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Sciandri praises Phinney after time trial victory in the Dubai Tour

Stephen Farrand
February 6, 03:44,
February 6, 03:45
First Edition Cycling News, Thursday, February 6, 2014
Dubai Tour, Stage 1
Taylor Phinney (BMC) zips up the leader's jersey

Taylor Phinney (BMC) zips up the leader's jersey

  • Taylor Phinney (BMC) zips up the leader's jersey
  • Taylor Phinney (BMC)  was pleased with his win
  • Taylor Phinney (Team BMC) in the leader's jersey in Dubai

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BMC determined to win overall

BMC sports director Max Sciandri has praised Taylor Phinney after his victory in the opening time trial at the Dubai Tour and made it clear that the team will back the prodigious American and do everything possible to win overall.

"The next step, the next plan, is to win the overall. I want that and he wants that. We need to come together as a team. We're good at doing that, we've shown that we can do it and so we're ready to defend Taylor's lead," Sciandri told Cyclingnews.

"There are time bonuses of three, two, and one second at the finish and two one-second time bonuses at the intermediate sprints. But Taylor tested his sprinting at the Tour de San Luis and showed he can do it with some results."

BMC perfectly executed a well made race strategy in the time trial. Phinney won in a time of 12:03, covering the 9.9km course at an average of 50.29 km/h. He revealed he set a personal power record, producing 490 watts for the 12 minutes.

That effort allowed him to beat teammate Steve Cummings by 14 seconds, with Lasse Norman Hansen (Garmin-Sharp) third at 16 seconds. Tony Martin (Omega Pharma-Quick Step) was only fourth, at 22 seconds, with a convalescent and behind-on-form Fabian Cancellara (Trek Factory Racing) fifth at 25 seconds.

"The plan was to come here and do well: to win. We have both Taylor and Thor for that. Taylor is the better time trialist but Thor is fast in the sprints and there are time bonuses," Sciandri explained.

"Steve Cummings is on form, too, and I put him off first so we could see what the conditions are like from a guy who could have won too. The organisers wanted Taylor to start later but we asked that he start early because we said we were here to win. I know Tony Martin was a bit angry but he's world champion and has to start last because he's world champion. We can't do anything about that."

Sciandri and Phinney are close, even if the American no longer lives in Sciandri's home town of Quarrata in Tuscany after moving to Nice to work closely with coach Bobby Julich. Both BMC staff members and the guiding hand of Allan Peiper as sporting manager, seems to have a positive influence on Phinney's early season form and development.

"He's stepped up now," Sciandri pointed out.

"This is how we wanted him two or three years ago and how he and all his family and friends wanted him. It's taken him a while to adjust and change but that's okay. He's still a young guy and one year makes a big difference. He learns from his mistakes. He's been able to move forward, adjust and learn."

"We've learned from our mistakes as a team last year. We've already had some good results in San Luis and from Cadel at the Tour Down Under. Now Taylor has won here and we're going to carry it on here."

Mirco Bertolani 6 months ago
Sciandri is far to be an idiot!!! that's why he doesn't work in Italy
wrinklyvet 6 months ago
Sciandri has chosen British citizenship over Italian and that probably indicates why he doesn't work in Italy. He is a respected Directeur sportiv so I find it interesting that somebody who appears to be Italian is slagging him off. Why would that be?
Mirco Bertolani 6 months ago
You didn't understand anything!!!!
wrinklyvet 6 months ago
Go on then, tell me what I haven't twigged.
wrinklyvet 6 months ago
Aha - Do you mean "Sciandri is far from being an idiot"? That is something I could agree with.
Mirco Bertolani 6 months ago
Yeah, that's my point mate,he's a real Sportif Director , not a taxi driver as many others that just sit in the car and waiting for the camera!!!!
Mirco Bertolani 6 months ago
Yeah, that's my point mate,he's a real Sportif Director , not a taxi driver as many others that just sit in the car waiting to be recorded from the cameras!!!
wrinklyvet 6 months ago
Great! We agree. Sorry to have misunderstood you.
Manuel Schoel 6 months ago
Phinney is a great rider and a promising talent for the future but you can't forget that Cancellara was injured over the winter and for Tony Martin this was the first race of the year. Add that to the fact, that it was only 10km. We will see where he stands in july or the worlds.
ianfra 6 months ago
Agreed. Early Days. But nice to see Steve Cummings showing his class. He's another Sean Yates in the way he can power for his team.