Ullrich thinks Armstrong can win Tour again

Jan Ullrich thinks that his former rival Lance Armstrong can win the Tour de France again. but says...

Jan Ullrich thinks that his former rival Lance Armstrong can win the Tour de France again. but says that he himself has no plans for a come back.

"I think it is possible that he can win again in France," the retired German cyclist told the dpa press agency. "He has a great life and great women, but it doesn't fulfil him. He finds his fulfillment in sport. If he meets the challenge mentally, then his body will also meet it."

The German, who retired from the sport after falling under intense scrutiny over Operación Puerto, said that he would not consider making a return of his own. "This option doesn't exist," said the 34-year-old. "I stopped under different circumstances than Lance. I have experienced too many unfair things."

Ullrich was heavily pursued by the German investigators who sought to prove that he was involved in the scandal. He repeatedly denied being involved, and ultimately settled the case with a fine while escaping any legal or sporting sanctions.

Ullrich also said that he supported Armstrong's decision not to let his doping samples from 1999 be re-tested. "Why should he do something he doesn't have to do? I wouldn't do it either, it is a matter of principle."

Ullrich is appearing in two races in Germany this weekend, the "Charity Bike Cup" on Friday in Weil der Stadt and Steffen Wesemann's farewell race Saturday in Wolmirstadt.

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