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UCI Congress declines to vote on election amendment

Pat McQuaid was all smiles

Pat McQuaid was all smiles (Image credit: Alberto Brevers)

The tension over the procedures to elect the next UCI president were apparent as the UCI Congress delegates gathered in the Palazzo Vecchio, with those who have already declared themselves to be behind Pat McQuaid engaging in procedural debates with those backing Brian Cookson.

The first order of interest was the proposed amendments to the UCI constitution coming from Barbados and Turkey which would automatically allow an incumbent president to stand for re-election, but the debate was blocked.

The block came courtesy of Oceania confederation delegate Richard Leggat, who objected to the idea that a new amendment could be put into effect immediately without them being given proper time to debate the proposal with the national federations. He put forth a motion for the delegates to vote on whether the congress would decide on the amendment today, but there was not a majority agreement, and the amendments will not be considered this year.

The decision put one more obstacle in front of Pat McQuaid's ability to stand for re-election, with the somewhat vague language of the article detailing that the "federation of the candidate" should put forth his or her nomination.

McQuaid's native country of Ireland, and his country of residence Switzerland, have both withdrawn his nomination, leaving him to rely upon a novel interpretation of this article which would allow honorary membership in the Moroccan and Thailand federations to form a valid nomination.