Oosthuizen is the woman to beat in South Africa

Favorite looks forward to defending at Fifty-Miler

Looking at her results during the past few weeks, Samantha Oosthuizen (W.I.N/Karsten Cycles) can be considered the favourite to win the MTN 50-Miler on Sunday, November 8 in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal. If she does win, it will be the second time in two years.

Judging by Oosthuizen's performances during the past six weeks, she is the in-form women's rider in South African mountain biking at the moment. She won the Silver Star Casino Race, the 60km Race of the Ride Crater Cruise, Hill2Hill, MTN Asishove and the Telkom Satellite Race. She also finished second in the MTN Clarens Race, as well as in the 105km Race of the Ride Crater Cruise.

Her turn-about in mountain biking is impressive. During the first eight months of this year, Oosthuizen managed to win a few races but more often she had to settle for lesser placings.

Mannie Heymans (Garmin adidas) is the reason why Oosthuizen is at the moment almost a fixture on mountain bike podiums across South Africa.

"It was all Mannie's fault. Mannie and I were involved in an argument about the quality of women's racing in South Africa. Mannie does not have a high opinion about the way women race. According to him, women's cycling is more or less a waste of time," said Oosthuizen.

Upset by her Heymans' opinion, Oosthuizen was motivated. "In retrospect, the argument between Mannie and me was perhaps the best thing that could have happened to my cycling career. At the moment I am super-motivated to prove Mannie wrong."

When asked about her memories of her victory in the MTN 50-Miler, Oosthuizen said, "Mud, mud, mud. It made cycling extremely difficult. The mud got into your gears and into every other moving part of the bike. But I do not want to sound as if I am complaining. I actually enjoyed every minute of it - especially the constant climbing.

Oosthuizen makes no secret about her intention to win again on Sunday. "I will try to make the racing hard whenever there is a chance. That is a certain way of putting your rivals under pressure."

Ischen Stopforth (Marsillio Projects) who clinched the MTN Series overall by winning the Clarence Race, won't be riding. Neither will Yolandé de Villiers (Toyota-Cyclelab), who is currently second overall in the series. De Villiers decided to take a break to enable her to start preparing for next year's Cape Epic.

This year De Villiers earned a reputation of "trap, val en breek" while racing in the MTN events. That was because she took more tumbles that she would have liked. And if she did not fall, she had to battle to fix the mechanical failures of her bike at crucial moments. "It won't happen again next year. I think I have had enough bad luck to see me through for a few years."

It seems Oosthuizen's main rivals will in all possibility be Raats, and Amy Jane Mundy and Carla Rowley.

Racers will find an improved route this year with new singletrack sections replacing some less interesting parts. The forecast is for cloudy, but no rain.

Standings for the both the men's and women's categories are below.


Women's standings with one event remaining
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ischen Stopforth18660 pts
2Samantha Oosthuizen16096 
3Yolandi Du Toit15426 
4Yolande De Villiers12000 
5Petruschka Constancon9061 
6Beatrice Hogan9032 
7Christine J Van Rensburg8726 
8Heletje Van Staden8224 
9Genee Steyn8063 
10Cindy Rebello7753 
11Lize Theron6530 
12Adele Drake4915 
13Nicole Murphy4569 
14Yolande Speedy4000 
15Jozanne Louw3607 
16Grant Van Der Walt3446 
17Candice Arthur3358 
18Chrissie Viljoen3188 
19Kelly Mccallum3163 
20Amoryn Saayman3098 
21Su Don-Wauchope3094 
22Marissa Van Der Merwe2951 
23Mandy Nel2729 
24Woudie Saaiman2628 
25Michelle Harris2572 
26Robyn Adendorff2547 
27Sarah Van Heerden2513 
28Erika Meeding2381 
29Elshe Naude2266 
30August Zerwick2205 
31Victoria Myburg2192 
32Glynis Pretorius2007 
33Dagmar Muhlbauer2000 
34Colleen Jacobs1916 
35Elsabe Jacobs1832 
36Steffie Arlow1801 
37Sarah Wielopolska1783 
38Karyn Southgate1774 
39Elsie Bezuidenhout1748 
40Marlien de Bont1659 
41Monica Botha1587 
42Mina Radoycheva1552 
43Marlien De Bont1540 
44Joanne VD Westhuizen1486 
45Karien van Jaarsveld1484 
46Charmaine Werdmuller1478 
47Nat Barbosa1443 
48Lizelle Smit1414 
49Nolene Saunders1408 
50Elriiz Swart1395 
51Elouise Metherell1323 
52Mylene Loumeau1300 
53Hester Vermeulen1262 
54Alison Lingard1235 
55Lisa Blatch1198 
57Colette Coetzee1040 
58Daleen van Staden989 
59Nicola Meltzer981 
60Rafael Rincon880 
61Estelle Van Schalkwyk817 
62Kelly Pennington793 
63Kelly Marnewick778 
64Shayle Bester743 
65Elizabeth Delport678 
66Elinda Human678 
67Leandra Blann676 
68Candice Talbot657 
69Aimee Serreirinha493 
70Michelle Muller425 
71Mari Naude408 
72Sarie Van Wyk400 
73Philda De Jager375 
74Merle Walker357 
75Sally Mawson350 
76Vanessa Record325 
77Monica Brown311 
78Ashleigh De Lima304 
79Renske Nysschen291 
80Colleen Cawood289 
81Bev Corser275 
82Nicole Hafkamp270 
83Liz Blumenthal250 
84Greta Strydom250 
85Thursia Hardenberg250 
86Louise van Niekerk250 
Men's standings with one event remaining
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Evans (MTN Energade)18963 pts
2Francois Theron (Garmin Adidas)16174 
3Marc Bassingthwaighte (Garmin Adidas)15675 
4Philip Buys (Garmin Adidas)14568 
5Ben Melt Swanepoel (Specialized Mankele)14146 
6Johnny Kritzinger (DCM Chrome)12830 
7Adrien Niyonshuti (MTN Energade)11541 
8Erik Kleinhans (GT Mr Price)11014 
9David George (MTN Energade)9756 
10Jacques J Van Rensburg (DCM Chrome)9413 
11Peter Smith (Jeep Cycling Club)8798 
12Nico Bell (Bell Cycles)7848 
13Max Knox (DCM Chrome)7329 
14Trust Mumangandu (MTN Energade)6699 
15Mannie Heymans (Garmin Adidas)6340 
16Renier Bellingan (USN)5753 
17Renay Groustra (GT Mr Price)5524 
18Petrus Malherbe (Mongoose Mr Price)5494 
19Matthys Beukes (MTN Energade)4940 
20Thomas Truscott (Standard Bank)4834 
21Justice Makhale (MTN Energade)4504 
22Burry Stander (Specialized Mr Price)4000 
23Andrew McLean (Toyota Cyclelab)3406 
24Brandon Stewart (DCM Chrome)3298 
25Graham Diesel (Toyota Cyclelab)2979 
26David Mitchell2942 
27Tiaan Kannemeyer (Neotel)2933 
28Frans Stander2907 
29Paul Cordes (IMC Mongoose)2816 
30Jupiter Nameembo (MTN Energade)2788 
31Stephan Strauss2770 
32Jock Green2755 
33Juma Sato2670 
34Charles Keey2630 
35Henry Uys2619 
36Brett Dickson (GT Mr Price)2606 
37Gustav Becker2599 
38Alex Pavlov (North Cliff Cycles)2588 
39Christoff Van Heerden (MTN Energade)2572 
40Willem Groenewald2558 
41Jupiter Nameembo (MTN Energade)2541 
42Dennis Du Toit2522 
43Shaun Peschl (Mr Price)2511 
44Pieter Seyffert (Goldfields)2499 
45Chris Smith2443 
46David Morison (PPA)2374 
47Shaun Mackenzie2357 
48Ruan Louw2347 
49Steve Van Der Merwe2322 
50Renato Albrecht2307 
51Nathan Byukusenge2288 
52Yolande Speedy (IMC Mongoose)2234 
53Ian Mcleod (MTN Energade)2200 
54Drew Murphy2187 
55Garren Soutar2155 
56Gerard Dirks2154 
57Willem Le Roux2148 
58Dion Gerhard Froneman (Flatdogs)2143 
59Anton Smal (Cyclehouse)2114 
60Wessel Ollewagen2091 
61Graham Cooper2070 
62Jacov Lalou2037 
63Hendri Du Plessis2021 
64Colin Donian1927 
65Iniel Hattingh1883 
66Hein Botes1862 
67Abraham Meyer1857 
68Riaan Van Niekerk1770 
69Frederick Smith1769 
70Mark Pieterse1735 
71Francois Botha1718 
72Nicolas Goddard1698 
73Gordon Radey1679 
74De Villiers Groenewald1634 
75Wilhelm Nauta1619 
76Greg Davis1573 
77Karel Mouton1501 
78Erik Smuts1380 
79Andre Eksteen1369 
80Wayne Booysen1368 
81Wolfgang Sittig1346 
82Mark Bridges (FPC)1323 
83Mark Olivier1285 
84Ferdi Potgieter1139 
85Marius Strydom1093 
86Julien Van Der Pluym1077 
87Malcolm Meintjes969 
88Jonathan Ralph948 
89Mark Atkins542 
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