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Trebon believes he can defend stars-and-stripes jersey

Ryan Trebon (Kona-FSA) had a bad start and had to play catch-up.

Ryan Trebon (Kona-FSA) had a bad start and had to play catch-up. (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/

Ryan Trebon (Kona-FSA) has turned his focus to defending his stars-and-stripes jersey at the United States of America Cyclo-Cross Championships in Bend, Oregon after wrapping up the US Grand Prix of Cyclo-Cross series win just one week ago.

“Sometimes I’ve been feeling like I’m totally on it and other times I’m getting my ass kicked again,” Trebon told Cyclingnews. “I took each week at a time and tried to build into nationals. I feel like I’ve had pretty good fitness this year so we’ll see.”

Trebon’s USGP title was the rider’s third. This year saw a battle between Trebon and teammates Tim Johnson, Jeremy Powers and Jamey Driscoll. Todd Wells (Specialized) displayed his high-end fitness winning the finale USGP in Portland last weekend, who good hold him in good stead for today’s race.

Jonathan Page (Planet Bike) has returned state-side from a successful European campaign and no doubt has his eyes set on winning another national title. Trebon likes his odds of defending the championship title, despite the steep competition he’ll need to conquer.

“I feel pretty good,” Trebon said. “I hope Todd Wells starts getting better. Hopefully he will continue to improve. It’s always nice to have more people at the front other than just three teammates and one other rider. At least one other person to help cover moves is nice. The course is challenging enough in Bend to make it selective. It’s not just going to be drag race.”

Trebon is racing under the added pressure of the championships being held in the Old Mill District, located in his hometown of Bend. He assured cycling fans that he is prepared to put on a show for the locals that come out to support him.

“I live in Bend but we don’t have any big races except for nationals,” Trebon said. “I’m excited. It’s like a double edge sword. It’s close to home so there’s no traveling involved. The other aspect is that I get tons of people wanting me to do stuff because the race is in town. I had to balance training with obligations. It is ok, I like doing the extra stuff. It’s going to be a great race.”

Bend will host the US National Cyclo-Cross Championships for two consecutive years, returning in 2010. According to Trebon, cyclo-cross fans will likely be pleased with the city of Bend and the Old Mill District venue.

“I think people will be extremely impressed with the town and with the amount of support we are going to get out there,” Trebon said. “People are just really outdoorsy and will come out to the race just for something to do. A lot of times we race in places where the city is big and all spread out. Bend is really compact and the hotels are right across the street along with restaurants and shopping. It’s a really great area and this will probably be one of the best venues we’ve ever had.”