Speedplay Aero Pedal System on display at Interbike

One-sided Zero pedal with dimpled underside and matching rubberized cleat cover

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At Interbike, Speedplay is showing prototypes of its forthcoming Aero Pedal System, a one-side Zero pedal with a dimpled underside that, when clipped into the aero cleat, creates a smooth, unbroken surface all the way down to the shoe sole.

Speedplay's Zero pedal system is "upside down" compared to most road pedals, in that cleat has moving parts for engagement instead of the pedal. The company claims this system allows for more cornering clearance, lower weight, better float and easier disengagement. The Aero Pedal System will keep all the same design except for the double-sided entry.

As the pedal is still in prototype form, Speedplay does not have a weight or any pricing to give. The Aero Pedal System should be available by early 2015, company representatives told BikeRadar.

Riders who already own Speedplay Zero pedals will find them interchangeable with the Aero Pedal System.

In related news, Speedplay has a new walkable cleat that looks very similar to the aero cleat cover, just with pronounced rubber grippers instead of the dimpled design. Screwing into the walkable cleat is the forthcoming Cleat Buddy, a rubber plug to protect the Zero cleat's internal parts. Both should be available at the end of 2014, Speedplay said.

The Cleat Buddy is a screw-in plug to protect the Zero cleat


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