Scheldeprijs 2011

April 6, 2011, Antwerp, Belgium, Road - 1.HC

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Benson

Hello and welcome to CN's live coverage from Scheldeprijs.

  1. 79km remaining from 200km

    13:17:16 GMT

    Lets bring you up to date with all the action we've had so far. Eh... .we'll we've got a break up the road.

    David Boucher (Omega Pharma-Lotto), Baptiste Planckaert (Landbouwkrediet), Dieter Cappelle (Veranda's Willems), Adriano Malori (Lampre-ISD) and Vladimir Isaychev (Katusha)

    Peloton at 2:20

  2. 13:19:15 GMT

    The five riders broke away after less than 10km into today's racing. They've got a lead of 2.37 at the moment. Chances are, as we all know, they'll be reeled in, in the closing kms  and we'll have a sprint.

    But credit to them for trying.

  3. 13:24:05 GMT

    Eisel at the back of the bunch with a puncture but the HTC rider will make it back on without too much trouble.

  4. 13:26:34 GMT

    Double winner Mark Cavendish (HTC-Highroad) tops the billing, and with a full complement of sprinters and a spread of cohesive teams on hand too, the opportunists will have their work cut out to upset the applecart.

  5. 13:27:04 GMT

    Cavendish makes his first appearance in the race since the second of his consecutive victories in 2008. After a crash prevented him from contesting the bunch finish in Gent-Wevelgem, he will certainly not be lacking in motivation here. The Manxman has been struggling for form so far this season, with just one victory to his name, but he finished Sunday’s Tour of Flanders in good shape and is fancied to take the spoils.

  6. 13:28:56 GMT

    Cav's big rival for today could be Tyler Farrar. The American isn't having a bad classics season and has two podium places to his name. As the defending champion he comes here with his own high expectations. you can watch a video interview with him here.

  7. 13:31:13 GMT

    The garmin boys are at the back of the bunch at the moment though,  but they've got plenty of time to come to the front. Haussler's there, smiling away.

  8. 13:33:50 GMT

    Garmin has moved one man to the front and he joins HTC and NetApp on the front. The gap still holding at 2.29
  9. 13:41:59 GMT

    62 kilometres of racing left and the break are still plugging away. Not much effort coming from the bunch at the moment but they've got plenty more kms to react.

  10. 13:42:54 GMT

    Rabobank send a rider to the front, to help garmin and HTC with the chase. They've got Bos for today and he could certainly do well if the race comes down to a sprint.

  11. 13:43:55 GMT

    But there's a crash. Lang is down and so is Labbe. the Lotto rider is back up but Labbe is still down on the deck .

  12. 13:47:52 GMT

    Susan here, jumping in for Dan who is having some technical problems.

  13. 57km remaining from 200km

    13:50:17 GMT

    57km and our leaders still have more than two minutes.  Tom Boonen has just been spending quite a bit of time back at the team car, by the way.

  14. 13:51:10 GMT

    And that is because Boonen was involved in that crash -- we even saw blood on his knee!  So he went to visit the team and race doctor's cars.

  15. 13:53:01 GMT

    Looks like Boonen is back up where he belongs, and now gets in a chat with a Lotto rider who pats him on the shoulder.

  16. 54km remaining from 200km

    13:54:49 GMT

    The gap is coming down now, and is below two minutes.  A Garmin rider leads the chase, followed by someone from NetApp.

  17. 13:55:53 GMT

    wo riders try to make a dash for it out of the field:  one form Euskaltel and one whose jersey we can't quite place.....

  18. 13:57:30 GMT

    Pablo Urtuzan of Euskaltel, and Damien Gauden of Europcar are the two trying their luck.

  19. 13:59:03 GMT

    The duo now has about 10 seconds on the field.

  20. 14:01:07 GMT

    Three more laps of this course to go!

    'And a puncture for Belgian champ Stijn Devolder.

  21. 14:02:54 GMT

    The EUskaltel rider was actually Pierre Cazaux, but he is back in the field now and Gaudien is alone in front by a few metres.

  22. 47km remaining from 200km

    14:03:22 GMT

    Devolder gave furious chase and has now caught up again.

  23. 14:05:21 GMT

    Only 1:22 now, with Gaudien still with a tiny lead.

  24. 14:06:55 GMT

    That was it for Gaudien.  Rabobank leads the field around him.

  25. 42km remaining from 200km

    14:10:04 GMT

    The gap is just over a minute now.  Have we mentioned that is an absolutely gorgeous warm sunny day?

  26. 14:10:44 GMT

    Looks like HTC's Leigh Howard is superstitious.  He has race number 13, and has pinned it on upside down.

  27. 14:13:02 GMT

    And it is on to the cobblestones for the peloton -- 1700 metres of them right now, with Leopard Trek bumping along in the lead.

  28. 14:13:42 GMT

    Someone from Lampre just paid the price -- a puncture.

  29. 39km remaining from 200km

    14:14:56 GMT

    Once again the field turns to ride along the Albert Canal.

  30. 35km remaining from 200km

    14:20:02 GMT

    38 seconds now, and HTC-HIghroad is at the head of the chase.  Who on earth could they be riding for.....

  31. 14:21:42 GMT

    The five leaders sure aren't giving up, even though their lead is melting away.

  32. 14:23:09 GMT

    Two more laps to go as the leaders cross the finish line with a gap of only 31 seconds.

  33. 14:25:04 GMT

    Rabobank, HTC, Rabobank, Leopard -- that is the front  of the field.

  34. 14:25:59 GMT

    Duh, not Leopard, but Garmin-Cervelo.  Too many black jerseys in the field this year!

  35. 14:26:58 GMT

    And a big crash in the middle of the field!

  36. 14:27:48 GMT

    A numbr of Quick Step riders involved.  And someone from Acqua e Sapone is sitting holding his shoulder in a bad way.

  37. 14:28:22 GMT

    Boonen was in there, but is going again. 

  38. 28km remaining from 200km

    14:28:54 GMT

    Andreas Klier is pulling the peloton along in his wake.

  39. 14:30:42 GMT

    The injured rider was Rafai Chtioui. We don't expect to see him ride further.

  40. 14:31:39 GMT

    Boonen has now managed to bang up both his right elbow and knee.  Ouch.  He is in a small group which is approaching the peloton again.

  41. 25km remaining from 200km

    14:33:08 GMT

    The leading quintet is gamely hanging on to a 23 second lead, as it heads on to that cobbled section.

  42. 14:34:38 GMT

    Boucher takes off out of the lead group, as the gap drops to 11 seconds.

  43. 14:35:20 GMT

    Malori goes with him.

  44. 14:35:58 GMT

    The other three are caught and the two leaders know they will be within a few seconds also.

  45. 22km remaining from 200km

    14:36:27 GMT

    Malori gives it anothr go, as Boucher gives in to his fate.

  46. 14:37:38 GMT

    Once again it is HTC at the head of the field.

  47. 21km remaining from 200km

    14:38:43 GMT

    And that's it.  The escape is over.   HTC-HIghroad leads the field right around the Italian.

  48. 14:39:28 GMT

    We go into the final 20km with a large group.  So large, in fact, that a handful of riders have chosen to ride on the bike lanes.

  49. 14:40:14 GMT

    Looks like Saxo Bank has now moved up ahead of HTC.  Meanwhile, Greg Henderson of Sky pays a quick visit to the team car.

  50. 14:41:56 GMT

    Now Dominik Klemme pops back to the Leopard Trek team car to catch up on the latest gossip.  Or whatever.

  51. 14:42:33 GMT

    Well, it is nice that everyone is taking a turn doing the lead work.  Now it is RadioShack.

  52. 14:43:14 GMT

    And they approach the finish line for the penultimate time!

  53. 14:44:01 GMT

    One more lap!  Which one of these speedy sprinters will be the first over the line the next time around?

  54. 13km remaining from 200km

    14:48:40 GMT

    13km to go and everyone is all together. Which is no surprise, is it?


  55. 14:52:36 GMT

    We are within the last 10kms now.

  56. 14:53:40 GMT

    The World Champion is doing the lead work!  Thor Hushovd himself is at the head of the field.

  57. 14:54:45 GMT

    He was at the front, now he is at the back.  Hushovd has done his duty.

  58. 14:55:24 GMT

    Now it looks like Garmin-Cervelo and Leopard Trek at the front, with HTC HIghroad lurking in the background.

  59. 14:56:18 GMT

    And who else is back there keeping Hushovd compan?  Fabian Cancellara.  Or is this a special meeting of world champions?

  60. 14:57:22 GMT

    Omega Pharma-Lotto, Saxo Bank -- they are keeping the speed up!

  61. 14:57:56 GMT

    5km to go and they are riding along the canal again.

  62. 14:58:31 GMT

    Now Sky moves up to look for its chances.

  63. 14:59:15 GMT

    4km and the field is strung out single file.

  64. 14:59:51 GMT

    Sky and HTC at the head of things.

  65. 15:00:15 GMT

    Sky riders have pulled slightly away.

  66. 2km remaining from 200km

    15:01:06 GMT

    A katusha rider has joined them, ut they are now caught.

  67. 15:01:27 GMT

    Katusha keeps the pressure on.

  68. 15:02:17 GMT

    Last Km.  HTC opens the sprint, but falls A crash!

  69. 15:03:27 GMT

    Cavendish came back and took the win, but there was a crash several hundre etres before the finish line.  It was Farrar who went down, last year's winner.  He was near the front, so there wer somem pretty big gaps.

  70. 15:04:34 GMT

    Farrar is still sitting on the ground, and teammate Heinrich Haussler angrily waves the TV camera away.

  71. 15:05:19 GMT

    Farrar wasn't the only one who went down.  Severl guys crashed into the barrier, including we think, the Sky rider who took Farrar down.

  72. 15:06:08 GMT

    We now hear it was Wouter Weylandts of Sky who smashed into Farrar and cause him to crash and slide across the street.

  73. 15:06:40 GMT

    This is Cavendish' third win in this race.  In fact, his first win here was his first pro win ever.

  74. 15:08:32 GMT

    That was of course in 2007.  And he promptly fell off the podium, if we recall correctly.

  75. 15:09:39 GMT

    We don't have any word on whether Farrar was injured. 

  76. 15:11:24 GMT

    Another fine result for Denis Galimzyanov of Katusha, who finished second  Yauheni Hutarovich of FDJ fills out the podium in third place.

    That's it for us today. Thanks for reading along.  Be sure to join us again Sunday for Paris-Roubaix!

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