Janiszewski banned for one race for doping

CCC Polsat rider loses one win, keeps next day's victory

The Polish cycling federation has given CCC Polsat's Sylwester Janiszewski what may be the shortest doping ban on record – one race. His win in one race this summer was disqualified, due to the positive control, but he was allowed to retain his win in the next day's race, as well his results for the rest of the season.

Janiszewski, 24, won the Memorial Henryk Lasak on August 11, and afterwards tested positive for  Androstenedione, a steroid. That result was taken away but he was allowed to keep his win on August 12 in the Coupe des Carpathes.

Androstenedione is a steroid well-known in bodybuilding circles and is said to increase the natural production of testosterone. It is also known to often be a part of impure dietary supplements, which may be the reason for the short-lived punishment, according to Radsport-news.com.

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