Armstrong wins Leadville

New record set despite finishing on a flat tire

Lance Armstrong  (Mellow Johnny's) won round two of the Leadville 100 battle with six-time winner Dave Wiens. Armstrong crossed the line solo, riding on a flat rear tire, on a sunny Saturday afternoon high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Racing for Mellow Johnny's, the seven-time Tour de France winner pedalled slowly against the resistance of his deflated tire across the red carpet leading uphill to the finish line, where spectators lined both sides of the road.

Wiens (Topeak Ergon) finished second, also riding on his own, approximately 25 minutes behind Armstrong. 

"I am beat.  I rode as hard as I could - a fantastic race.  Lance is fast," said Wiens to reporters gathered at the finish.  "This year's race was very different than last year's race."

"This year, Lance is coming off the Tour (de France).  Last year, Lance was coming off the couch," joked Wiens, who was happy with his second placed finish. It was soon after last year's Leadville race that Armstrong announced his return to professional cycling.

The Texan was slowed near the end by crowds who at times spilled onto the streets near the finish, but he'd worked earlier in the race to establish a very comfortable gap.

A group of leaders emerged early in the race, which started faster than previous years.  Matt Shriver (Fort Lewis College) was one rider setting the blistering pace for most of the first half of the race according to Wiens. Another was Travis Brown.  At about mile 40, Wiens suffered and dropped off the group.  Armstrong soon made his escape and rode more than half of the 100-mile event on his own in individual time trial mode.  Wiens worked his way up into a solid second-place finish.

Shriver rode strongly to finish third place.  After some time in fourth, he passed Alex Grant  after Grant crashed on the last downhill of the day.

Approximately 1,300 racers started the race at 5:45 am, just after it became light. They would have 12 hours to complete the event and earn an official time.

Race favorite Tinker Juarez abandoned the race after his seat clamp failed.  Two other favorites, Jeremiah Bishop and Levi Leipheimer, had to sit out the race due to injuries.

Specialized's Rebecca Rusch, who won the 24 hours of Adrenalin solo world championships at the end of July, was the fastest woman of the day in Leadville. She won with a time of 8:14:53, approximately one hour and 45 minutes behind Armstrong. Her time placed her in 30th overall among the men.

Amanda Carey finished 25 minutes behind Rusch for second place in the women's race.

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Wobbling across on a fully flatted rear, Lance Armstrong crossed the line in first, a new record of 6:28.

By the time Lance Armstrong cleared the first steep singletrack section, no other riders were visible on the horizon.

The moto riding must have helped Lance Armstrong tune up for the technical trail conditions.

Nearing the top of the tree line, Lance Armstrong keep the heat on - never dialing back the effort.

Lance Armstrong said after the race that the decision to go it alone was driven in part by the need to put in a big effort to warm up!

Despite a multi-minute lead, Lance Armstrong was constantly looking back afraid that Dave Wiens was coming up from behind.

Heading into the Columbine climb, Lance Armstrong was all alone about 1:30 ahead of the next closest rider.

You know Lance Armstrong is in the house when there is a helicopter following the Leadville 100!

Postcard scenery: Lance Armstrong powers along in the Leadville 100

Len Zanni, a training pal of Lance Armstrong from Aspen. He rounded out the top five.

Ft Lewis College racer Matt Shriver was an impressive third.

Despite pulling out with a bad seat clamp, Tinker Juarez was at the line to cheer on his fellow racers.

Dave Wiens' medal

After the event, Lance said that he'd like to be still racing Leadville when he is 50.

Post race inspection… FLAT.

Showing support, some crazed fans put "LA" in a huge Mt. Massive snow field.

The tire was going down…

Three Miles from the finish, the stress of a slowly leaking rear tire was showing on on Lance Armstrong's face.

Lance Armstrong said after the race that the decision to go it alone was driven in part by the need to put in a big effort to warm up!

Another concerned look, but no one was close.

1Lance Armstrong6:28:50 
2Dave Wiens0:28:11 
3Matt Shriver0:40:57 
4Alex Grant0:42:03 
5Len Zanni0:42:30 
6Max Taam0:48:05 
7Travis Brown0:53:14 
8Manuel Prado1:06:36 
9Mike Hogan1:06:44 
10Jason Tullous1:06:56 
11Eric Salstrand1:09:02 
12Stig Somme1:12:12 
13Kent Mcneill1:16:38 
14Ward Baker1:18:00 
15Ethan Passant1:19:07 
16Bryson Perry1:21:31 
17Kimo Seymour1:25:27 
18Yuki Saito1:28:52 
19Chris Holley1:30:41 
20Chuck Gibson1:32:15 
21Jake Rubelt1:32:16 
22Mathew Davis1:34:44 
23Bryan Alders1:35:05 
24Jim Lehman1:38:05 
25Gerry Cody, Jr.1:39:24 
26David Renvoise1:40:56 
27Charlie Hayes1:42:35 
28Jarral Ryter1:42:52 
29Ted Macblane1:45:50 
30Rebecca Rusch1:46:02 
31Jim Silverman1:46:45 
32Scott Mccalmon1:47:26 
33Nate Whitman1:50:00 
34Kervin Quinones1:50:16 
35Henry Fischer1:51:26 
36Marc Wimmer1:52:06 
37Cannon Shockley1:52:39 
38Jason Asay1:52:46 
39Mark Hershberger1:52:51 
40Jeff Wardell1:52:56 
41Steven Yore1:54:29 
42Daniel Sessford1:54:44 
43Garth Prosser1:54:57 
44Stewart Goodwin1:55:11 
45Rob Burgard1:57:43 
46Peter Butt1:58:07 
47Kevin Limpach2:00:21 
48Kevin Carter2:00:48 
49Jeffery Dickey2:01:04 
50Daniel Murray2:01:17 
51Thomas Dooley2:02:12 
52Gary Brown2:02:57 
53Andrew Reed2:04:11 
54Steven Harp2:04:49 
54Adam Pulford  
56Gabriel Keck2:05:01 
57Matt Ohran2:05:51 
58Mike Sutter2:06:40 
59Dan Dittmer2:07:55 
60Mark Gouge2:08:01 
61Mark Aasmundstad2:08:27 
62Peter Traylor2:09:06 
63Brandon Fisher2:09:56 
64Andrew Yates2:10:18 
65Mike Danaher2:11:01 
66Amanda Carey2:11:12 
67Lance Schamberger2:11:14 
68Brian Wiens2:11:28 
69Ryan Sutter2:11:35 
70Campbell Levy2:11:38 
71Tom Torrance2:12:16 
72Stan Magee2:12:17 
73Andy Reed2:12:20 
74Gary Holt2:13:09 
75Zeppelin Tittensor2:13:42 
76Dylan Netter2:14:01 
77Hank Campbell2:14:25 
78Mike Marolt2:14:35 
79David Bott2:14:48 
80Christopher Bellona2:14:57 
81Ty Hall2:15:29 
82Dan Knight2:15:46 
82Todd Murray  
84Brad Cobb2:16:24 
85Mike Young2:16:40 
86Larry Dewitt2:16:44 
87Jeff Rhodes2:16:45 
88Daniel Teodoru2:16:48 
89Troy Hiatt2:18:27 
90Wooch Graff2:18:36 
91Mark Landeck2:19:05 
92Tony Torrance2:19:10 
93Colby Waller2:19:17 
94Matt Luhn2:19:23 
95Brandon Smith2:19:50 
96Mike Maple2:19:53 
97Bill Herwig2:20:04 
98Kenny Jones2:20:11 
99Tim Difalco2:20:21 
100David Grant2:20:30 
101Mike Moher2:22:02 
102Eric Thompson2:22:03 
103Stephen Roberts2:22:06 
104Chris Latham2:22:38 
105Andy Mcsorley2:22:52 
106Matt Sniegowski2:22:56 
107Derik George2:23:05 
108Dejay Birtch2:23:22 
109Bryan Reid2:23:30 
110Bill Macfarlane2:23:37 
111Michael Miller2:23:39 
112Gerald Oliver2:23:45 
113Aaron Walker2:23:52 
114Michael Shea2:24:07 
115Jay Lewandowski2:24:12 
116Ryan Vanness2:25:30 
117Bryant Christensen2:26:44 
118Brandon Perry2:27:36 
119James Selman2:28:12 
120Ed Chauner2:28:23 
121Mike Best2:28:29 
122Zach Tittensor2:28:38 
123Marvin Sandoval2:28:43 
124Randy Guymer2:29:14 
125Blake Mourer2:29:44 
126Kc Holley2:30:29 
127Thomas Covington2:30:31 
128John Callahan2:31:03 
129Dan Durland2:31:12 
130Kirk Nordgren2:31:14 
131Mark Smith2:31:24 
132David Walker2:31:36 
133Matt Maienza2:32:47 
134Michael Archibeck2:33:23 
135Richard Grabarits2:33:36 
136Steve Butler2:33:52 
137Brian Riebe2:34:23 
138Bryan Bunch2:35:41 
139Robert Mcgee2:36:37 
140Terry Wickland2:37:09 
141Ryan Hamilton2:38:09 
142Rad Szulim2:39:03 
143Andy Fox2:42:20 
144Will Lewis2:42:22 
145Mike Mchargue2:42:46 
146Rick Sunderlage2:43:11 
147Ron Castia2:43:14 
148Conrad Guymon2:43:24 
149Michael Scheuller2:43:38 
150Garland Thayer2:44:02 
151Adam Weaver2:44:44 
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153Steve Marolt2:45:39 
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156Dennis Barrett2:45:50 
157Bobby Noyes2:46:57 
158Wayne Gorry2:47:13 
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161Daniel Soderlind2:48:36 
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193Todd Robison  
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269Mark Stallone3:18:04 
270Vince Adams3:18:14 
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270Tony Parkinson  
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441Jerry Mensinger  
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443Laurie Brandt3:59:46 
444Jordon Chaney4:00:00 
445Shad Hamilton4:00:29 
446Robert Reader  
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448Tommy Robles4:01:15 
449Charles Van Atta4:01:19 
450Michael Winegar  
451Racer Gibson4:01:47 
452Bob Kelder4:02:13 
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490Daniel Shaffer4:08:09 
491Ellen Guthrie4:08:15 
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499Mimi Mather4:10:23 
500Joey Roa4:11:04 
501Craig Dalton4:11:08 
502Kevin Spinelli  
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513Mark Koenig4:13:38 
514Al Iverson4:13:52 
515Thomas Kubicek4:14:13 
516Roger Mankus4:14:31 
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519Stuart Rose4:14:50 
520Bethany Elson4:14:51 
521Joe Caslin4:14:53 
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523Jeff Griffo4:14:57 
524David Sammeth4:15:05 
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526Shelly Wilson4:15:50 
527Stuart Dupuy4:15:55 
528Kevin Grafft4:15:56 
529Derek Scott4:16:07 
530Ralph Miller4:16:16 
531Tim Krantz4:16:25 
532Kathy Hudson4:16:31 
533Jay Rapson4:16:39 
534Ed Poremba4:16:41 
535Robert Larson4:16:42 
536Boyd Wallace4:17:03 
537Lindsay Hyman4:17:08 
538Brian Davies4:17:32 
539Scott Hendricks4:17:35 
540Felix Leung4:18:00 
541John Roy4:18:07 
542Darren Wiberg4:18:11 
543Stuart Mann4:18:36 
544Jim Olander4:18:40 
545Rebecca Sauber4:19:03 
546Randy Bowman4:19:18 
547Brian Buelow4:19:19 
548Brad Mullen4:19:35 
549James Bleakley4:19:38 
550Warner & Warner4:19:40 
551Kim Bear4:19:44 
552Nate Kvamme4:20:38 
553Christine Irelan4:20:52 
554Jim Gibson4:20:57 
555Shawn Gillis  
556Joseph Wilson4:21:13 
557Ozzie Ramos4:21:14 
558Patrick Kline4:21:19 
559John Spranger  
560Patrick Mckim4:21:25 
561Cal Neske4:21:36 
562Bill Heder4:21:42 
563Mike Hembd4:21:49 
564Stephen Howard4:21:52 
565Bob Heinzen4:22:05 
566Mike Derrick4:22:15 
567Robert Coreale4:22:21 
568Ryan Fish4:22:53 
569Charles Parsons4:23:00 
570Craig Marotz4:23:13 
571Aron Langley4:23:21 
572Kevin Hughes4:23:27 
573Paul Bosworth4:23:37 
574Scott Mcmillian4:24:10 
575Bill Darrah4:24:24 
576Greg Carlisle4:24:28 
577Beto Boggiano4:24:31 
578Kevin Weber4:24:40 
579Ted Gutshall4:24:46 
580Lance Edney4:24:50 
581Jamie Harris4:25:10 
582Paul Foley4:25:34 
583Lance Pope4:25:44 
584Tom Campbell4:26:02 
585Max Hagan  
586Jeff Hollansworth4:26:21 
587Michelle Torres4:26:33 
588Jeffrey Leenhouts4:26:40 
589Brad Stratton4:26:47 
590Jeff Kuehn4:27:14 
591Mark Flanagan4:27:26 
592John Mathias4:27:39 
593Heath Weisbrod4:28:18 
594Carl Lindstrom4:28:21 
595Chad Rathbone  
596Lee Cannon4:29:51 
597Trenton Smith4:30:28 
598Rob Ganger4:30:32 
599Jason Linder4:30:47 
600Thomas Karren4:31:03 
601Mike Aguiar4:31:14 
602Morison Hall4:31:23 
603Michael Stultz4:31:30 
604Charles Bisantz4:31:37 
605Bob Seebohar4:32:12 
606Drew Dokken4:32:19 
607John Harrington4:32:22 
608Scott Newman4:32:58 
609Matthew Allen4:33:02 
610Chad Allred4:33:07 
611Jocke Draekes4:33:11 
612Kevin Silsby4:33:23 
613John Odle4:33:51 
614Marty Smuin4:33:55 
615Steve Wenzel4:34:01 
616Mike Ebhert4:34:33 
617Jason Foa4:35:07 
618Bob Scanlon4:35:17 
619Hill Abell  
620James Snyder4:35:19 
621Bob Andrews4:35:24 
622Aaron Foreman4:35:49 
623Christopher Bell4:35:53 
624Larry Tucker4:36:02 
625Jason Kleweno4:36:18 
626Jo Campbell4:36:20 
627Ted Evans4:36:21 
628Daniel Ward4:36:28 
629Tom Politzer4:36:42 
630Cyndi Hollister  
631Bob Reilly4:37:11 
632Justin Miller4:37:22 
633Andrew Johann4:37:24 
634Ron Philley4:37:30 
635Aaron Tomasi4:37:46 
636Craig Westwood4:38:00 
637Grant Braasch4:38:13 
638Bob Bawn4:38:17 
639David Buchler4:38:19 
640Julie Conner4:38:34 
641Jenn Dice4:38:35 
642Mark Krasovich4:38:55 
643Robert Longenecker4:38:59 
644Robert Crouch4:39:05 
645Julie Bruckman4:39:24 
645Kathy Eckert  
647Rebecca Cleveland4:39:42 
648Kevin Suggs4:39:54 
649Kathy Derrick4:40:10 
650Brad Cason4:40:21 
651Michael Mcceney4:40:42 
652Kent Smith4:41:09 
653Scott Summey4:41:39 
654Stuart Edgerly4:41:40 
655Brandon Gaudres4:41:48 
656David Wilson4:41:59 
657Darryl Lawrence4:42:03 
658Mike Davis4:42:07 
659Joe Collins4:42:10 
660Timothy Bishop4:42:21 
661Jeff Amsden4:42:24 
662Jeni Windorski  
663Tom Sullivan4:42:38 
664Mark Rotman4:42:48 
665Deanna Greco4:43:30 
666Keith Grimes4:43:37 
667Montgomery Willson4:43:57 
668Bryan Anderson4:43:59 
669Dan Dwyer4:44:30 
670Jamie Malin4:44:35 
671Timothy Ackerman  
672Erlinda Stafford4:44:40 
673Keith Simmons4:45:18 
674Hirsch & Hirsch4:45:22 
675Chris Cohan4:45:39 
676Karen Ortiz4:46:14 
677Matthew Engen4:46:27 
678Jeffrey Sillik4:46:39 
679Jon Kolon4:46:50 
680Timothy Schultz4:46:54 
681David Hauck4:46:58 
682Scott Greenwood4:47:10 
683Patti Schmidt-Iverson4:47:42 
684Robert Fisher4:47:55 
685Charles Bybee4:48:00 
686Matt Powelka4:48:35 
687Frederick Long4:48:49 
688Paul Laur4:48:55 
689Amos Schwartzfarb4:48:58 
690Charles Stone IV4:49:03 
691Charlie Brown4:49:05 
692Mike Will4:49:14 
693John Bodhane4:49:28 
694Alexis Jones4:50:20 
695Nathan Turner4:50:31 
696Schuster & Wagner4:50:38 
697Kara Durland4:50:43 
698Stephen Wassinger4:50:46 
699Timothy Stamp4:50:47 
700Craig Parker4:50:49 
701Aron Mason4:50:54 
702Scott Hoelscher4:51:01 
703Ray Ward4:51:03 
704Ken Zylstra III4:51:07 
705Bahram Akradi  
706Brandon Holton4:51:22 
707Mark Wolff4:51:42 
708Michael Brisoce4:52:06 
709Chris Kunstadt4:52:16 
710Michael Ramseier4:52:30 
711Harlan Smith4:52:32 
712Evan Miller4:52:34 
713Kevan Millstein4:52:35 
714Gary Carollo4:53:03 
715Robert Broomfield4:53:09 
716David Baker4:53:26 
717Michael Rossi4:53:31 
718James Lais4:53:39 
719Chas Ryan4:53:58 
720James Vanness4:54:20 
721Jim Easton4:54:23 
722Donnie Mcgean4:54:32 
723Bob Gross4:54:33 
724Orlinski & Orlinski4:54:37 
725Thomas Maino4:54:43 
726Barbara Schultz4:54:48 
727Blake Ward4:55:03 
728Adam Pemberton4:55:28 
729Arlyn Asch4:55:33 
730Matthew Culp4:55:40 
731Corbett Mortensen4:55:51 
732Gary Albert4:55:59 
733Jeff Surnow4:56:01 
734Jason Keller4:56:17 
735John Lakoski4:56:19 
736David Sumida4:56:45 
737Robert Smith4:56:58 
738Scott Morgan4:57:03 
739Steve Jones4:57:18 
740Thomas Singleton4:57:20 
741Kim Pardoe4:57:25 
742Ricardo Zubieta4:57:44 
743Mark Chapin4:58:00 
744Brent Bush4:58:25 
745Stanley Larrabee4:59:18 
746Robert Pogorelz4:59:27 
747Amy Owens4:59:39 
748Richard Labonville4:59:42 
749Larry Chapa4:59:56 
750Joseph Gagnon5:00:05 
751Tim Patten  
752Erick Whittier5:00:09 
753Eric Cracraft5:00:33 
754Scott Ledbetter5:00:39 
755Sarah Marcikonis5:00:42 
756John Mahon5:00:56 
757Joanne Morrow5:00:57 
758Jamie Cleveland5:01:03 
759Martin Morud5:01:17 
760Jason Schuster5:01:24 
761Jack Christian5:01:32 
762Mike Quigley5:01:38 
763Tim Travis5:01:39 
764Colin Catel5:01:54 
765Eric Brooks  
766Andrea Skalsky5:01:56 
767Ted Warm5:02:04 
768Adam Brates5:02:10 
769Alexander Euceda5:02:12 
770Thori Wolfe5:02:14 
771Brian Sells  
772Chris Karpowicz5:02:23 
773Bob Cross5:02:49 
774Patrick Costin5:03:00 
775John Lewis5:03:22 
776Chris Patrick5:03:36 
777Derick Levy5:03:42 
778Eric Pence^5:04:48 
779Judy Allen5:05:07 
780Brian Eason5:05:11 
781Frank Toney5:05:18 
782Dan Fillipi5:05:49 
783Paul Karlsson5:06:02 
784Martin Izakovic5:06:08 
785Robby Ketchell5:06:16 
786Amy Wood5:06:32 
787Carol Lawhon5:06:48 
788Mark Falloon5:07:04 
789Brandon Fish5:07:06 
790Jonathan Romo5:07:14 
791Perry Braun5:07:47 
792Kurt Hellweg5:07:48 
793Carey Manson5:07:53 
794Voytek Bobak5:08:34 
795Josh Pearson5:08:36 
796Cathy Bergin5:08:42 
797Linde Smith5:09:12 
798Beth Steen5:09:13 
799John Alfond5:09:15 
800Nathan Corbin5:09:36 
801David Bednar5:10:02 
802Steve Riley5:10:05 
803Russell Herring5:10:07 
804Marcus Mancini5:10:16 
805James Gracey5:10:47 
806Kimberly Levin5:10:49 
807James Munafo5:11:02 
808David Campbell5:11:14 
809David Mazeika5:11:30 
810Greg Scothern5:11:32 
811Ken Overk5:11:35 
812Maria Perez5:11:50 
813Greg Novacek5:12:01 
814Mick Donoff5:12:09 
815William Wenmark5:12:10 
816Nancy Gray5:12:41 
817Michael Deignan5:12:52 
818Aaron Dawson5:13:00 
819Tagg Rogers5:13:03 
820Roy Trice5:13:10 
821Gary Werning5:13:15 
822Michael Vlamis5:13:31 
823James Davis5:13:49 
824Russell Stover5:14:45 
825Jessica Niles5:15:09 
826Eric Pringle5:15:26 
827Mark Wallace5:15:27 
828Thomas Armstrong5:16:02 
829Dale Earixson5:16:37 
830John Greco  
831Ben Wallace5:17:01 
832Jon Mcneill5:17:46 
833William Anderson5:17:47 
834Jesse Tibbetts5:17:53 
835Rich Bradfield5:17:57 
835Rick Winberg  
837Zachary Adler5:17:58 
838Earl Walker5:18:13 
839Mike Gruber5:18:19 
840Zella Brockbank5:18:31 
841Lorrie Fulkerson5:19:02 
842Art Fleming5:19:11 
843Jeff Brown5:19:28 
844Jason Lau5:19:31 
845Chris Bryce5:19:39 
846Jarret Kinder5:19:50 
847Curt Prewitt5:20:38 
848Drake Ryman5:21:48 
849Martin Palacios5:22:05 
850Michael Cowley5:22:06 
851Tom Flowers5:22:08 
852James Storm5:22:16 
853Steven Donchey5:22:43 
854Mike Sinyard5:22:46 
855Pierce Norton5:22:49 
856Bill Farrett5:23:07 
857Geoffrey Clark5:23:19 
858Taylor Essick5:23:57 
859Kathleen Vedock5:24:03 
860Curtis Labounty5:24:29 
861Patrick Henry5:24:47 
862Scott Giffin5:24:50 
863Bradley Hannig5:25:35 
864Bill Blankenship5:25:36 
865Kevin Ratcliff5:25:37 
866Julee Plummer5:26:12 
867Heather Stallion5:26:27 
868Keith Edney5:26:28 
869Becky Lampit5:26:29 
870Larry Swanson5:26:33 
871Bill Steen5:26:44 
872John Hankins5:26:51 
873Lionel Bony5:26:55 
874Todd Stevenson5:26:57 
875Paul Marabito5:27:22 
876David Caton5:27:23 
877Will Williams5:27:29 
878Ryan Weishaar5:27:37 
879Brandon Lee5:27:44 
880Scott Hudson5:27:46 
881John Hill5:28:18 
882Les Schafer5:29:01 
883Dan Deruyter5:29:30 
884Hal Russell5:29:36 
885Reid Delman5:29:46 
886Jason Nepp5:30:08 
887James Rusk5:30:32 
888Andrew Combs5:30:44 
889Andy Fischer5:31:53 
890Stephen Clark5:31:54 
891Jeff Jaraczeski5:32:08 
892Derron Tanner5:32:10 
893Elwyn Owen5:32:19 
894Calvin Horn5:32:21 
895Glade Weiser5:32:31 
896David Bickham5:32:37 
897Jeff Boyd5:33:15 
898Brown & Johnson5:35:17 
899David Wickland5:35:56 
900Samuel Wellman5:36:11 
901Doug Kauffman5:38:23 
902James Maaske5:39:33 
903Scott Van Wagoner5:40:40 
904Fabiano Nyenhuis5:41:43 
905Scott Miller5:42:49 
906Randy Silva5:43:06 
907Kristin Riley-Lazo5:43:13 
908Christopher Trevelise5:43:29 
909Donielle Nyland5:43:53 
910Blake Appleby5:45:20 
911Emmy Monahan5:45:23 
912Gary Myers5:45:30 
913Greg Paul5:46:35 
914Devora Peterson5:48:07 
915Jeremy Layer5:49:51 
916Tim Check5:50:10 
917Aaron Pidde5:51:06 
918Tom Murphy5:51:58 
919Bryan Mahan5:52:19 
920Jeremy Tyson5:52:51 
921Ryan Rimbert5:53:14 
922Damian Vest5:55:00 
923Barbie Miller5:55:19 
924Steve Miller5:55:48 
925Scott Carlson5:56:06 
926Kurt Holt5:58:00 
927Richard Long5:59:11 
928Steve Carter5:59:27 
929Robert Tuma5:59:51 
930Jason Daniels6:01:14 
931Bobbi Bensman6:02:37 
932Lonnie Vogan6:03:16 
933Christy Lindh6:03:33 
934Joe Rusk6:03:37 
935Kate Prusack6:03:51 
936Chris Davis6:04:17 
937Rich Ingersell6:04:46 
938James Thompson6:05:11 
939Shane Osguthorpe6:05:34 
940Scott Ryman6:06:00 
941Bob Anderson6:07:23 
942Almo Cattani6:07:41 
943Michael Birch6:08:24 
944Henry Clinton  
945Benjamin Johnson6:08:54 
946Shawn Lyonsmith6:09:23 
947Bill Straw6:09:35 
948Morris Wheeler6:10:22 
949Riley Tucker6:11:14 
950Alan Bridge6:11:37 
951Robert Trujillo6:12:03 
952Tom Himmelrich6:13:11 
953Doug Kruesi6:13:18 
954Jessica Kovarik6:15:45 
955Brad Prescott6:15:59 
956Derrick Huner6:17:52 
957Sam Blair6:17:56 
958Michael Hudson6:18:57 
959Doyce Johnson6:20:32 
960Beverly Smith6:23:16 
961Gary Behlen6:23:32 
962David Torres6:23:59 
963Bobby Lewis6:24:54 
964Annemarie Wall6:25:24 
965Phil Smith6:26:07 
966Joel Nashett6:26:22 
967Joshua Hoblet6:26:51 
968Don Cunnane6:27:29 
969Kevin Hall6:27:58 
970Charles Mabry6:28:15 
971Bob Theodore6:30:32 
972Grant Harrison6:39:31 
973Nate Rex6:41:31 
DNFErol Ackdoe  
DNFJason Amadori  
DNFJack Apple  
DNFAlan Arellano  
DNFJeff Armstrong  
DNFJohn Ashworth  
DNFPaul Atkinson  
DNFBrandon Banks  
DNFEdward Barker  
DNFChad Barsness  
DNFBrent Bell  
DNFAdam Bennett  
DNFJeff Bennett  
DNFJeremy Bergmann  
DNFScott Bertelsmeyer  
DNFBryan Bevel  
DNFChuck Bittman  
DNFJeff Blom  
DNFBob Brown  
DNFKevin Brown  
DNFTom Bryan  
DNFSteve Bryant  
DNFRob Buksyk  
DNFMatthew Bullock  
DNFSean Burns  
DNFRussell Buschert  
DNFSteve Bussey  
DNFGary Cale  
DNFLarry Carbonneau  
DNFTenance Cason  
DNFKimberly Chance  
DNFBob Changose  
DNFJoe Changose  
DNFJoseph Ciccarelli  
DNFEd Cleary  
DNFPhilip Cohen  
DNFMark Cole  
DNFPatrick Collins  
DNFBill Combs  
DNFFred Coogan III  
DNFRichard Cummins  
DNFBob Dahlgren  
DNFDon Daly  
DNFDavid Dalzell  
DNFJohn Daming  
DNFJamie Darnell  
DNFKevin Darrah  
DNFThomas Davenport  
DNFBarry Davis  
DNFEric Davis  
DNFMary Davis  
DNFBrian De Groodt  
DNFAllan De Jong  
DNFGreg Deignan  
DNFMarcia Dibbs  
DNFJimmy Dodson  
DNFBrad Doggett  
DNFKaren Domeier  
DNFJulie Donnelly  
DNFClinton Dorwart  
DNFElizabeth Doxey  
DNFDwight Dyer  
DNFLouis Eagan  
DNFDillon Egan  
DNFGary Fenton  
DNFTim Fisher  
DNFDaniel Fitzgerald  
DNFBrad Flickner  
DNFJoe Fox  
DNFTodd Fox  
DNFJason Francis  
DNFJean Francois  
DNFBrian Franklin  
DNFJane Fredman  
DNFLori Gabrert  
DNFRhett Gasaway  
DNFTim Giffard  
DNFJim Gill  
DNFTad Gleason  
DNFJim Gobbert  
DNFJeffrey Godin  
DNFTammy Godin  
DNFBeth Gouge  
DNFKathy Grauer  
DNFKenneth Green  
DNFTim Hagman  
DNFRob Hall  
DNFSteven Hall  
DNFMark Harrell  
DNFNorman Harris  
DNFCollin Hatcher  
DNFKen Hawkins  
DNFRob Heather  
DNFJeff Heidrich  
DNFHeather Hendershot  
DNFDavid Hendrix  
DNFDavid Henre  
DNFGreg Herbers  
DNFSergio Herrera  
DNFKathy Hix  
DNFMindi Hoffmaster  
DNFBrian Hollister  
DNFLeslie Holton  
DNFCraig Hreinson  
DNFDavid Hudson  
DNFJennie Hudson  
DNFConnie Inks  
DNFCliff Jacobs  
DNFSaul Jacobson  
DNFStephen Jarrett  
DNFJamie Jeffries  
DNFJeremy Johnson  
DNFKyle Johnson  
DNFPaul Johnson  
DNFMatthew Jones  
DNFTinker Juarez  
DNFBrian Kalkopf  
DNFKevin Kane  
DNFMark Kay  
DNFMatt Kearns  
DNFJeff Kessler  
DNFJennifer Ketchell  
DNFRobert Ketchell  
DNFStan Kiefer  
DNFChris Kim  
DNFDavid Kinnear  
DNFJames Kirk  
DNFAlan Kirsch  
DNFRobert Kolb  
DNFMichael Koppen  
DNFGuy Krause  
DNFRyn Kreidl  
DNFMark Kulhan  
DNFJames Kutz  
DNFMichael Larson  
DNFJurgen Leiser  
DNFTina Lewis  
DNFJeremy Lines  
DNFChris Lloyd  
DNFLarry Lobb  
DNFDon Losole  
DNFRob Lucas  
DNFElizabeth Lynam  
DNFKevin Lyons  
DNFBill Macbride  
DNFTodd Maccagnan  
DNFEddie Macholda  
DNFMichael Malloy  
DNFNeil Markus  
DNFBianne Marshall  
DNFLeslie Masters  
DNFCody Mathias  
DNFJohn Mazzola  
DNFStephen Mcauley  
DNFKirsten Mcdaniel  
DNFKelly Mcgrew  
DNFMark Mckim  
DNFJohn Mclelland III  
DNFDenver Mcmahon  
DNFNancy Mcmahon  
DNFKenny Mcmenimen  
DNFThomas Melchert  
DNFDavid Melton  
DNFNeal Mendel  
DNFGannon Merrell  
DNFMichael Merrifield  
DNFPaul Meyermann  
DNFBibi Miller  
DNFLance Miller  
DNFRichard Miller  
DNFJoel Mischke  
DNFBen Mooney  
DNFPatrick Morton  
DNFRichard Murdock  
DNFJose Navarro  
DNFElden Nelson  
DNFTodd Neugent  
DNFJohn Obrien  
DNFJames Orlet  
DNFManny Otero  
DNFJeff Papenfus  
DNFDavid Pavon  
DNFMichael Pendleton  
DNFSteve Peterson  
DNFTravis Peterson  
DNFThomas Petrus  
DNFMia Phillips  
DNFMark Pidcock  
DNFAdam Plummer  
DNFDavid Pokela  
DNFSteven Pon  
DNFKathleen Porter  
DNFDavid Potter  
DNFLarry Price  
DNFRobert Pritchard  
DNFDavid Prodorutti  
DNFChristopher Pulick  
DNFGrace Ragland  
DNFMark Rago  
DNFDavid Reese III  
DNFRobert Riesenberger  
DNFTiffany Rittler-Foley  
DNFKasandra Robbert  
DNFJennifer Robinson  
DNFJefferson Rogers  
DNFMike Romano  
DNFCathy Rotman  
DNFChristian Santos  
DNFLonie Sauber  
DNFAndy Schuette  
DNFChris Sipes  
DNFChris Skillings  
DNFDavid Smith  
DNFJim Smith  
DNFRon Smith  
DNFLarry Snow  
DNFMichael Sokey  
DNFPeter Spencer  
DNFDaniel Sprangers  
DNFJeff Starkey  
DNFTy Stevens  
DNFMike Stoll  
DNFMatthew Struckman  
DNFMichael Suarez-Delcampo  
DNFDennis Swift  
DNFTom Taylor  
DNFJason Teggatz  
DNFGreg Teter  
DNFJohn Tirrell  
DNFKari Toney  
DNFDrew Torbin  
DNFDavid Trudell  
DNFDavid Tyler  
DNFMark Van Skiver  
DNFMark Vanek  
DNFKevin Vanwormer  
DNFLaura Vetos  
DNFLee Walter  
DNFAlison Watt  
DNFRobert Weaver  
DNFBeth Weimer  
DNFMichael Weinstein  
DNFRich Weis  
DNFGreg Wheaton  
DNFGreg Wheelwright  
DNFBob Wieck  
DNFSusan Williams  
DNFTim Williams  
DNFMark Wisroth  
DNFCraig Wojciechowski  
DNFEd Wolph  
DNFAdam Wood  
DNFChip Woodland  
DNFBart Wuebben  
DNFCurtis Wylie  
DNFDonald Zetich  
DNFMatt Zolly  
DNSEdward Adams  
DNSJohn Adamson  
DNSErin Allaman  
DNSJim Almroth  
DNSCraig Ames  
DNSCarlos Arceo  
DNSGavin Atwood  
DNSAnthony Audia  
DNSJeff Austin  
DNSBret Bahe  
DNSBallheim & Ballheim  
DNSMatt Barrett  
DNSJoe Bedwell  
DNSShawn Beeton  
DNSMatt Belman  
DNSPeter Berendzen  
DNSSamuel Beveridge  
DNSJami Billman  
DNSJeremiah Bishop  
DNSPeter Black  
DNSScott Blankenship  
DNSBrian Block  
DNSJames Bowen  
DNSTerry Bowen  
DNSGeorge Brenseke  
DNSMolly Breslin  
DNSWilliam Buchanan  
DNSCarl Burtchatter  
DNSChance Carlin  
DNSJeff Carter  
DNSMichael Chavez  
DNSGregory Cimmino  
DNSMatthew Cook  
DNSDavid Cox  
DNSKeith Currie  
DNSMichael Davis  
DNSAnthony Debenedetti  
DNSMichael Dedonno  
DNSDaniel Dickinson  
DNSDiane Diebold  
DNSMike Dion  
DNSRichard Dodge  
DNSGuy Duncan  
DNSWilliam Earthman  
DNSSpencer Ehlers  
DNSJeffrey Ellis  
DNSJames Ellis, Jr.  
DNSMark Engen  
DNSThad Fabish  
DNSJim Fahling  
DNSJoseph Felson  
DNSTim Fishback  
DNSBryce Flanary  
DNSAustin Forbes  
DNSBill Freedman  
DNSPeter Gabel  
DNSMaren Gibson  
DNSMark Goddard  
DNSAnne Gonzales  
DNSBen Gray  
DNSTim Gray  
DNSMatthew Harder  
DNSScott Harris  
DNSIngrid Hinshaw  
DNSMark Horton  
DNSDudley Hudspeth  
DNSChristopher Hurley  
DNSMike Jaskiewicz  
DNSKathleen Jenkins  
DNSBob Jensen  
DNSMark Johansen  
DNSAmanda Jones  
DNSRyan Jones  
DNSKerri Kazala  
DNSCharles Keene  
DNSKent Keller  
DNSThomas Kempner Jr.  
DNSLee Keyt  
DNSClint Knecht  
DNSRandy Knoche  
DNSClinton Koerth  
DNSRyan Kohler  
DNSPeter Kot  
DNSChi Krantz  
DNSPhillip Kriz  
DNSAdrianne Kroepsch  
DNSDouglas Kubler  
DNSJestin Kuettel  
DNSTara Lahaye  
DNSJose Lecuna  
DNSMichael Linnane  
DNSJohn Lippmann  
DNSRob Lloyd  
DNSDan Logan  
DNSJohn Luke  
DNSAndrew Mapes  
DNSMichael Marasco  
DNSDavid Marrs  
DNSTodd Martens  
DNSRodney Martin  
DNSTracy Martin  
DNSFrank Matson  
DNSJasen Matyas  
DNSPete Maxwell  
DNSMarc Mayo  
DNSRich Mccreanor  
DNSJack Mcdonald  
DNSRory Mcelhinney  
DNSMatthew Melvyn  
DNSAndrew Mesesan  
DNSScott Meulebroeck  
DNSTravis Mills  
DNSJames Milne  
DNSMary Moncorge  
DNSDavid Morr  
DNSWade Morrison  
DNSTerry Morse  
DNSDave Morton  
DNSBrian Murphy  
DNSDaniel Nelson  
DNSKeri Nelson  
DNSJay Nevans  
DNSDavid Newman  
DNSLisa Nicoholson  
DNSJeremy Noret  
DNSJeff Oakey  
DNSCherie Oates  
DNSCody Oates  
DNSStephen Oliver  
DNSWilliam Onderdonk  
DNSMatt Pacocha  
DNSMichael Parrish  
DNSCraig Pate  
DNSTom Perry  
DNSBrad Peterson  
DNSMike Phebus  
DNSJoel Pittman  
DNSGarrett Poelman  
DNSLisa Poole  
DNSCarol Pope  
DNSCasey Puntenney  
DNSBill Purcell  
DNSJim Reasor  
DNSChris Rieffer  
DNSMark Rinaldi  
DNSMary Rosinki  
DNSDarin Ruebel  
DNSDavid Russel  
DNSTom Russell  
DNSJohn Ryerson  
DNSJulie Rystad  
DNSMark Sacaris  
DNSJohn Sagebiel  
DNSDale Sargent  
DNSTom Scanlan  
DNSAdrian Scott  
DNSLori Shannon  
DNSJamie Shea  
DNSEric Skalski  
DNSPaul Slagle  
DNSShawn Smart  
DNSBradley Smith  
DNSSeth Smith  
DNSTaft Snowdon  
DNSGregg Snyder  
DNSBen Sonntag  
DNSChad Springer  
DNSStewart Stafford  
DNSCraig Stahl  
DNSGlenn Stebelton  
DNSChris Stewart  
DNSAaron Strauser  
DNSChris Sur  
DNSJohn Sveen  
DNSScott Symon  
DNSCharlie Tarver  
DNSCharline Ticknor  
DNSJay Tiegs  
DNSDarren Tremblay  
DNSJames Trowbridge  
DNSTim Trudeau  
DNSKevin Vest  
DNSZack Vestal  
DNSElizabeth Vollmer  
DNSKris Weber  
DNSMark Werner  
DNSBrian White  
DNSMatt Wick  
DNSJoe Wickert  
DNSMark Wieler  
DNSKathleen Williams  
DNSKevin Willson  
DNSJim Wilson  
DNSPaul Wolf  
DNSRon Zarbock  
DNSCraig Zediker  
DNSEckehart Zimmermann  


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