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De Ketele learnt from Zabel

Kenny De Ketele said he learnt a lot from Erik Zabel at the Berlin Six Day race. It was the final race for the 38-year-old German, and it made an impression on the 23-year-old Belgian.

"It did something to me," De Ketele told "I got to know Erik better. We were massaged in the same booth and ate together."

De Ketele had a lot of praise for the newly retired rider. "He is not arrogant, and he is very friendly and pleasant to the young riders. I learnt a lot from him."

He was very impressed by Zabel's lifetime accomplishments, too. "How he can still ride like that after his long career: incredible," De Ketele said. "Zabel could certainly still ride for another year, but he will stop at a high point."

Zabel and partner Robert Bartko won the Berlin Six Day. De Ketele and Roger Kluge finished third. (SW)