Seagrave and Lukasik succeed in Pila

iXS European Downhill Cup stops in Italy

Another round of the iXS European Downhill Cup is in the books. At the third venue of this year's European Cup in Pila, Italy, Tahnée Seagrave and Slawomir Lukasik were the rather unexpected winners. And at least on Sunday, the conditions were nearly perfect and provided 350 riders from 22 nations with a lot of fun.

Since 2010, Pila is a classic venue and annual host for the European Downhill Cup. The little ski resort is situated near Aosta and provides a breathtaking view with its 1800 meters above sea level. This year's track was prepared by none other than Corrado Herin who is also a former World Cup winner. And he did a very good job: The 2600 meter course with 500 vertical meters to play with demanded a lot of skill from each and every rider.

The weather on Saturday was dominated by a lot of rain and a thunderstorm that began soon after the start of the elite men's seeding run. Due to these rather unfortunate conditions and a nearly destroyed track, this first timed run in the elite men's category had to be cancelled and postponed until Sunday morning. The elite women's category was dominated by Emilie Siegenthaler (Gstaad Scott), who had shown her talent already in the course check and repeated this with a time of 4:38.269 and a 10-second lead in qualifying.

Sunday's training session had to be reduced to only two hours - after that, the seeding run had to be continued. The weather was on its best behavior again, the track was repaired and less dusty and the riders were provided with nearly perfect conditions again. The winner of the elite men's seeding run came from Switzerland this time: Lutz Weber (iXS Gravity Union), the Swiss rider not only set the best time, but also provided the perfect basis for an exciting race.

In the finals of the masters category Paolo Alleva (Team Scout/Nukeproof) took the win and edged out seeding run fastest Stencel Rostislav (Bikeplac racing) who went second in Pila, but still remains on top of the overall standings. The podium was completed by Manuel dal Pozzo (Scout/Nukeproof).

In the U17 category, it got exciting this time. Due to the varying winners of the single races, the overall standings also keep changing constantly. At the moment, Silas Grandy (Moto Club Faro) is the one to beat in his category after he was Spicak's fastest and also managed to win again this week, followed by Loris Revelli (Argentina Bike) and Brad Swinbank (Steve Peat Syndicate).

The U17 female category Viktoria Gimenez (Roigo racing Les angles) became Seagrave's successor as the only participant of her category. And regarding Seagrave's achievement today, this might be the start of a similarly bright future for the 16-year-old Gimenez.

The 18-year-old Tahnée Seagrave (FMD Racing) herself was one of the first women down the hill after a flat in qualifying. And when she placed herself in the hot seat with a time of 4:40.339, she stayed there: nobody was able to take the lead away from her. After a solid but moderate 13th place in Pila in 2012, not even the odds-on favorite Emilie Siegenthaler could beat her this year. While Siegenthaler went second, Zarja Cernilogar (Blackthorn) ended up in third and extended her lead in the overall standings.

The elite men's category's participants had to face harder conditions this time, as there was not exactly a lot of time to relax between training session, seeding run and the finals. In the meantime, the sun had gotten stronger and the temperature increased. When Matthew Walker (Kingpin Bikes) put himself in the hot seat for two hours (!) he obviously enjoyed a cold beverage under his straw hat. The first one to get close to his time was his compatriot Bryn Dickerson. But Slawomir Lukasik (Fro Pro) did not agree with this New Zealand double and finally dislodged Walker from the hot seat.

There were only five riders left on top of the hill and every single one of them was eager to win. The first one was Wyn Masters (Team Bulls), who could not reach his New Zealand role models. After that, Ziga Pandur (Unior Tools Team) crossed the finish line with a time three seconds slower than Lukasik's. Even Dominik Gspan (EWZ Mountainbiketeam Loop) and Joseph Connell (SC Intense) did not reach the best time.

Last man down the hill was Lutz Weber, but he also failed to edge out Lukasik for victory and ended up in seventh place. Lukasik won this third race of the iXS European Downhill Cup ahead of Walker and Gspan, whereas Ziga Pandur took the lead in the overall standings in the Elite Men category and pushed the absent Robin Wallner (Ream W-Racing) in second, followed by Joseph Connell in third.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Slawomir Lukasik (Pol) FrowerPower0:04:06.368 
2Matthew Walker (NZl) Kingpin Bikes, Pivot0:00:01.428 
3Dominik Gspan (Swi) ewz mountainbiketeam loop0:00:02.110 
4Bryn Dickerson (NZl) John Foord valuation0:00:02.217 
5Alan Beggin (Ita)0:00:02.863 
6Ziga Pandur (Slo) Unior Tools, Trek, Sram, Schw0:00:02.909 
7Lutz Weber (Swi) iXS - Spank - Devinci - DT Swi0:00:03.418 
8Michael Jones (GBr) Team bicycle doctor, WDMBA0:00:03.600 
9Joseph Connell (GBr)0:00:03.700 
10Miran Vauh (Slo) GT / Sixsixone / Royal racing0:00:03.716 
11Andrea Gamenara (Ita) Ancillotti0:00:04.828 
12Alexandre Lohner (Fra)0:00:05.191 
13Noel Niederberger (Swi) Scott0:00:05.382 
14Marco Milivinti (Ita) torpado, surfing shop0:00:05.694 
15Joel Moore (GBr) mojosuspension0:00:06.059 
16Lars Peyer (Swi) Suspension Center - Intense0:00:06.188 
17Alexis Pujol (Fra) Goodman Cycles0:00:06.249 
18Manuel Gruber (Aut) Glaserei Gruber0:00:06.295 
19Stefan Garlicki (RSA) Seattle Coffee Co/Hayes/Sun Ri0:00:06.344 
20Charles Canonne (Fra) ATMO GAP0:00:06.995 
21Ludovic Oget (Fra)0:00:07.059 
22Mario Milani (Ita)0:00:07.287 
23Paulhan Romain (Fra) Zero G Chamonix Santa Cruz Al0:00:07.522 
24David Trummer (Aut)0:00:07.672 
25Edward Masters (NZl) Zerode Bikes0:00:08.746 
26Jacques Bouvet (Ger) Basislager/Ghost/Fox Shox/Kett0:00:08.838 
27Maxime Chapuis (Swi) Specialized / Alpinestars / Co0:00:08.957 
28Wyn Masters (NZl) Team Bulls Powered by Mountain0:00:09.983 
29Mitchell Skene (GBr)0:00:10.107 
30Ondrej Stepanek (Cze) Funstorm0:00:10.583 
31Leopold Köllner (Aut) Specialized, Five Ten, bolle0:00:10.638 
32Benjamin Verrier (Fra) ZERO G Poc Ucpa0:00:10.848 
33Jonas Bernet (Swi) ewz mountainbiketeam loop0:00:11.213 
34Billy Caroli (Swi) MagMabike/motomarketing.ch0:00:11.264 
35Lee Huskinson (GBr) Torico Performance Bikes0:00:11.430 
36Guy Gibbs (GBr) Ride.io0:00:11.506 
37Mathieu Gallean (Fra) zerode0:00:11.558 
38Antti Lampén (Fin) Zerode Bikes0:00:11.665 
39Boris Tetzlaff (Aut) Alpine Commencal, Maloja, TSG,0:00:12.069 
40Christian Textor (Ger) Team Bulls powered by Mountain0:00:12.513 
41Allan Findlay (GBr) Santa Cruz/ Gamut/ Sram/ TroyL0:00:12.664 
42Jeremias Maio (Arg) zenith bicycles0:00:13.092 
43Carlo Caire (Ita) Devinci0:00:13.366 
44Daniel Ludwig (Ger) Cube Fox Racing Vitamizzer Bli0:00:13.639 
45Andreas Sieber (Ger) Radon / IXS / Schwalbe / Adida0:00:13.787 
46Josh Lowe (GBr) Blockhead Energy Gum Downhill0:00:14.212 
47Nils Correvon (Swi)0:00:14.274 
48Nicolas Cherix (Swi) santacruz0:00:14.367 
49Basil Weber (Swi) B-Bikes / Bomatec / Sweet Prot0:00:14.374 
50Samuel Bull (RSA) Morewood/Spank/IXS/Team Jeep S0:00:14.431 
51Sebastian Jensen (Den) Banshee/Marzocchi/Maxxis/Halo0:00:14.696 
52Simone Medici (Ita) Pedroni Cycles0:00:14.764 
53Grégoire Pazdziorko (Bel) Kona - Fox - barracuda0:00:14.828 
54Wojciech Czermak (Pol)0:00:14.876 
55Pascal Tinner (Swi) Gstaad Scott Schwalbe DTSwiss0:00:14.976 
56Mads Weidemann (Den) 1hundred%privateer0:00:15.003 
57Martin Lebl (Cze) Krabcycles,CANE CREEK,Renthal,0:00:15.076 
58Pablo Seewald (Arg) Zenith Bycicles-Marzocchi Tenn0:00:15.320 
59Mario Kranz (Lie) Bike Garage Triesen0:00:15.387 
60Tim Moniot (Fra) zero-g, specialized0:00:15.396 
61Fabian Bieli (Swi) Alexrims Sapim Santa Cruz Marz0:00:15.743 
62Reece Langhorn (GBr)0:00:16.292 
63Nicolas Walser (Swi) tst ridebook Oxpro AG Alexrims0:00:16.390 
64Adeiau Van Der Merwe (RSA) Morewood , C-sixx , G-Form , L0:00:16.499 
65Raphaël Robles (Fra)0:00:16.710 
66Roman Wilhelmer (Aut) Turner, Sram, Rox, Pancho, Bik0:00:16.777 
67Tim Kälin (Swi) Gstaad Scott Shimano Fox Syncr0:00:16.875 
68Jérôme Caroli (Swi) Fox banshee magma0:00:17.000 
69Mike Schär (Swi) Nicolai Gates SR-Suntour Onza-0:00:17.200 
70Lawrence Cawte (NZl) Zerode Bikes, Bike Culture0:00:17.310 
71Colin Favre (Swi) Labyrinth0:00:17.532 
72Mark Van Lankveld (Ned) South Side Mountainbiking, Fiv0:00:17.693 
73Daniel Vogt (Ger) Urach0:00:18.037 
74Luca Guglielmucci (Ita)0:00:18.301 
75Samuel Zbinden (Swi) Fox0:00:18.316 
76Nicolas Mathieu (Bel) MDE Bikes / DC Team0:00:18.531 
77Brandon Love (GBr) BikeTart0:00:18.558 
78Raphael Kammlein-Cutler (NZl) Yeti0:00:19.165 
79Jan Cepelak (Cze) Krabcycles0:00:19.177 
80Manuel Marty (Swi) Gstaad Scott Schwalbe DTSwiss0:00:19.528 
81Fabian Fader (Ger) Solid Bikes/Reverse/ Cosmic Sp0:00:19.699 
82Jeremie Sevrain (Fra) devinci0:00:20.075 
83Sebastian Gomez Lassalle (Arg) commencal0:00:20.264 
84Justyn Norek (Ita) Argentina Bike Gravity Team0:00:20.399 
85Martin Frei (Swi) GT, Akira, DT Swiss, Brunox, F0:00:20.547 
86Josua Hein (Ger) BERGAMONT/HeikosRadschuppen.co0:00:20.632 
87Andrea Mocellin (Ita) LEE COUGAN0:00:20.857 
88Martin Kägi (Swi) Arosa Bike0:00:21.176 
89Andrew Kelly (GBr) All Terrain Cycles0:00:21.267 
90Robin Van Goubergen (Bel) singletrackbikes / gt0:00:21.289 
91Randy Van Goubergen (Bel) singletrackbikes / gt0:00:21.708 
92Tom Garcia (Fra)0:00:22.152 
93Remy Casanova (Fra) wagon dh0:00:22.488 
94Christoph Schnettler (Ger)0:00:22.582 
95Jan Pavlas (Cze)0:00:22.780 
96Gaetan Varniere (Fra)0:00:22.977 
97Sebastian Moser (Aut) M&M bikeshop Giant One-Industr0:00:23.462 
98Andre Lezuo (Aut) Emanon0:00:23.468 
99Geoffrey Buisan (Fra) les angles0:00:23.630 
100Andreas Schäfer (Swi) iXS / SPANK / DeVinci / DT Swi0:00:23.731 
101Vid Kovac (Slo) KK Crn trn0:00:23.937 
102Giovanni Pozzoni (Ita) Ancillotti0:00:24.198 
103Arthur Esslinger (Fra) Geko Bikes0:00:24.218 
104Alessandro Basso (Ita) lee cougan, alpinestars0:00:24.396 
105Julien Rossé (Swi) MAGMAbike Motomarketing0:00:24.615 
106Marek Petelik (Cze) Cane Creek Vesely Macro AV coo0:00:24.883 
107Romain Burnier (Swi)0:00:25.273 
108Joel Andrey (Swi) Suspension Center - Intense0:00:25.362 
109Maximilian Bender (Ger) Canyon Bicycles , Fox , SRAM ,0:00:25.426 
110Alexis Benoit (Fra)0:00:25.625 
111Janne Lampen (Fin)0:00:25.798 
112René Schmidt (Ger) GT - Zimtstern - Adidas Eyewea0:00:26.221 
113Peter Forster (Swi) gt850:00:26.394 
114Timo Pries (Ger) double-distribution.com0:00:27.089 
115Guillaume Chancrin (Fra) Passion Vélo0:00:28.510 
116Baptiste Richard (Fra) Vtt loisir0:00:28.730 
117Juan Cruz Paez Paez (Arg) Zenith Bicimania Marzocchi0:00:29.027 
118Benjamin Gomez Lassalle (Arg) zenith bikes, leira mountain b0:00:29.459 
119Michael Pfaff (Ger)0:00:29.638 
120Myles Weber (Swi) B-Bikes / Bomatec / Sweet Prot0:00:30.136 
121Nicolas Simon (Bel)0:00:30.350 
122Erik Zwartek (Ger) Atlantic/Banshee0:00:30.351 
123Fabian Küttel (Swi) Rocky Mountain/Race Face/Bell/0:00:30.435 
124Erwin Aydin (Aut) M&M Bikeshop/Giant/One-Industr0:00:30.852 
125Simon Brum (Fra)0:00:30.900 
126Matthieu Theriaux (Fra) Goodman Cycle0:00:30.957 
127Fabian Buschor (Swi) Jakob Stieger0:00:31.003 
128Niko Kindle (Lie) Sigi's Veloshop Balzers0:00:31.104 
129Erich Wieland (Aut) M&M Bikeshop/Giant/ONE Industr0:00:31.217 
130Anders Sahlén (Swe) ÅreBikes Specialized Evoc Gräd0:00:31.648 
131Florian Kulike (Ger) Everyday26 / Canfield / Radl-0:00:33.247 
132Jonathan Foster-Smith (GBr) Propain UK/Sixpack Racing0:00:33.449 
133Patrik Kuster (Swi) Stöckli bike Geroldswil0:00:33.787 
134Pietro Caire (Ita) Devinci0:00:33.809 
135Yonatan Yatom (Isr) Morewood Ixs Contour All-Ride0:00:33.880 
136Samuel Baumann (Swi) Friedli Bike Style0:00:34.250 
137Stefan Dopplinger (Aut) more than bike0:00:34.412 
138Gavin O Connell (Irl) Bike Rack Nukeproof0:00:34.931 
139Julien Juglair (Ita) Pila0:00:35.109 
140Eldad Paturi (Isr) Pilo Cnc cycling parts0:00:35.390 
141Jonathan Coulier (GBr) Propain/Sixpack Racing0:00:36.329 
142Felix Gotzler (Ger)0:00:36.439 
143Victor Meyer (Fra)0:00:36.723 
144Lukas Högel (Ger)0:00:37.063 
145Philipp Tinkhauser (Ita)0:00:37.455 
146Tilen Ferk (Slo)0:00:37.590 
147Beda Berchtold (Swi) Lucky Star Sargans0:00:37.700 
148Franck Caillet (Fra)0:00:38.230 
149Mattia Buzzi (Ita)0:00:38.453 
150Davide Boatto (Ita)0:00:38.532 
151Philippe Frey (Swi) Power-Bike, Continental, Trek,0:00:38.704 
152Joël Reusser (Swi) Thömus Hot-Trail Graber Holzba0:00:38.784 
153Balz Weber (Swi) B-Bikes / Bomatec / Sweet Prot0:00:39.850 
154Samuel Wicki (Swi) pie-freeride.ch0:00:40.650 
155Mehdi Lorenz (Swi) Mondraker Swiss0:00:40.813 
156Matthieu Fauvel (Fra) PORC Industrie R&D0:00:41.138 
157Marco Schlegel (Swi)0:00:41.509 
158Stefan Laimer (Ita)0:00:41.873 
159Dominic Tinner (Swi) Gstaad Scott Shimano Schwalbe0:00:42.862 
160Armin Alber (Ita)0:00:43.082 
161Stefano Pregholato (Ita)0:00:43.762 
162Arie Schindler (Ger) Shocker-Distribution/Schindler0:00:44.116 
163Roman Kumpers (RSA) Santa Cruz SA0:00:45.069 
164Radek Matejik (Cze)0:00:45.671 
165Mario Steiner (Ger) Ufo-Plast, Sponser S, Autohaus0:00:45.681 
166Lukas Pfiffner (Swi) Schreinerei Rudolf Pfiffner Me0:00:46.394 
167Mario Reinbacher (Aut) Ratrax Clothing0:00:46.463 
168Jeppe Bob Bertelsen (Den) Team Bertelsen0:00:47.004 
169Roger Keller (Swi)0:00:47.017 
170Yannik Fejfar (Ger) Fahrwerk Fejfar / fejfar.de0:00:47.187 
171Gabriele Giletta (Ita) Scoutbike, Salice, Sixs, BullB0:00:48.305 
172Enrico Zamboni (Swi) Dream Bikes0:00:48.931 
173Tamir Zinger (Isr) Giant Israel0:00:49.344 
174David Gruber (Aut)0:00:50.177 
175Markus Bucher (Swi) PIE Freeride0:00:50.798 
176Dan Godard (USA) Shimano/Fly Racing/Novatec/Moj0:00:51.571 
177Ken Zimmermann (Swi) Alexri0:00:51.858 
178Stefano Grasso (Ita)0:00:53.797 
179André Vögele (Aut)0:00:55.691 
180Stefan Strohmayer (Aut) The Gap0:00:58.933 
181Alex Baechler (Swi) Scott Mahu Suspension Center0:01:02.476 
182Varnière Quentin (Fra)0:01:04.434 
183Mathias Reisenhofer (Aut) Scott DT Swiss0:01:07.382 
184Louis Zari (Ger) Medical Lounge //0:01:08.283 
185Matteo De Bastiani (Ita)0:01:08.993 
186Silvio Pronzato (Ita)0:01:09.492 
187Harry Bowman (GBr)0:01:09.833 
188Sebastian Kanik (Ger) No Sponsors - Plenty of fun :)0:01:10.704 
189Miguel Zink (Ger)0:01:11.210 
190Alberto Zamperetti (Ita)0:01:12.182 
191Rene Wirnsberger (Aut) Bikestore0:01:14.021 
192Pietro Arnolfo (Ita)0:01:17.396 
193Jan-Phillip Strehl (Ger) n_n0:01:18.113 
194Conor Ingham (GBr) Blockhead Energy/ Trek0:01:27.115 
195Felix Baumgartner (Ger) Riapsport0:03:00.026 
DNSMatthias Stonig (Aut) MS Mondraker  
DNSPhilipp Bünnemann (Ger) Maxxis, Norco, Rockers Bikesho  
DNSMarco D'oro (Swi) GIANT  
DNSKarel Šliksbir (Cze) ne  
DNSFabio Jungen (Swi) VC Saanenland,Trek,Continental  
DNSLuca Biwer (Ger) Alutech, Soulrider, Protone, H  
DNSJoel Gebbie (GBr)  
DNSJan Perše (Slo)  
DNSFederico Verri (Ita) Ariete - Fox - Yeti  
DNSMarcel Etheve (Fra)  
DNFGustavo Adolfo Cisneros (Arg) Palpitos24-Kuwana-Camaronbrujo  
DNFMarkus Planitzer (Aut) MP-Suspension  
DNFGrégory Brunache (Fra) devil biker  
DNFEwan Doherty (Irl) Oc Tunning  
DNFRoberto Tognini (Ita)  
DNFStephan Schneider (Aut) M&M Bikeshop/Giant/ONE-Industr  
DNFMarc Wacht (Ger) Fahrvergnügen.ev FastForwardSu  
DNFAndrew Weeding (GBr)  
DNFBenjamin Glanzer (Aut)  
DNFSean Dillon (Irl)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tahnée Seagrave (GBr) FoxHeadEurope/Intense/Marzocch0:04:40.339 
2Emilie Siegenthaler (Swi) SCOTT0:00:00.256 
3Zarja Cernilogar (Slo) GT / Sixsione / Royal racing /0:00:03.983 
4Miriam Ruchti (Swi) Suspension Center - Intense0:00:09.686 
5Alanna Columb (NZl) off road adventures queenstown0:00:10.173 
6Petra Bernhard (Aut)0:00:10.753 
7Jana Bártová (Cze)0:00:13.843 
8Alia Marcellini (Ita) fox, biotex0:00:15.405 
9Martina Brühlmann (Swi) IXS/ Spank/ DT Swiss/ Devinci/0:00:19.098 
10Spela Horvat (Slo) Five Ten/Scott/Goldfren/Bluegr0:00:21.478 
11Noga Korem (Isr) Giant, Mavic, maxxis0:00:25.464 
12Sophie Tyas (NZl)0:00:27.010 
13Carina Cappellari (Swi) Suspension Center0:00:27.598 
14Laura Lohner (Fra) GT0:00:32.382 
15Géraldine Fink (Swi) Velo Elsener0:00:34.578 
16Veronique Sandler (NZl)0:00:36.664 
17Katrin Karkhof (Ger) Last- Maxxis- Veltec- Kore- Bl0:00:42.177 
18Beverley Barnes (GBr) Mojo0:01:00.455 
19Yvonne Birker (Swi) GIANT FOX ADIDASeyewear Schwal0:01:29.043 
DNSKatharina Klos (Ger) ALPINA, HIRZL, Continental, EV  
U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Silas Grandy (Ger) Drenaline / Kenda / BBB / Xdre0:04:20.012 
2Loris Revelli (Ita) Devinci0:00:00.038 
3Brad Swinbank (GBr) Steve Peat Syndicate0:00:02.586 
4Bryan Pfeiffer (Fra)0:00:04.963 
5Sylvain Buisan (Fra) Les angles0:00:08.908 
6Tim Schluessler (Ger) Rasmus GmbH und Mama0:00:11.691 
7Maxime Fransolet (Bel) my family0:00:12.291 
8Zohar Shoshany (Isr) go pro0:00:18.201 
9Ari Montanier (Swi) bike passion/Magnétique emploi0:00:23.453 
10Arthur Canonne (Fra) ATMO GAP0:00:23.496 
11Tommaso Francardo (Ita)0:00:24.738 
12Davide Barattini (Ita)0:00:24.952 
13Bennett Newkirk (USA) ewz mountainbiketeam loop0:00:28.786 
14Jonas Geier (Ger)0:00:52.887 
15Michael Meze (Slo)0:01:05.417 
16Rok Goric (Slo)0:01:14.108 
17Stefano Arnolfo (Ita)0:01:34.287 
DNSDave Neuenschwander (Swi) PowerBike DH-Team  
DNSOr Gov (Isr) Intense , Maxxis , FOX  
U17 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Viktoria Gimenez (Fra) Les angles0:05:21.205 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paolo Alleva (Ita)0:04:28.587 
2Štencel Rostislav (Cze)0:00:04.769 
3Manuel Dal Pozzo (Ita) scout/nukeproof switshop0:00:06.633 
4Markus Bast (Ger) Propain Bikes, Sixpack-Racing,0:00:06.876 
5Javier Santiago (Arg) Zenith0:00:09.311 
6Fabrice Tirefort (Swi) Scott CrossRoad Dakine TSG Ste0:00:12.488 
7Oliver Kunz (Ger) The B-Site0:00:12.650 
8Nico Hunger (Swi) Ruegger Bike Sport0:00:13.029 
9Fabian Arzberger (Ger) Adidas Schwalbe Propain-Bikes0:00:14.088 
10Marcel Waldmann (Swi) IXS/ Spank/ DT Swiss/ Devinci/0:00:14.195 
11Laurent Castella (Swi) Cyclone Sports / SantaCruz /0:00:15.192 
12Jason Macbeth (GBr) Muddybumbikes.com0:00:16.303 
13Heinz Hostettler (Swi) BanditBike.ch0:00:17.497 
14Maichel Lemmens (Ned) Cube Bikes Holland Juice Lubes0:00:17.815 
15Claudio Riotti (Ita) 96 Line special Components, Th0:00:18.230 
16Simone Cappellini (Ita) ghost-troyleedesign-fox-maxxis0:00:19.022 
17Claudio Tanadini (Swi) 981bikeshop / Ariete / Kenda /0:00:20.298 
18Tim Wilcox (GBr) Monsterbike0:00:22.438 
19Marc Mitscherick (Ger) BanditBike.ch0:00:23.763 
20Sebastian Strehl (Ger)0:00:24.162 
21Christoph Eichinger (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker0:00:25.440 
22Alessio Aristide (Ita) Mde Bikes0:00:25.771 
23Dirk August (Ger)0:00:25.994 
24Steven Jones (GBr) Muddybumbikes.com0:00:27.193 
25Christian Staudenmann (Swi) Suspension Center0:00:31.489 
26Marco Fantino (Ita)0:00:32.500 
27Simon Longthorn (Swi) Stützrädli.ch0:00:35.780 
28Bernhard Hennig (Aut) Bikestore.cc0:00:35.896 
29Patrick Neukirchen (Ger) Cube/FOX Shox/Five Ten/e*thirt0:00:35.990 
30Benjamin Werling (Ger)0:00:38.215 
31Bastiaan Jansink (Ned) Scott continental sram rock sh0:00:38.604 
32Urs Sturzenegger (Swi) SPORT PLANET Allenwinden0:00:39.640 
33Marco Schweigert (Ger) Vertical Ride, Acros0:00:44.047 
34Thomas Weber (Swi) B-Bikes / Bomatec / Sweet Prot0:00:46.928 
35Stefan Hubacher (Swi) Velo Schrade - Fox - Logo-Prin0:00:47.543 
36Andreas Knorr (Ger) Team Pirate0:00:51.450 
37Andreas Grossenbacher (Swi) Suspension Center0:00:52.690 
38Normen Jaeb-Wenge (Ger), kochkunst-0:00:56.597 
39Jean Baptiste Jeannin (Fra) rage0:01:13.826 
40Paolo Alessandro Rettore (Ita)0:01:23.717 
41Gabriele Incaudo (Ita)0:01:36.760 
42Urban Von Klebelsberg (Ita)0:02:02.206 
43Jan Marco Baumeister (Ger) Style Order Cologne0:02:38.055 
44Fabio Malcontenti (Ita)0:07:00.176 
45Alfonso Perotti (Ita)0:08:09.978 
DNSJohn Moix (Swi) -  
DNSCarsten Geck (Ger) Amok Racing/ Triebwerk/ Racepa  
DNSEric Baudeau (Fra)  
DNSGeorg Danner (Aut)  
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