Whole Athlete-Specialized Cycling Team wraps up best season yet

85 wins including a World Cup tallied in 2012

The Whole Athlete-Specialized Cycling Team celebrated an impressive 2012 season with 85 wins, including the first-ever US junior women's World Cup victory by Kate Courtney. The team also recorded four World Cup top 10 finishes, produced multiple national champions, earned seven US Pro XCT wins and can boast four California State Champions. Three of its juniors also were named to the US world championship team.

In what it called its "best season ever", the team continued to support junior and U23 cyclists per its philosophy of dedication, integrity and fun. Its mission is enabled by its coaches, mentors, volunteers and contributions to the non-profit Velo Development Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

The young squad's junior national medallists were Zach Valdez, Casey Williams, Tony Smith, Lucas Newcomb, Kate Courtney, Marcus Segedin and Josie Nordrum.

Its riders balanced out their racing by giving back to the community, doing activities such as trail work and habitat restoration.

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