Vos to ride men's races in coming years?

Blijlevens worried about how to motivate Rabobank star

Marianne Vos now rides for the Rabobank women's team, but could she one day ride for the ProTour team? Women's team manager Jeroen Bleijlevens is looking into the possibility, “purely to learn, not to win.”

Vos, who is only 24, has won virtually everything there is to win on the road and track, as well as on the mountain bike and the cyclo-cross circuit.

Blijlevens' biggest problem is how to keep his star motivated. “We are now thinking very hard  about how we can continue to challenge and excite her in the coming years,” he told ad.nl. “I am not worried about 2012, with the Olympics and World Championships at home. But what about next year? It is an option to ride with the men in races.”

It is not clear whether she could actually ride on the men's team. “I am currently discussing it with people who deal with such matters. Yes, of course, with Marianne herself. She responds as always: modestly. "

If Vos does race with the men, then it would “not be to win. But she can improve herself, become even better.”

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