USA Cycling announces new Safety and Anti-Doping advisory committees

Plans to increase safety and ensure clean competition in the US

USA Cycling announced on Monday two new advisory committees for Safety and Anti-Doping that will support the organization in its efforts to increase safety and ensure clean competition in American bike racing, according to a press release from the sport governing body.

Both committees include volunteers with expert knowledge and related backgrounds in the two fields. The members were chosen from a combined pool of more than 200 applicants

“Their role will be both to advise USA Cycling on actions to take and to evaluate the impact of those actions,” read the USA Cycling statement.

The Safety Committee includes 11 experts from the fields of medicine, data analysis, cycling event promotion and officiating, and competitive cycling.

“They will gather and evaluate existing data on bike racing accidents and to establish a set of recommendations for USA Cycling based on any risk factors identified."

The Anti-Doping Committee will include eight anti-doping experts, including several world leaders in the field. The group will help USA Cycling to determine how it can best reduce banned doping practices within amateur and professional cycling in America.

“The committee’s focus will be to determine the optimal level of testing to cost effectively create a credible deterrent, recommend what other actions USA Cycling can take to reduce doping (e.g., education) and evaluate the effectiveness of USA Cycling’s anti-doping efforts over time.”

The following individuals make up the Safety Committee:

Mark Alberg – Medicine of Cycling* member, athletic trainer and coordinator for Tour of America’s Dairyland
Dr. Grant Baldwin – PhD specializing in injury prevention at the Centers for Disease Control
Dr. Keith Borg – MD in emergency medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, Race Director for multiple UCI events, including 2015 UCI Road World Championships
Dr. Steve Broglio – Medicine of Cycling* member, PhD and ATC specializing in concussion studies at the University of Michigan
Dr. Mark Greve – Medicine of Cycling* member, MD in emergency medicine
Chuck Hodge – USA Cycling Technical Director
Ted King – Former professional cyclist, member of the Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists
Malcolm McCollam – Attorney, specialist in event management, Race Director for Tulsa Tough
Ruth Shapiro – Attorney specializing in risk management and loss prevention
Sallie Urffer – Race official, data analyst in the medical field
Laura van Gilder – Former professional and current Cat. 1 cyclist with 25 years of racing experience

The following individuals make up the Anti-Doping Committee:

Dr. Paul Dimeo – Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport at the University of Stirling leading international anti-doping researcher
Dr. John Gleaves – Associate Professor of Kinesiology at California State University-Fullerton, doping research expert with a focus on ethics and cycling
Dr. Brendon Hale – Specialist in human performance and neuroscience, consultant to the Royal Health Awareness Society, race director for North Start Bicycle Festival
Dr. April Henning – Post-Doctoral Fellow in behavioral sciences, sociologist with a focus on doping’s Impact on amateur athletes
Oliveir de Hon –Scientific Affairs Manager for the National Anti-Doping Organization of the Netherlands
Uli Fluhme – Wall Street attorney, anti-doping activist, New York Grand Fondo Co-Founder
Dr. Kristen Keim – Clinical and Sport Psychologist, member of USOC Sport Psychology and Mental Training registry, specialist in psychology of cheating and doping
Jon Whiteman – USA Cycling Risk Protection Manager

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