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Lombardi denies Sagan has signed with Alonso

Stephen Farrand
February 6, 07:58,
February 6, 08:05
First Edition Cycling News, Thursday, February 6, 2014
Dubai Tour
Peter Sagan (Cannondale)

Peter Sagan (Cannondale)

  • Peter Sagan (Cannondale)
  • Peter Sagan and Joaquim Rodriguez are two of the most high profile riders at the race
  • Peter Sagan (Cannondale)
  • Peter Sagan (Cannondale)

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"Peter has to stay focused on racing and winning," says manager

Peter Sagan's agent Giovanni Lombardi has denied that the Slovakian rider has reached an agreement to ride for Fernando Alonso's new team, telling Cyclingnews that it is far too early to even discuss which team he will ride for in 2015.

Reports in Italy suggested that Sagan is set to earn 3.3. million Euro a season for 2015 and 2016 but Lombardi denied that a deal had been reached.

Lombardi was spotted talking to managers from the Cannondale, Trek and Tinkoff-Saxo teams before the start of stage two of the Dubai Tour but insisted he is in Dubai because he likes the Emirate and was interested to see the race.

"I also talked to Patrick Lefevere at Omega Pharma but I've got several riders and I'm always talking to teams," he told Cyclingnews.

"I'm here because I like Dubai. I didn’t even know that Fernando Alonso was here. I'll be happy to say hello to him, just like I've done with lots of other team owners and management."

Asked about the reports on Sagan's future and links to Alonso’s team that is under construction for 2015, Lombardi was adamant that nothing had been decided and that Sagan has to stay focused on his racing.

"My answer to any questions about Peter's future is that there's zero, zero, zero news. Nothing has been decided. At all."

"Nothing is true about him reaching a deal and I'm not going to even talk about Peter's future. It's not right. It's not right for the Cannondale team, who discovered and developed him and who he is riding for this season. I'm going to sit down with Cannondale at the start of March for talks but before Paris-Roubaix there's not going to be any news."

"It's also not right for Peter. Now the most important thing for Peter is his racing. Peter's got to stay cool and stay focused on racing and winning. The spring Classics are a big objective and after that we'll start to consider his future and for 2015."

Mark Schwitau 6 months ago
Except for oodles of money, I'm just not sure why Sagan would make a move from a nicely structured professional team built around him .... to a totally unknown team where the first couple years will be "build up" years. Why upset his rhythm right in his prime where he is winning so many races with a dedicated team with some ease (at times). If he were on a so-so team with no support I might understand, but The Alonso team doesn't even have a bike or a bus or a staff yet. That's a lot of risk.
Nicolaj221 6 months ago
"nicely structured professional team built around him" yet again, he is the only one who creates results, definitely not a team I would call that. Besides Moser and Basso and of course many of the new young guys, there is no really strong guys on that team. Definitely the team with the lowest width.
jim.bridges77 6 months ago
Sagan , I would think, would have to be one of the last to sign for Alonso's team to see what riders he is going to have in as support. Is Alonso going to build the team around Sagan? The buzz going around velo and cyclingnews is Alonso is linked to a lot of riders from sprinters to GC. Where would he fit in at the grand tours? Would they be riding for green or for GC? It would be like what happened to Cav while at Sky in 2012 at the Tour. That's why he went OPQS so the team would put all their energy in his sprint train and not saving themselves for the mountains. Lots of questions to be answered. Its crazy. I'm not for sure if Sagan has hit his prime. I think he has a 4-5 years before we see a Sagan who has completely matured physically. That's scary.