Contador given okay to attend Saxo Bank training camp

Rider and team still to decide on attendence

The International Cycling Union has said there is no legal reason why Alberto Contador cannot attend a Saxo Bank-SunGard training camp on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura later this month. However Contador has still to decide if he will meet up with his new teammates.

Contador has been temporarily suspended by the UCI following his positive test for Clenbuterol during the Tour de France. He signed with Saxo Bank-SunGard before the positive test was made public.

Both the UCI and the Danish anti-doping agency have said there is nothing to stop him from attending.  “As I see it, there is nothing in the WADA rules that legally prevents it. Unless the sport has some internal rules that say otherwise, I cannot see why it would not be okay,” Anti Doping Danmark chairman Jens Evald told the Danish website

UCI spokesman Enrico Carpani told “Our lawyers have checked the rules. From a legal standpoint, in the UCI's eyes it is no problem for  Alberto Contador to take part in a training camp. Neither for  Bjarne Riis, the team or the rider. He is temporarily suspended, but it is only from competition and not training camps."

Carpani added that it is up to Team Saxo Bank owner Bjarne Riis and Contador to decide whether it is ethically a good idea.

“With regard to ethics and image, the UCI has nothing to say on the matter. The problems lie with Bjarne Riis and Team Saxo Bank-SunGard. It is up to them to determine whether it is a good thing for them to take Contador to a training camp or not."

No decision yet

Riis and Contador have yet to make a final decision on if the Tour de France winner will attend the training camp. The two are expected to talk in the next few days to discuss the matter but Contador is said to be training as usual, while preparing his defence for the upcoming hearing before the Spanish Cycling Federation.

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