180mmCrank
• Look back at Haussler. He won the first stage of Paris Nice and then just made sure he didn't overdo himself concentrating on MSR. It was the same for Cav and even High Road were quoted as saying that Cav was in Italy last week to prepare for MSR and they weren't putting any pressure on him to perform. - Grater

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Who are the best domestiques in the peloton?

• I would say Jens Voigt, Stuart O'Grady or George Hincapie are the most impressive domestiques these days. I am also impressed by the Caisse D'Epargne guys who seem to always be dragging Valverde back to the group he just got shelled out of (i.e., Arroyo, Xandio, Pasamontes etc). - bikenrunnwt
• Adam Hansen gets my vote. And Lance Armstrong of course... oops he ain't the domestique yet... - Tapeworm
• Jan Boven was always the domestique at Rabobank since 1996 till 2008... always keeping Boogerd, E.Dekker and such out of the wind as long as possible. - Dekker_Tifosi
• I'm going to go with Chris Horner. He generally has few chances to race for himself now in the big races unless he has to cover a break that successfully stays away to the finish. He's tactically sound, climbs well enough to have been Cadel Evans' lieutenant in the mountains in 2007 and is strong enough to be able to finish in the top 10. - Angliru

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