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Totschnig looks back

Professional cycling is in an "undesirable crisis," said Georg Totschnig, who retired the end of last season. "As an ex-pro and fan, I believe it will have a new beginning. My feelings say that things are looking up, that sport will be at a centre-point again."

However, in an interview with he said that things will improve "if absolutely everyone understands that something has to change." His suggestion is that "everybody who is involved in cycling, from organizers to team managers to riders should all sit down together at one table and work together for the common goal. When then happens, then the way out of the crisis won't be so hard."

The 35 year-old also said that the current investigations have to move faster. "The situation shouldn't be artificially long and drawn out. They should come to their conclusions and basta."

Totschnig had previously been a staunch defender of Jan Ullrich, but now says that "the facts look different now. But the whole situation has to come to an end. What does it help when evidence doesn't bring any action? The actual situation is difficult to judge. Here and there is circumstantial evidence, then nothing for a few weeks. ... Guilty or not guilty? The decisions have to be made faster in such an important matter."

The Austrian, who last rode for Team Gerolsteiner, says that he has gained five kilograms since retiring last fall, and "sometimes" misses the sport. "I can't put the day-by-day pro routine behind me so quickly. I noticed it particularly during the Spring Classics - I would have liked to have been there. I would also like to train more to get into a good form. Right now I ride about three hours a day. If I were 25, I would seriously think about a comeback. But by and large I'm happy with my decision."