Bischof launches Bischibikes

Mountain bike pro creates his own line of bikes

Professional mountain bike racer Christof Bischof has launched a new line of bicycles. The 31-year-old pro will race for his own Bischibikes team on his new rigs throughout 2010.

Putting together the line of bikes wasn't just a personal challenge for Bischof, but racing them will also test the bikes and help prove their durability to potential customers.

Bischof is expected to represent his self-developed Bischibikes squad at the upcoming World Cups and other national and international races.

In 2009, the Swiss rider won races like the Cross Wangen, the Alanya Race and stage two of the Hexagonal Tour VTT. He's also won the ISD-Cup Donetsk, the Strovolos Race and the Vasilitsa race in 2008.

Bischibikes can be individually tailored to each customer, who can select components as well as influence their new bike's design, thereby making each bike unique.  Road bikes and hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes are part of the line-up detailed on the company's website.

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