Swanson takes short track men's victory

Kylander-Johnson continues winning streak in women's short track

After feasting on a meal of fresh homemade bread and chicken noodle soup, racers headed to the popular spectating short track event for late afternoon competition. Temperatures had climbed in to the middle 60s (degrees Fahrenheit) with a light breeze and a beautiful fall sun with deep blue skies making for perfect racing and spectating conditions. With established road pros Adam Bergman and Pat Lemieux (Texas Roadhouse) signing in at registration, the mountain bikers knew to expect a fast and furious race.

The short track was designated by USA Cycling as the official state championship for short track.

Exciting racing was delivered in all the classes. Gaps opened up quickly in the elite class as Bergman, Lemieux, Doug Swanson (Grandstay), Jason Sager (Jamis) and Brendan Moore broke free from the chase groups to establish themselves as the main group on the day.

Each rider exchanged attacks at the front except for Moore, as he was content, and doing everything he could, to just keep the Swanson, Bergman, Sager and Lemieux group in check. Having won previous short tracks at Maplelag, spectators were putting their money on the savvy Swanson who holds state titles in cyclo-cross, road and numerous top 10 short track placings back in the day on the NORBA National circuit. Swanson delivered as he made his move the start of the final lap, attacking the group and moving to the front, holding off the group companions to take his fourth short track title at Maplelag and Minnesota State Champion title.

The elite women lined up with the Comp (Cat 2) men. Jenna Rinehart (Specialized) and Sara Kylander-Johnson (Trek Co-op) were animators at the front among the men as a large group stayed together from the field making for one of the most exciting races on the day.

Kylander-Johnson's last move with two laps to go setting pace at the front was hard and fast enough to hold off all the men as well as Rinehart as SKJ went home with the state title. Rounding out the top five were Rebecca Sauber (LCR Ergon), Anna Schappert (Bikes Beyond-Winnipeg) and Jennifer Fisher (Rochester Velo)

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Doug Swanson0:21:34 
2Jason Sager0:00:03 
3Adam Bergman0:00:08 
4Brendan Moore0:00:12 
5Pat Lemiux0:00:32 
6Scott Kylander-Johnso0:00:50 
7Cam Kirkpatrick0:00:53 
8Sam Oftedahl0:00:56 
9Matt Muyres0:01:16 
10Ben Moore0:01:19 
11Jay Henderson0:01:26 
12Jake Richards0:01:34 
13Eric Oftedahl0:01:38 
14Chris Fisher  
15Heath Weisbrod  
16Thomas Thornquest  
17Larry Sauber  
18Jan Rybar  
19Clayton McLagan  
20Devin Curran  
21Jason Scherman  
22Eddie Karow  
23Kevin Flanders  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sara Kylander-Johnson0:15:43 
2Jenna Rinehart0:00:05 
3Rebecca Sauber0:01:00 
4Anna Schappert0:01:43 
6Jennifer Fisher0:02:11 
5Corey Coogan Cisek  
7Julie Vardaman  
Competition Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Piotr Bednarski0:15:45 
2Rick Ochs0:00:00 
3Joe Lewis0:00:01 
4Nathan Kremer0:00:03 
5Lonie Sauber0:00:04 
6Rick Erickson0:00:19 
7Matthew Horner0:00:22 
8Steve Wenzel0:00:49 
9Matthew Wenzel0:00:57 
10John Oman0:01:09 
11Matt Riley0:01:19 
12Greg Ames0:01:27 
13Jason Vinar0:01:30 
14Paul Krawczyk0:01:37 
15Ben Broten0:02:09 
Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chad Weisgram0:14:58 
2Matthew Johnson0:00:07 
3Wade Bergner0:00:13 
4Shea Franken0:00:17 
5Jacque Poquette0:00:18 
6Rob Lutterman0:00:45 
7Lucas Hieb0:00:46 
8Todd Trembley0:00:49 
9Garry Bistyar0:00:51 
10Jim Newton0:00:54 
11Reece Oleson0:01:02 
12Duncan Weisbrod0:01:23 
13Randy Smothers0:01:31 
14Philip Roadley0:01:39 
15Brent Miller0:01:54 
16Tony Schmitz0:03:01 
17Chris Donato0:03:01 
18James Goblirsch0:03:01 
19Mike Franken  
Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bianca Bergman0:14:33 
2Rachael Jensen0:00:29 
3Julie Gujer0:00:31 
4Janna M Krawczyk0:00:33 
5Kristy Henderson0:00:34 
6Andrea Horner0:00:56 
7Kris Brazil0:00:58 
8Jordan Horner0:01:02 
9Beckie Alexander0:01:13 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geza Bistyak0:03:40 
2Kieran Penner0:00:01 
3Calvin Sandberg0:00:06 
4Caden Sigerud0:00:08 
5Liam Franken0:00:16 
6Spencer Weisgram0:00:27 
7Reagan Garden0:00:30 
8Jack Zonneveld0:00:32 
9Cobie Vagts0:00:35 
10Jens Richards0:00:38 
11Henry Hall0:00:44 
12Alex Bistyak0:00:52 
13Leo Bergner0:01:01 
14Rowan Penner0:01:14 
15Logan Roadley0:01:17 
16Jack Johnson0:01:18 
17Wyatt Horner0:01:22 
18Grant Horsager0:01:26 
19Stas Bednarski0:01:27 
20Jack Richards0:01:40 
21Garrett Horshager0:01:41 
22Nico Alexander0:01:43 
23Kasia Bednarski0:01:43 
24Cole Johnson0:01:52 
25Per Alexander0:01:57 
26Tyler Weisgram0:02:44 
27Ripley Garden0:02:50 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Penner0:04:19 
2Sudie Hall0:02:12 
Citizen men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zach Newton0:11:50 
2Ethan Brekke0:00:55 
3Frank Stanton0:01:05 
4Brian Penner0:01:22 
5Alec Driscoll0:01:25 
6Sam Goblirsch0:01:46 
7Zachary Smith0:02:28 
8Jesse Busse0:03:38 
9Max Smothers0:03:38 
Citizen women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amy Ochs0:15:27 


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