Gilmore returning to racing at Holland Ladies Tour

Australian hoping to be in top form for Worlds

Rochelle Gilmore (Lotto-Honda) is hoping to finally return to racing at the Holland Ladies Tour which gets underway on the 6th September, after an extended period off the bike with a broken pelvis.

The Australian’s recovery was slowed after doctors initially thought that she had avoided a fracture when she crashed hard in the Giro Donne in July. Gilmore attempted to walk a number of times, but severe pain eventually forced her to ask for a second diagnosis which revealed the fracture.

Six weeks on, Gilmore has now been cleared to race, and hopes that she can return to form ahead of her main goal of the season, the Road World Championships in Copenhagen.

"I’ve regained and improved on my original strength and stability through the hips, core and quads," said Gilmore. "I’ve worked extremely hard throughout this period of rehabilitation. I enjoy racing and I’ve really missed it so I can’t wait until I race again."

"Nothing was going to stop me from having a shot at this year’s World Championships on a perfect course with a perfect finish!"

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