UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships 2011

January 29-30, 2011, St-Wendel, GER, Cyclo-cross - CM

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer

The women take to the 'cross course this morning in cold St. Wendel!  Who will finish on top of the podium?

  1. 10:53:04 CET

    Good morning and welcome to the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships!  We look forward to an exciting day of action on this cold and difficult course.

  2. 10:58:27 CET

    The ladies are the first to tackle this 2.8km course today.  How many times will they go around it?  We won't know that until after the first lap.  Only then will that decision be made.

  3. 11:00:54 CET

    It is sunny today, but cold!  There is lots of ice and mud on the course.

  4. 11:01:40 CET

    -2° C, 67% humidity, sunny and the course is officially "frozen"!

  5. 11:02:58 CET

    And they're off!

  6. 11:03:31 CET

    Hanka Kupfernagel of Germany jumps into the early lead.

  7. 11:03:56 CET

    Lots of blue-and-orange Dutch riders near the front.

  8. 11:04:35 CET

    What do they have to look forward to today?  Frozen mud!  How lovely, right?  “Slip sliding away....”  In fact there is one climb that was so slick yesterday that virtually every junior rider went down.

  9. 11:05:15 CET

    The first crashes, including Vos.  She jumps right back up.  Kupfernagel was able to build up her lead.

  10. 11:06:03 CET

    The field is already quite spread out, and Kupfernagel has a big lead.  How will she play this?  Keep going and risk using up too much strength, or wait?

  11. 11:06:45 CET

    Either she waited or they caught her. She still leads though, as the first riders run up the stairs.

  12. 11:07:30 CET

    Katie Compton of the US has sadly fallen pretty far back. We will try to find out where she is.

  13. 11:07:48 CET

    Kupfernagel still leads, but Vos is right behind her.

  14. 11:09:41 CET

    The Worlds were held here in 2005, on the same course.  And who won?  Hanka Kupfernagel of Germany, ahead of fellow German Sabine Spitz, with Dutch rider Mirjam Melchers third.  Both of the two German women are here again today.

  15. 11:10:50 CET

    Sanne Van Paassen attacks and all go with her.  The first lap was just over 7 minutes.  The good news is that Compton is now with the eight-women lead group.

  16. 11:11:55 CET

    The lead group has about a 20 second lead and looks to be building it up.

    Now Kupfrnagel goes down on that climb.  As do many others.....

  17. 11:12:23 CET

    The Marianne Vos fan club is here, with a big sign cheering on the young Dutch woman.

  18. 11:12:47 CET

    The crashes in the lead group have cut the gap.

  19. 11:13:00 CET

    The favourite to take the title today has to be Katie Compton of the USA, who won all five of the World Cup races she entered this season and claimed her seventh straight US national championship.  Still, we wouldn't count out the two Germans or, of course, Marianne Vos of the Netherlands, who has won the title the last two years.

    Compton is especially favoured this year as she has finally found the answer to the physical problems that have plagued her the last few years.   She talked to Cyclingnews about it.

  20. 11:14:51 CET

    Kupfernagel again in the lead, with Katherina Nash on her rear wheel.  The lead group is getting stretched out.  Sabine Spitz of Gemany is moving up to the lead group, or at least trying to.

  21. 11:15:21 CET

    Now Compton has jumped into the lead and takes a small gap onher way up the stairs.

  22. 11:16:03 CET

    Kupfernagel has dropped back.  We have Compton, Vos and a third rider together, then two more further back, including Kupfernagel.

  23. 11:17:34 CET

    They cross the finish line for the second lap this way:  Compton, Vos, Nash and Van Paassen together, Kupfernagel three seconds back.

  24. 11:17:50 CET

    There there is a big gap.

  25. 11:18:34 CET

    Vos crashed again on the little climb.  Van Paassen decided to walk up.

  26. 11:19:13 CET

    How is the course made up?  85 percent of it is natural terrain.  There are lots of ups and downs – 40 percent ascents and 25 percent descents.  15 percent is flat, and there are two obstacles and of course some steps.

  27. 11:19:47 CET

    Compton still leads the small group, with Kupfernagel dangling off the back.

  28. 11:20:30 CET

    Compton and Nash go up the stairs alone. Vos grabbed a new back and now climbs up with Van Paassen.

  29. 11:20:44 CET

    Compton pulls away!

  30. 11:21:24 CET

    The five leaders are still all in sight of one another.  But it looks like our winner will come out of this group.

  31. 11:21:52 CET

    Kupfernagel (whose name translates as copper nail) is not only the most successful German 'crosser, but also the most successful woman 'crosser in the Worlds.  She can boast of four gold medals (2000, 2001, 2005, and 2008), five silvers (including 2009 and 2010) and one bronze.

  32. 11:22:29 CET

    Compton and Nash have a lead over Vos, with Van Paassen and Kupfernagel both further back.

  33. 11:23:06 CET

    The starting list gives us 46 women from 20 countries. Team sizes range from one to seven.  Those sending only one rider are Japan, Poland, Canada, Luxembourg, Austria, New Zealand, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

  34. 11:23:56 CET

    Vos has caught Compton and Nash and they cross the finish line together.  Van Paassen is 14 seconds back, and Kupfernagel at 16 seconds.

  35. 11:25:08 CET

    The climb again --  no falls this time.  Kupfernagel passes Van Paassen, who then falls on the climb.

  36. 11:25:34 CET

    Kupfernagel admitted that “it gets harder from year to year to go for a medal. The competition is getting stronger and stronger. There’s new, young riders breaking through. It’s what makes it exciting and challenging.”

  37. 11:27:16 CET

    Vos took off her gloves and threw them into the pit box.

  38. 11:28:07 CET

    Kupfenagel pulls away from Van Paassen who hasn't looked so strong since crashing.   The gap up to the leaders has increased, though.

  39. 11:30:20 CET

    Compton leads the trio over the finsh line.  Two more laps to go!

  40. 11:30:56 CET

    Kupfernagel at 21 seconds.   Van Paassen nowhere in sight.

  41. 11:31:35 CET

    Who do the Cyclingnews staff pick to win today?  Peter Hymas goes for his fellow American, “I hope Katie Compton wins her world title. to get that monkey off her back.”

     CN managing editor Dan Benson,  Barry Ryan and MTB editor Sue George pick Compton, too.

  42. 11:32:17 CET

    Vos takes over the lead work and walks up the small climb.  Nash crashes.  Oops, behind them, Kupfernagel goes down, too.

  43. 11:33:20 CET

    one and a half laps to go -- how will these three react?  Vos has the clear advantage if it comes to a sprint.

  44. 11:35:07 CET

    Is there a financial reward for the winners?  Yes.  The winner of the women's race gets 1,833 Euros, the runner-up 1,100 Euros and the third-placed rider gets 733 Euros.  Which, we feel obliged to point out in our best women's lib manner, is rather disgustingly exactly one-half of what the male elite winners receive.

  45. 11:35:56 CET

    Nash takes over the lead work.  Which of the three will be the first to go? 

  46. 11:36:51 CET

    The leaders are on the track coming to the finish line again.

  47. 11:37:11 CET

    Nash lead the trio over the line to start the bell lap.

  48. 11:37:58 CET

    Kupfernagel has moved up slightly and is now at 19 seconds.

  49. 11:38:51 CET

    The three go over the barrier and head to the little dangerous climb.  They all walk up and Compton slips slightly and has to put her hand down.

  50. 11:39:11 CET

    Vos attacks!  She quickly pulls away.

  51. 11:39:58 CET

    Kupfernagel is now within sight of the three leaders.  Vos has about 10 seconds on Compton and Nash, who don't seem able to follow.

  52. 11:40:35 CET

    Vos goes by the pit box.  Up the stairs.  She has about 100 metres on her chasers.  1.5 km to go.....

  53. 11:40:59 CET

    Only a crash or defect can stop Vos now.

  54. 11:41:15 CET

    She has an enormous gap.

  55. 11:41:41 CET

    Compton pulls away from Nash.  There is still a sizeable gap back to Kupfernagel.

  56. 11:42:25 CET

    Vos continues to pull away, choosing the safest and fastest line in the s-curves.

  57. 11:43:01 CET

    Vos could easily have won a sprint of the three but obviously thought, why let it come down to that?

  58. 11:43:21 CET

    She is now in the stadiulm and headng to her next world title.

  59. 11:44:02 CET

    Vos raises her arms in joy as she crosses the line to become World Champion!

  60. 11:44:51 CET

    Compton once again takes second at 17 seconds, with Nash third at 20 seconds.  Kupfernagel was fourth at 42 seconds.

  61. 11:46:36 CET

    What a race!  The decision fell early, as a small lead group formed.  Compton rode it down to a threesome, which dominated things.  But did she do too much lead work early on?  She was unable to match Vos' burst when she escaped.  On the other hand, Vos is known as an explosive young talent.

  62. 11:48:04 CET

    Four minutes have gone by, and riders are still trickling over the line.

  63. 11:48:52 CET

    Congratulations to Vos, Compton and Nash!

    Join us again this afternoon as the men take to this course.

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