Video: Brian Holm's top-five coolest riders of all time

Omega Pharma-QuickStep directeur sportif gives his verdict

What is cool?

According to Omega Pharma-QuickStep directeur sportif, Brian Holm in relation to cycling at least, a rider can be judged as being cool by the way he carries himself both on and off a bike. With his impressive quiff, and self-described "German U-Boat captain beard" the Dane muses over his top-five coolest riders to Cyclingnews in this video.

Holm's scope goes way back to the 1950's and someone who also had an impressive pompadour hair style, Jacques Anquetil, right through to the modern era and 'Le Dandy' David Millar. As for the rider who closes out the top-five, we won't give it away but Holm warns it will be controversial.

Watch Brian Holm's top-five coolest riders of all time below.


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