USA Cycling reconsiders 2015 Pan Am Championships nominations

Modifications to Principles of Athlete Selection not published in timely manner

USA Cycling announced on Thursday that its Selection Committee will reconsider the athletes nominated for the 2015 Pan Am Continental Championships, which included retired double Olympic gold medallist Kristin Armstrong. 

According to a press release from USA Cycling, it has reconvened its Selection Committee to reconsider the nominations because it was determined that modifications to the Principles of Athlete Selection (last published in 2008) were not published in a timely manner. 

“We normally endeavor to publish modifications to our Principles of Athlete Selection at least six months in advance of their application,” said USA Cycling Vice President of Athletics Jim Miller. “Clearly that did not happen in this case and we have subsequently referred the matter back to our Selection Committee.”

USA Cycling had announced the four women who would be competing in the time trial and road events on Tuesday, which included Armstrong, who retired from professional racing three years ago but was set to make a return for the time trial event next month. 

"Like a lot of you, I just learned that this criteria for selection had changed recently, and now USA Cycling has decided to revert to their older criteria," Armstrong said in a public statement. "If under this "new" criteria I am not selected I will not only fully support USA Cycling's decision but more importantly the athletes that will be representing the USA in Mexico."

The riders also included Carmen Small for both the road race and the time trial, and Lauren Hall and Coryn Rivera for the road race.

The Selection Committee will reconsider the nominated athletes based on Principles of Athlete Selection as last published in 2008 and make an announcement shortly.

The 2015 Pan Am Continental Road Championships held from May 5-10 in Leon, Mexico.

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