Looking forward to riding the trails; the Kristin Danielson diary

Just a fad that has passed? When I think of fads leg warmers, the zone diet and more fashion...

Just a fad that has passed? When I think of fads leg warmers, the zone diet and more fashion faux-pas come to mind, not an entire sport. How could my friend say this to my face? I do believe mountain biking is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that attracts fun loving and free spirits to it. No other place am I more content than when I am on my mountain bike riding through towering pine trees, through creeks, smelling the fresh mountain air and getting both wheels off the ground from that last jump. Whether mountain biking is a recreational sport, competitive sport or just a fad it is a beautiful sport that has brought much happiness to me this past summer. Not only did this sport introduce me to amazing people, such as my team, this sport has brought to me aspirations, accomplishments, mental and physical strength. The last time I checked, it is still a sport that is a part of the Olympic Games and has seen fierce competition among the past Olympians.

Even though my racing season has wound down, the time I spend on trails has not. This season is my absolute all time favorite to be encompassed by Mother Nature. Brilliant fall days are cool and colorful, who wouldn't want to be out on the trails? I know winter is larking around the corner and when winter shows its white face my Kalua-Lisa Kona will have to be hung up until next season; so it is imperative to explore new single track as I know soon they will be covered in a blanket of snow.

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