New Arrivals; Scott Scale & Genius

Cyclingnews tech editor John Stevenson has been busy; there are a ton of new arrivals posted on the...

Cyclingnews tech editor John Stevenson has been busy; there are a ton of new arrivals posted on the site; including these two mountain bikes from Scott that Steve Medcroft is currently testing.

The Scale Limited is Scott's off-road equivalent of the CR-1 road bike - a very light, stiff carbon fibre frame designed for one thing and one thing only: going fast. With a full XTR group, Mavic CrossMax SL wheels and an 80mm RockShox Reba World Cup fork, it's a lightweight rig for the cross-country race track.

The Scale frame is a favourite starting point for lightweight enthusiasts building superlight mountain bikes as it's possibly the only frame to tip the scales under 1100g - size L frames are reliably reported to weigh around 1040g. We know of one example that's claimed to weigh 5.878kg - a mountain bike with a suspension fork that's under the UCI limit for road bikes is pretty staggering. And probably pretty staggeringly expensive given the amount of carbon and titanium exotica needed to reach that weight.

The dual suspension Genius MC Limited is more of all-rounder with 125mm of rear wheel travel out back (that can be locked out or switched to a 90mm intermediate setting when you don't need it all) and a Fox TALAS RLC fork that can be adjusted for between 90 and 130mm of travel. However, the carbon fibre frame and XTR group keeps the weight well under control compared to many five-inch travel bikes, making the MC Limited a prime candidate for endurance racing.

Because the MC Genius uses the 'Horst link' rear suspension pivot to which Specialized owns the patent, it's not available in the USA. However, we hear that Canadian Scott dealers do a good trade in Scott suspension bikes to visitors from South of the border…

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