AFLD to re-examine some 2008 Tour urine samples

Bordry says French anti-doping agency looking for CERA

The French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) will re-examine urine samples from the 2008 Tour de France according to comments made on Sunday by the agency's President, Pierre Bordry.

"Before this year's Tour start in Monaco, we warned some 15 riders that in conformity with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code, we would analyze retrospectively (the) samples taken in the 2008 Tour," Bordry told Reuters.

Reuters reported that the samples are being re-tested in order to detect traces of doping products, in particular the third generation EPO variant, CERA. Bordry did not name the riders whose samples will be re-tested.  The re-testing is expected to be carried out in September and October.

In previous testing, four riders from the 2008 Tour de France were positive for EPO CERA: Bernard Kohl, Stefan Schumacher, Ricardo Ricco and Leonardo Piepoli.

"Our decision is based on a number of indications we obtained from various sources," said Bordry.

The AFLD President also told Reuters that the re-testing is not related to the biological passport program of the International Cycling Union's (UCI). According to Bordry the French agency has no access to that program's data.

Bordry's announcement comes after he told French newspaper Le Figaro that he believes new doping products may be in use in the peloton.

The AFLD and UCI worked in tandem to conduct doping controls at this year's Tour de France. As of the final stage of racing, no riders have been announced as testing positive in this year's edition of the race.

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