Metlushenko powers out of field to take criterium

Amore & Vita sweeps Univest Grand Prix with win in Doylestown

Great weather, crowds and an exciting race provided a hat trick for cycling enthusiasts at the Univest Grand Prix Doylestown Criterium on Sunday while strong teamwork, a fast pace and Yuri Metluskenko brought similar results for his Amore & Vita presented by Lifetime Fitness/ Velo Vie team when he claimed his second consecutive victory in Doylestown.

The powerful Ukrainian's speedy sprint gave Amore & Vita its desired sweep of the expanded Univest Grand Prix weekend with wins in the team time trial in Allentown on Friday by Philipp Mamos and a strong finish by Volodomyr Starchyk on Sunday in the classic Univest road race. Amore & Vita/Lifetime Fitness was also sponsored by Detweiler Hershey and Associates of Soudertown for the Univest Grand Prix series.

Johan Lindgren of Team Cykelcity took second with the same time of 1:51:23 and Charles Dion of Team Quebec grabbed third in the pack finish to the 52-mile race that encompassed a crowded and scenic Doylestown Arts Criterium in the center of the county seat in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Caleb Fairly (Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin Under 23 team) captured the most aggressive rider jersey for his constant presence near the front of the field.

The race held together throughout the day - which was exactly what Amore & Vita wanted according to team director Roberto Gaggioli. Gaggioli said his team came into the Univest series with the goal of winning all three races - including the time trial held Friday in near-gale force winds and the road race, which finished in a steady drizzly rain.

"That was our goal when we came over, but you never know what can happen. You always have a little scare that something could happen," a grinning Gaggioli said at the finish line outside the Bucks County courthouse. "Today we planned to keep it together.

"Yuri is such a phenomenal sprinter. We knew that if we held it together we could put him in the position to win."

Metlushenko, in turn, dedicated his win to his director and credited his entire team with putting him in place to win. "What they did for me today was fantastic," Metlushenko said in remarks translated from Italian by race organizer John Eustice, president of Sparta Cycling.

Lindgren, the young Swede led his team into the Univest Grand Prix for the second consecutive year, acknowledged Metlushenko's speed and power.

It's hard to beat Yuri Metlushenko," Lindgren said. "Second place is good, also."

Eustice said the weekend played out in grand cycling form and the weather only added to the drama of the races.

"We had the epic weather on Friday with the strong winds and rain, we had the rain on Saturday and a beautiful, sunny day today," Eustice said. "Bad weather is part of cycling. They cancel games for bad weather, but cycling is in part a battle against the elements."


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yuri Metlushenko (Ukr) Amore & Vita presented by Lifetime Fitness | Velo Vie1:51:23 
2Johan Lindgren (Swe) Team Cykelcity/Klehr Harrison  
3Charles Dionne (Can) Team Quebec  
4Eric Barlevev (USA) Team Mountain Khakis Ep-No  
5Eric Schildge (USA)  
6Sergiy Grechyn (Ukr) Amore & Vita presented by Lifetime Fitness | Velo Vie  
7Adrian Hegyvary (USA) Hagens-Berman  
8Alex Hagman (USA) Ciclismo Racing  
9Clayton Barrows (USA) CRCA/Empire Cycling  
10Robbie King (USA) IF/Lionettes  
11Luis Fernando Macias Hernandez (Mex) Tecos De La Universidad  
12Arnaud Papillon (Can) Team Quebec  
13Jerome Townsend (USA) IF/Lionettes  
14Nick Frey (USA) Ciclismo Racing  
15David Boily (Can) Team Quebec  
16Mark Walters (Can) Mazur Coaching/Bikyle  
17Maxime Vives (Can) Planet Energy  
18Adam Farabaugh (USA) Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA  
19Sean Sullivan (Aus) Team Rio Grande  
20Bjorn Selander (USA) Trek Livestrong  
21Gavriel C Epstein (Can) Champions Systems Racing  
22Sebastian Balck (Swe) Team Cykelcity/Klehr Harrison  
23David Nelson (USA) Cycling Center/JBCA  
24Zachary Bell (Can) Kelly Benefits Strategies  
25Amos Brumble (USA) CCB Racing  
26Alister Ratcliff (USA) 
27Stefan Rothe (Ger)  
28Kalle Sandell (Swe) Team Cykelcity/Klehr Harrison  
29Rolf Eisinger (USA) Ciclismo Racing  
30William Goodfellow (Can) Mazur Coaching/Bikyle  
31Andr Tremblay (Can) Team Quebec  
32Volodymyr Starchyk (Ukr) Amore & Vita presented by Lifetime Fitness | Velo Vie  
33Jake Hollenbach (USA) CRCA/Empire Cycling  
34John Fredy Parra Celada (Col) Tecos De La Universidad  
35Justin Lindine (USA)  
36Caleb Fairly (USA) Felt-Holowesko Garmin U230:00:14 
37Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Team Rio Grande  
38Ryohei Komori (Jpn) Trek Livestrong  
39Michael Olheiser (USA)  
40Peter Morse (Can) Jetfuel Coffee  
41Ignacio Sarabia Diaz (Mex) Tecos De La Universidad  
42Andres Diaz Corrales (Col) GS Mengoni USA  
43Chris Winn (Aus) Team Rio Grande  
44Tim Mitchell (USA) MetlIFe Pro-Am Cycling Team  
45Jacobe Keough (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies0:00:19 
46Benjamin Martel (Can) Mazur Coaching/Bikyle  
47Nick Clayville (USA) Hagens-Berman  
48Matt Spohn (USA) Dynaflow Racing  
49Jesse Sergent (NZl) Trek Livestrong  
50Patrik Stenberg (Swe) Team Cykelcity/Klehr Harrison  
51Josh Dillon (USA)  
52Danny Summerhill (USA) Felt-Holowesko Garmin U23  
53Peter Salon (USA) Felt-Holowesko Garmin U23  
54Jackie Simes (USA) Team Mountain Khakis Ep-No  
55William Elliston (USA) Dynaflow Racing  
56Charles Tobias Marzot (USA) Team Mountain Khakis Ep-No  
57Matthew Busche (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies  
58Todd Yezefski (USA) IF/Lionettes  
59Michael Margarite (USA) CRCA/Empire Cycling  
60Neil Bezdek (USA) GS Mengoni USA  
61Philipp Mamos (Ger) Amore & Vita presented by Lifetime Fitness | Velo Vie  
62Fabio Gilioli (Ita) Amore & Vita presented by Lifetime Fitness | Velo Vie  
63Kevin Wolfson (USA) IF/Lionettes  
64Amaury Perez (Dom) GS Mengoni USA  
65Thom Coupe (USA)  
66Corey Collier (USA) Team Rio Grande  
67Benjamin King (USA) Trek Livestrong  
68Eugene A Boronow (USA) GS Mengoni USA  
69Clay Murfet (Aus) Kelly Benefits Strategies  
70Dan Timmerman (USA) 
71Vladislav Borisov (Rus) Amore & Vita presented by Lifetime Fitness | Velo Vie0:00:35 
72Tomas Lofgren (Swe) Team Cykelcity/Klehr Harrison0:00:37 
73Evan Fader (USA) Dynaflow Racing0:00:42 
74Stephan Kincaid (USA) CRCA/Empire Cycling  
75Chad Butts (USA) Champions Systems Racing  
76Jean Michel Lachance (Can) Team Quebec0:00:55 
77Allen Krughoff (USA) Team Rio Grande0:01:00 
78Colin Sandberg (USA) Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA  
79John Delong (USA) Dynaflow Racing0:01:16 
80Taylor Sheldon (USA) Felt-Holowesko Garmin U230:01:21 
81Walker Savidge (USA) Felt-Holowesko Garmin U230:01:22 
82Jacob Erker (Can) Kelly Benefits Strategies0:01:27 
83Roman Kilun (USA) Ouch P/B Maxxis0:01:35 
84Yahor Buben (Blr) CCB Racing  
85Nicholas Bennette (USA) MetlIFe Pro-Am Cycling Team0:01:39 
86Keir Plaice (Can) Planet Energy0:01:56 
87Bobby Lea (USA) Ouch P/B Maxxis0:02:12 
88Jacob Mueller (USA) Dynaflow Racing0:02:16 
DNSAndrew Hunt (Can) Planet Energy  
DNSMark Batty (Can) Planet Energy  
DNSJuan Pablo Magallanes Aranda (Mex) Tecos De La Universidad  
DNSJacob Rytlewski (USA) Kenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergy  
DNSMatt Winstead (USA) Kenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergy  
DNSTyler Stanfield (USA) Kenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergy  
DNSScottie Weiss (USA) Kenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergy  
DNSChris Monteleone (USA) Kenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergy  
DNSAlex Bremer (USA) Cycling Center/JBCA  
DNSNick Friesen (Can) Cycling Center/JBCA  
DNSAndrew Baker (USA) Team Mountain Khakis Ep-No  
DNSMark Hekman (USA) Team Mountain Khakis Ep-No  
DNSKevin Hazzard (Can) Jetfuel Coffee  
DNSColin Jasciewicz (USA) CCB Racing  
DNSRodney Santiago (PuR) Champions Systems Racing  
DNSIgor Volshteyn (USA) Champions Systems Racing  
DNSKeck Baker (USA) Battley-Harley Davidson  
DNSRyan Dewald (USA) Battley-Harley Davidson  
DNSSean Barrie (USA) Battley-Harley Davidson  
DNSJose Escobar (ESa) Battley-Harley Davidson  
DNSMatthew Cooke (USA) Battley-Harley Davidson  
DNSBen Kneller (USA) Ciclismo Racing  
DNSMike Stubna (USA) Dynaflow Racing  
DNSBrad Sheehan (USA) MetlIFe Pro-Am Cycling Team  
DNSRyan Fleming (USA) MetlIFe Pro-Am Cycling Team  
DNSAlec Donahue (USA) Spooky/NCC/Kenda Racing  
DNSNathaniel Ward (USA) Spooky/NCC/Kenda Racing  
DNSMatt Mainer (USA) Spooky/NCC/Kenda Racing  
DNSEric Tremble (USA) Spooky/NCC/Kenda Racing  
DNSTim Karabin (USA) Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon  
DNSKeith Gerber (USA) Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon  
DNSRich Straub (USA) Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon  
DNSKen Walsh (USA) Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon  
DNFSam Bewley (NZl) Trek Livestrong  
DNFGuy E East (USA) Trek Livestrong  
DNFMichael J Lanham (USA)  
DNFChristian C Parrett (USA)  
DNFJonathan McCarty (USA) Ouch P/B Maxxis  
DNFGregorio Ladino Vega (Col) Tecos De La Universidad  
DNFBernando Colex Tepoz (Mex) Tecos De La Universidad  
DNFCheyne Hoag (USA) Kelly Benefits Strategies  
DNFPeter Horn (USA) Cycling Center/JBCA  
DNFBryan Mcvey (USA) Cycling Center/JBCA  
DNFDaniele Defranceschi (Can) Jetfuel Coffee  
DNFJamie Riggs (Can) Jetfuel Coffee  
DNFChris Kuhl (USA) Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA  
DNFChris Gottwald (USA) Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA  
DNFSean Melcher (USA) Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA  
DNFDylan Mcnicholas (USA) CCB Racing  
DNFJohn Loehner (USA) CRCA/Empire Cycling  
DNFDaniel Zmolik (Cze) CRCA/Empire Cycling  
DNFConnor Sallee (USA) GS Mengoni USA  
DNFEuris Vidal Paulino (Dom) Champions Systems Racing  
DNFLang Reynolds (USA) Hagens-Berman  
DNFPhil Elsasser (USA) Hagens-Berman  
DNFChris Daifuku (USA) Hagens-Berman  
DNFSam Johnson (USA) Hagens-Berman  
DNFJustin Steeds (Can) Mazur Coaching/Bikyle  
DNFCharlie Bryer Mazur Coaching/Bikyle  


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