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Tanguy and Sornson win 2013 NUE Series overall titles

Sue George, Mountain Bike Editor
September 12, 2013, 21:20 BST,
September 12, 2013, 22:24 BST
MTB News & Racing Round-up, Thursday, September 19, 2013
National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series: Fool's Gold 100

Team CF well represented atop podiums

Christian Tanguy and Cheryl Sornson (both Team CF) won the 2013 National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series, which wrapped up this past weekend at the Fool's Gold 100. There series consists of (mostly) 100-mile mountain bike races across the US.

In the women's division, Sornson took her third series title with four victories, including True Grit, Cohutta, Wildcat, Syllamo's Revenge, Mohican, Tatanka and Fool's Gold.

"Winning the NUE for the third time, is a charm," said Sornson. "It was a long season that started way back in March with the True Grit in Utah. Knowing that there were so many races in the series, I focused on the newer venues for variety and completed most of my 100 milers by the beginning of June."

Sornson had planned two more races in the late summer, but had to attend to family matters instead.

Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes) put up a good fight to finish second while Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) was third.

Barclay made a late season surge in the standings, but it wasn't enough to unseat Sornson. "Fortunately, the six wins I accumulated kept me in the lead and missing key races did not affect my series standings," said Sornson.

"Kudos to all the women who completed the series. Regardless of where you finished, you did it and it is such an accomplishment to push through these events let alone toe the line."

In the men's division, Tanguy proved the best with victories in the Cohutta 100 and Wilderness 101, second places in the High Cascades and the Hampshire 100, a third place in the Shenandoah and a fifth place in the Syllamo's Revenge.

Two more Team CF riders rounded out the men's top three: Cary Smith and Rob Spreng.

Gerry Pflug gave Team CF another top podium spot in the singlespeed men's division while Marland Whaley (Red Barn Bicycles) claimed the Masters men 50+ division overall title.

With Team CF's strong showing, team owner Jim Wilson was especially pleased. "I am proud of the accomplishments of our cyclists in all their various mountain bike disciplines including the amazing results in the NUE final standings. We really have come together as a team in all aspects of our mission including race results and promoting fitness in those afflicted with cystic fibrosis. Our elite cyclists are not only incredible athletes but also amazing ambassadors for the sport of cycling."

"We are looking forward to 2014 with changes that will allow us to expand the scope of our mission and increase our philanthropic impact."

Full standings are posted below for all racers who completed the minimum four races required.

2013 NUE Series Final Standings

# Rider Name (Country) Team Standings
1 Christian Tanguy (Team CF) 6  pts
2 Cary Smith (Team CF) 9  
3 Rob Spreng (Team CF) 14  
4 Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing p/b Dogfish Head Alehouse) 17  
5 Gregory Jancaitis (Riverside Racing) 27  
6 Dan Kotwicki (Rochester Bike/RBS Cycling Team) 33  
7 Jesse Kelly (Team CF) 33  
8 Andy Rhodes (North Mountain Woodworks/Black Dog Bikes) 33  
9 Michael Tabasko (DCMTB) 34  
10 Garth Prosser (Specialized) 40  
11 Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing) 41  
12 John Petrylak (Bike Factory Elite Racing/Maxxis) 58  
13 Chris Peariso (Adventure212 / Specialized) 60  
14 Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor) 62  
15 Jay Click (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing) 63  
16 Brad Rogers (Y-Not Cycling) 78  
17 Jeffrey Stevens (Trestle Bridge Racing) 81  
18 Yuri Cook (Raintree Healthcare) 92  
19 Lorenzo Serra (Pawling Cycle & Sport) 99  
20 Grant Matthews (Toasted Head Racing) 102  
21 Raymond Willard (Empire Brewing-Syracuse Bicycle) 118  
22 Alex Schultz (Main Street/MPI/Kuhnhenn) 127  
23 Brent Mayer (Trek Store Cincinnati Racing, Maxxis) 134  
24 Eric Coomer (Pedal Pushers Racing) 161  
25 Cooper Fowler (BCD Racing) 173  
26 Greg Rittler (Adventures for the Cure) 174  
27 Jeff Plassman (Design Physics Racing p/b Endorphin Fitness) 176  
28 Peri Garite (Team PC) 193  
29 Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing) 204  
30 Steven Hecht (Toasted Head Racing) 231  
31 David Moore (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing) 233  
32 Michael Bonsby (Team Mt Airy) 263  
33 Bryan Wright (North Mountain Woodworks/Black Dog Bikes) 272  
34 Jeremy Larsen (Rose Bike) 280  
35 Randy Shoogs Larrison (Cadre Racing) 295  
36 Jody M. Mazur (Cadre Racing) 421  
37 Jim Thacker (Reliable Oil/Trek Store) 433  
# Rider Name (Country) Team Standings
1 Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) 4  pts
2 Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team) 6  
3 Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) 8  
4 Alice Drobna (Webcyclery, CycleSoles) 10  
5 Linda Shin (Crankskins/Blacksmith Cycles) 15  
6 Priscilla Baltz (Arkansas Cycling & Fitness) 18  
7 Shannon Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing) 21  
8 Niki Milleson (Rose Bike) 28  
9 Jocelyn Linscott (Toasted Head Racing - SS Women) 35  
10 Julie Urlaub (Taiga Company) 52  
Singlespeed men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Standings
1 Gerry Pflug (Team CF / Pro Bikes) 4  pts
2 AJ Linnell (Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Pivot Cycles/American Classic) 4  
3 Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles and Twin 6) 11  
4 Trevor Rockwell (Team Noah Foundation/Decorah Bicycles/Twin Six) 12  
5 Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) 14  
6 Dwayne Goscinski (Team Noah Foundation) 14  
7 Doug Andrews 16  
8 Peat Henry (Team Noah Foundation/Free Awesome) 21  
9 Craig Fleetwood (Blacksmith Cycles) 21  
10 Scott Green (Toasted Head Racing) 33  
11 John Griffiths (NYCMTB-SID's) 92  
Masters men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Standings
1 Marland Whaley (Red Barn Bicycles) 5  pts
2 David Jolin (Stark Velo) 9  
3 Terry Blanchet (North American Velo / Blue Sky Bicycles) 14  
4 Chris Irving (Los Locos) 15  
5 Monte Hewett (mhh) 18  
6 Mark Drogalis (Cycle Center/Champion System) 19  
7 Charles Buki (Team CF) 27  
8 Tony Papandrea (Team Mt. Airy) 61  
9 Dan Mock (Wheels on Fire) 73  

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