Ullrich: Doubt, depression and physical problems after doping case

1997 Tour de France winner admits he “made mistakes”

Jan Ullrich has taken another step back into public life, after years of “doubt, depression and physical problems.” The retired rider is currently serving a two-year ban stemming from his invovlement in the Operacion Puerto blood-doping scheme. Ullrich, 38, will write a weekly column for EurosportYahoo.

“There is no denying, that various doping cases have damaged cycling in the past years. I too have made mistakes,” he wrote in his maiden blog. “But after years of doubt, depression and physical problems, I have made peace with my personal case.

“That is my way, even if everyone won't understand it. But I ask you to respect it.   leave it up to every single user to decide whether I have earned a second chance here.”

Cycling remains immensely important to him. “Even if I don't plan to return to pro cycling, cycling will be still be my great love all my life.”

Ullrich, who won the Tour de France in 1997, retired in February 2007.  He was treated for burn-out syndrome in 2010.  Last year he became active in helping to promote Gran Fondo races.

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