Inside Lachlan Morton's GBDURO exploits - Video

Full documentary on Australian's journey across the UK

Last month, Lachlan Morton took on the GBDURO - a unique endurance event that sent riders from the southernmost tip of the UK in Land's End in England to the very northern tip at John o'Groats, Scotland. Morton smashed the 2,000km route that traversed fields, paths, cow pastures and streams to finish in 111 hours 44 minutes.

It's difficult to put the enormity of this accomplishments into words, so EF Education First and Rapha created a video documentary of the exploits which tested Morton to his limits, riding through the night, falling into cow patties and finding some new friends along the route, the 'dot watchers' - fans who followed the riders on the dynamic web map.

"The times have stopped, the regret and intense disappointment in myself - you always look back at that moment you gave up and it just eats at you. I hate that feeling. Giving up is always worse than that dark moment. The dark moments fade, but if you give into them, they last forever," Morton explains what kept him going.

Even so, after traversing the highest paved road in the rain only to be faced with a walking path, Morton broke down in tears - finally finding the rock bottom he'd expected from the beginning.

Having passed that low point, Morton soldiered on to achieve not only a personal accomplishment but one admired by numerous cycling enthusiasts around the globe.


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