At €6,670 a pair, the world’s most expensive road wheels are here

Forthcoming Lightweight Fernweg disc wheelset

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar

BikeRadar has received images of the latest wheelset to come from German carbon exotica brand Lightweight. The disc brake wheels were delivered to Lightweight’s Middle East distributor, Wolfi’s Bike Shop in Dubai, and a full release of the wheels is expected in around three months time.

Retailing for a casual £5,975 / €6,670 (international pricing TBC) the Fernweg disc is Lightweight’s most expensive disc brake wheel set, and we aren’t aware of a more expensive road wheelset available commercially.

The wheels feature a unique, pentagonal-shaped carbon fibre hub, which is designed to cope with the extra rotational force that can comes from disc brakes, as well as improving heat dissipation from the disc rotor. Lightweight also claims the hub shell improves power transfer versus a regular hub shell.

The Fernweg Disc is Lightweight’s second foray into disc brake compatible wheelsets, following the Meilenstein C Disc wheelset. However, Lightweight has admitted this is only the beginning in adapting its strategy to changing demand in the road bicycle and triathlon market.

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