Davison and Plaxton top final US Pro XCT standings

National series wrapped up in Missoula, Montana

Lea Davison (Specialized) won the final race on USA Cycling's Pro Cross Country Tour (Pro XCT) calendar (Pro XCT), the Missoula XC on Marshall Mountain in Missoula, Montana to overcome a 10-point deficit to Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team) and top the final women's standings. Despite hometown hero Sam Schultz (Subaru-Trek) winning the last race on the US Pro XCT schedule, Max Plaxton (Specialized USA Factory Racing) topped the men's standings.

Todd Wells (Specialized Factory Racing) finished between Plaxton and Schultz in the final standings. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Subaru-Trek) finished fourth, 30 points ahead of Adam Craig (Rabobank-Giant).

Davison and Gould were followed by Emily Batty (Subaru-Trek) in third place while Chloe Forsman (BMC MTB Development Team) placed fourth and Krista Park (Cannondale-No Tubes) finished fifth in the final women's Pro XCT standings.

In earning her first win on the Pro XCT, Davison was nearly two minutes faster than her closest competitor, Heather Irmiger (Subaru-Trek), and three minutes faster than Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team) in the final results. Nash took a slight lead on the second of the four-lap women's contest. Davison capitalized on Nash riding off the singletrack to take the lead and never relinquished it. Proving to be the fastest climber and a strong descender, Davison gradually expanded her lead throughout the remaining two laps of the race.

Schultz won with a time of 1:18:49, one minute faster than his teammate Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Subaru-Trek) and 2:34 faster than series winner Plaxton. The top three finishers in the final results stayed together through the first four of five laps of a course that has a lot of steep climbing, sharp descents and not a lot of recovery. Schultz countered to regain the lead and maintain his advantage through the descents, although the three riders stayed tightly packed. Schultz emerged in front on the final lap and, using the raucous energy from friends and family scattered throughout the course, rode away from Plaxton and Horgan-Kobelski for the win.

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US Pro XCT final standings

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Plaxton1140 pts
2Todd Wells910 
3Sam Schultz890 
4Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski750 
5Adam Craig720 
6Stephen Ettinger630 
7Sid Taberlay590 
8Spencer Paxson565 
9Jeremiah Bishop560 
10Geoff Kabush480 
11Rotem Ishay445 
12Adam Morka420 
13Barry Wicks300 
14Kerry Werner259 
15Ryan Woodall256 
16Mitchell Hoke254 
17Raphael Gagne250 
18Carl Decker250 
19Ryan Trebon210 
20Ignacio Torres202 
21Tj Woodruff189 
22Kris Sneddon188 
23Troy Wells187 
24Jason Sager185 
25Jack Hinkens174 
26Juan Carlos Herndandez160 
27Drew Edsall158 
28Peter Glassford155 
29Justin Lindine142 
30Lachlan Norris130 
31Derek Zandstra130 
32Dana Weber112 
33Benjamin Sonntag85 
34Seamus Powell80 
35Thomas Turner80 
36John Curry80 
37Bryson Perry72 
38Colton Andersen70 
39Colin Cares69 
40Russell Finsterwald66 
41Alejando Barajas55 
42Emmanuel Valencia52 
43Brad Bingham50 
44Tristan Schouten50 
45Vincent Lombardi50 
46Brian Matter45 
47Rick Wetherald42 
48Jesse Anthony40 
49Matt Gordon40 
50John Nobil40 
51Miguel Valadez39 
52Bryan Fawley35 
53Nathan Guerra35 
54Kalan Beisel35 
55Joshua Carlson32 
56Ben Parsons30 
57Mitch Bailey30 
58Antoine Caron28 
59Blake Harlan28 
60Adam Snyder28 
61Kevin Fish26 
62Mike Phillips26 
63Thomas Sampson25 
64Francis Morin24 
65Brandon Draugelis24 
66Zachary Valdez23 
67Eric Batty23 
68Lukas Buchli22 
69Tad Elliott20 
70Jose Juan Escarcega20 
71Brian Van Ulden20 
72Phil Grove18 
73Jeff Herrera18 
74Ben Bostrom18 
75Jorge Munoz18 
76Cody Kaiser16 
77Brady Kappius16 
78Tyson Wagler16 
79Sean Donovan14 
80Jason Siegle14 
81Aaron Elwell12 
82David Tinker Juarez12 
83Peter Ostroski10 
84Marton Blazso10 
85Aaron Bradford9 
86Lucas Brusseau9 
87Kevin Bradford-Paris8 
88Martin Cox8 
89Kevin Smallman8 
90Jason Young7 
91Andy Schultz6 
92Tim Allen6 
93John Rines6 
94Ken Onodera5 
95Craig Wohlschlae5 
96Brent Gorman4 
97Anthony Sinyard4 
98Ned Overend4 
99Blake Zumbrunnen3 
100Menso De Jong3 
101Graham Aldredge3 
102Jim Hewett3 
103Ronald Stawicki3 
104Wiley Mosley2 
105Colin Osborn2 
106Darrin Braun1 
107David Hanes1 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lea Davison1090 pts
2Georgia Gould910 
3Emily Batty880 
4Chloe Forsman810 
5Krista Park738 
6Heather Irmiger700 
7Judy Freeman595 
8Sarah Kaufmann486 
9Zephanie Blasi470 
10Kelli Emmett400 
11Catherine Pendrel390 
12Carolyn Popovic351 
13Katerina Nash350 
14Erica Zaveta345 
15Amanda Carey340 
16Daniela Campuzano Chavez328 
17Kathy Sherwin320 
18Nina Baum300 
19Lydia Tanner172 
20Teal Stetson-Lee170 
21Marie-Helen Premont160 
22Pua Mata140 
23Amanda Sin130 
24Linnea Koons128 
25Mical Dyck120 
26Laura Lorenza Morfin Ma Couzet110 
27Shannon Gibson105 
28Kaila Hart94 
29Kelsy Bingham90 
30Sarah Maile85 
31Jenna Rinehart80 
32Erica Tingey70 
33Deyanira Guerrero69 
34Abby Strigel60 
35Laura Bietola55 
36Bryna Blanchard55 
37Rebecca Rusch50 
38Catherine Vipond45 
39Aleksandra Mooradian35 
40Susan Stephens35 
41Susan Butler30 
42Kim Eppen28 
43Danelle Kabush28 
44Kristina Laforge26 
45Melanie Colavito24 
46Alice Pennington24 
47Meghan Korol22 
48Lisa Krayer20 
49Rebecca Beaumont20 
50Brandi Heisterman18 
51Maren Cosens16 
52Susan Juedes14 
53Rebecca Blatt12 
54Caroline Mani10 
55Anna Fortner9 
56Caley Brooks8 
57Laura Winberry7 

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