Stybar recovering after Eneco Tour crash

Czech champion to leave hospital this weekend

Zdenek Stybar (Omega Pharma-QuickStep) should be allowed to leave hospital this weekend, according to his team manager Patrick Lefevere.

“I have just visited Zdenek… he has had a good night and the pain has alleviated” Lefevere told Belga News Agency. “He will probably be able to leave the hospital over the course and the weekend and he remains very optimistic.”

Stybar came down heavily in the finale of stage four of the Eneco Tour, when he was squeezed into the barriers by a crash. The defending champion went toppling over his handlebars and landed on his face. Blood could be seen pouring from his face as the doctors attended to him. The team later confirmed that he was suffering no serious injuries, but had broken some teeth and suffered some cuts to his face.

The Omega Pharma-QuickStep manager visited Stybar, along with several of his teammates ahead of stage five of the Eneco Tour. He says that the Czech national champion underwent surgery last night. “On Thursday, a surgeon together with a dental surgeon carried out a two hour and 45 minute operation on Stybar, under anaesthesia. Everything is put back in place,” he explained.

“After the operation, he will need time for the wounds to heal. His face was still very swollen.”

Omega Pharma-QuickStep later issued a statement confirming that Stybar underwent reconstructive surgery on the cuts to his mouth, which included both internal and external stitches. Three of Stybar's teeth, which he lost in the accident, were also replaced. The Czech rider will remain in hospital today as the medical staff monitor his recovery.

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