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MS Intense 1-2 in women's 4X

At the UCI World Cup round in Andorra, the women of the MS-Intense Factory Racing team went one-two in the four cross. After a night of rain, the current World Cup champion Anneke Beerten and Mio Suemasa tackled a soggy track with some muddy spots.

Despite the slippery terrain, Beerten and Suemasa finished all their runs without any major mistakes. Throughout their heats they managed to get out of the gate ahead of their competitors thereby controlling the race from the top while staying out of trouble and working their way into the big final.

That's where Anita Molcik took the lead on the first meters, but Suemasa and Beerten chose a better line and passed the Austrian in the first corner. Both never let go of their lead even though Suemasa had to survive some critical moments fighting British 4X veteran Fion Griffiths. In the end, she held on for second while Beerten took first. It was Beerten's second World Cup 4X win in 2008 and tied Suemasa's best-ever 4X. She placed similarly in Maribor in 2007.

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