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Tinkoff to race at Almeria and Lugano

Tinkoff Credit Systems will be at the races Almeria in Spain and the GP Lugano in Switzerland this weekend.

"The riders at Almeria are in an optimal condition, and with Evgueni Petrov's seasonal debut, we are interested in his performance, and his feedback regarding his condition," said Sports Director Orlando Maini.

At the GP Lugano, Tinkoff is aiming for the top step of the podium. "Our objective is to win," said director Claudio Cozzi.

Tinkoff for Almeria: Sergey Klimov, Alexander Serov, Ricardo Serrano, Walter Pedraza, Alexander Khatuntsev, Nikolai Trusov, Vasil Kiryenka, and Evgueni Petrov under directors Orlando Maini and Dimitri Konishev.

Tinkoff for GP Lugano: Luca Mazzanti, Daniele Contrini, Yuahen Sobal, Nikita Eskov, Alexander Gottfried, Ilya Chernetsky, Pavel Brutt and Ivan Rovny under Claudio Cozzi.