Behind the scenes in Canberra

A look at the infrastructure supporting mountain bike worlds

This week, 530 mountain bike racers, 96 trials riders and 160 journalists from 41 nations have gathered in Canberra to compete in and report on the UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships. The events are being staged from September 1 to 6 in Stromlo Forest Park.

What does it take to support such an event? To illustrate some of the behind-the-scenes logistics work that goes into the world championships, organizers have shared the following statistics.

The 2009 UCI World Mountain Bike and Trails Championships includes

  • 430 volunteers helping out
  • 2,000 square meters of signage
  • 48 exhibitors
  • 150 toilets
  • 4 big screen TVs
  • 21 grandstands
  • 13 site sheds
  • 51 heaters
  • 1 purpose-built stage for entertainment
  • 1 purpose-built IT system
  • 23 camera scaffolding decks for TV broadcasters
  • 2.6km of event fencing
  • 23 lighting towers

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