McDonald wins Division 1 men's collegiate title

Western Washington University riders go one-two with Fisher, Wetzel in Division 2

Zach McDonald (University of Washington-Seattle) placed second in the previous day's Under 23 men's category but got his redemption with a victory during the Collegiate Division 1 men's race. He used his superb technical skills to float over the soupy mud eight-seconds head of Chris Hurst (University of Colorado-Boulder) in second place. Bradford Perley (Lees-McRae College) finished in third five seconds later.

"It's nice to win this jersey after a disappointing ride yesterday," said McDonald who contested most of the race along side Eric Thompson (Lees-McRae College) until he broke his derailleur. "I wanted to show up and stay calm and ride my own race. I set a tempo and tried to motor it out.

"It worked out but unfortunately Eric snapped his derailleur off and no one wants to win that way. I feel really bad for him because he was riding great and sticking to my wheel the whole time. I thought it was going to be a really fun last couple of laps but unfortunately he had bad luck."

Steve Fisher (Western Washington University) concluded the Collegiate category racing with a victory in the men's Division 2 event. He out-sprinted his all-day race companion and teammate Logan Wetzel, who placed second. Ryan Leech (Savannah College of Art & Design) rounded out the podium in third place.

"This is awesome because it's my third year as a collegiate racer and I've gotten third, second and now first, it's a great feeling," Fisher said. "I've had a rough season and it's awesome to put one good ride together and make it happen. Logan and I have been racing together for a long time and I think we teach each other things. I just got to the last corner first."

Full Results

Men Division 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zach McDonald (University Of Washington-Seattle)0:41:30 
2Chris Hurst (University Of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:08 
3Bradford Perley (Lees-Mcrae College)0:00:13 
4Braden Kappius (University Of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:44 
5Eric Thompson (Lees-Mcrae College)0:00:49 
6Colton Andersen (Fort Lewis College)0:01:06 
7Eric Emsky (Fort Lewis College)0:01:41 
8Brian Sheedy (Lees-Mcrae College)0:01:50 
9Rotem Ishay (Fort Lewis College)0:02:09 
10Jack Hinkens (Fort Lewis College)0:02:42 
11Clayton Omer (Appalachian State University)0:03:08 
12Lucas Perez (Fort Lewis College)0:03:32 
13Brendan Shafer (Fort Lewis College)0:03:38 
14Chris Jackson (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:03:47 
15Adam Leibovitz (Marian University)0:03:52 
16Alder Martz (Marian University)0:03:58 
17Christopher Hamlin (University Of Vermont)0:04:04 
18Patrick Bradley (Rutgers University-New Brunswick)0:04:32 
19Kerry Werner (Lees-Mcrae College)0:04:33 
20Gregory Carpenter (Fort Lewis College)0:04:41 
21Alex Ryan (Appalachian State University)0:04:59 
22Weston Luzadder (Marian University)0:05:12 
23Jordan Gillespie (Lees-Mcrae College)0:05:21 
24Christopher Bogedin (Lindsey Wilson College)0:05:47 
25Robert Dahl (University Of California-Berkeley)0:05:56 
26Stefan Swecker (Lindsey Wilson College)0:06:02 
27Joseph Welsh (Lees-Mcrae College)0:06:24 
28Kip Spaude (Lindsey Wilson College)0:06:54 
29Reid Beloni (Appalachian State University)0:07:01 
30Christopher Dale (Lees-Mcrae College)0:07:03 
31Charles Thompson (Rutgers University-New Brunswick)0:07:16 
32Zeb King (Appalachian State University)0:07:22 
33Ryan Cleveland (Fort Lewis College)  
34Joshua Nagode (Lindsey Wilson College)0:07:23 
35John Herrick (University Of Vermont)0:07:29 
36Johnathan Freter (Lindsey Wilson College)0:07:59 
37Matthew Dooley (Lindsey Wilson College)0:08:00 
38Kyle Shour (University Of New Mexico)  
39Matthew Mainer (University Of Vermont)0:08:33 
40Joseph Kukolla (Marian University)0:08:54 
41David Stroot (Lindenwood University)0:08:55 
42Blair Bronson (Oregon State University)0:08:58 
43Matthew Bathe (Rutgers University-New Brunswick)0:09:22 
44Sean Sevilla (University Of California-Berkeley)0:09:24 
45Evan Schmitt (University Of Washington-Seattle)0:09:45 
-1lapDaniel Williams (Lindenwood University)  
-1lapJustin Evans (Appalachian State University)  
-1lapPeter Deucher (Marian University)  
-1lapRussell Williford (Oregon State University)  
-1lapPat Terry (Utah Valley University)  
-1lapKendal Johnson (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)  
-1lapBrendan Lehman (University Of California-Santa Cruz)  
-1lapJoseph Johnson (Utah Valley University)  
-1lapJake Zimmerman (Lindsey Wilson College)  
-1lapBrandon Feehery (Lindenwood University)  
-1lapAdam Looney (University Of Wyoming)  
-1lapKent Newman (University Of California-Berkeley)  
-1lapDavid Yohe (Marian University)  
-1lapBenjamin Grier (Clemson University)  
-1lapTaylor Ladd (Lindsey Wilson College)  
-3lapsMatthew Wilson (Utah Valley University)  
-3lapsJames Stout (University Of California-San Diego)  
-3lapsSean-Ross McCoy (Lees-Mcrae College)  
-3lapsColin Smith (Clemson University)  
-3lapsTravis Finan (Lindenwood University)  
-3lapsIsaiah Newkirk (Marian University)  
DNSJustin Burstein (Stanford University)  
Men Division 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steve Fisher (Western Washington University)0:42:56 
2Logan Wetzel (Western Washington University)0:00:02 
3Ryan Leech (Savannah College Of Art & Design)0:00:59 
4Conor Mullervy (Mesa State College)0:01:30 
5Kevin Mullervy (Mesa State College)0:01:48 
6Matthew Obregon (California State University-Sacramento)0:02:59 
7Richard Geng (Mesa State College)0:03:13 
8Ian Crane (Western Washington University)  
9Brent Poole (Central Oregon Community College)0:03:21 
10Matthew Willing (Mars Hill College)0:03:43 
11Patric Rostel (Mesa State College)0:04:09 
12Adam Miller (Colorado College)0:04:18 
13Benjamin Dodge0:04:34 
14Kyle Knott (Mars Hill College)0:04:39 
15Brian Jorgensen (Central Oregon Community College)0:04:40 
16Benjamin Rathkamp (Western Washington University)0:04:57 
17Alejandro Padilla (Cumberland University)0:04:59 
18Tim Janson (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)0:05:00 
19Cimarron Wortham (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology)0:05:06 
20Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill College)0:05:08 
21Logan Luker (Cumberland University)0:05:17 
22Paul Webb (Mars Hill College)0:05:47 
23Benjamin Salibra (Cumberland University)0:05:57 
24Christopher Mondiek (Rochester Institute Of Technology)0:06:40 
25Connor McCutcheon (Central Oregon Community College)0:06:59 
26William Palm (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology)0:07:03 
27Jeremy Chambers (Cumberland University)0:07:58 
28Dan Ipp (Rochester Institute Of Technology)0:08:34 
29James McCabe (Wake Forest University)0:08:48 
30Andrew Lysaght (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology)0:09:11 
31Austin Jones (Wake Forest University)0:09:54 
-1lapSamuel Phillips (Mesa State College)  
-1lapZachary LaBry (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology)  
-1lapPatrick Dunn (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)  
-1lapKyle Curtin (Pacific Lutheran University)  
-1lapJohn Wofford (Wake Forest University)  
-2lapsChris Lowe (Wake Forest University)  
-2lapsMatthew Warbrick (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)  
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