UCI releases Continental team rankings for 2012

Brazilian team to debut in USA?

The UCI today released its "fictitious" rankings which determine the teams that will be automatically invited to the Continental Tour events.

Similar to the WorldTour rankings that determine automatic consideration for the top teams toward the next season's first division, the rankings for the Continental Tours are calculated by the points obtained by the riders on 2012 teams in the previous season.

The teams are then ranked on this sporting value and used to determine the top three squads, each of which will be automatically invited to the class 1 and 2 non-European races.

For instance, in the Americas Tour, the Brazilian Funvic-Pindamonhangaba squad, together with the Continental Movistar team and EPM-UNE from Colombia must be invited to the top US races, including the Tour of Elk Grove, Tour of the Battenkill, Tour of Utah and SRAM Tour of the Gila.

The rules were changed in July, 2011 to exclude the 2.HC and 1.HC events such as the Amgen Tour of California, USA Pro Cycling Challenge and Philadelphia International Championships.

Only organisers of UCI class 2 Europe Tour races (2.2 or 1.2 events such as Tour de Normandie) will be obliged to invite the top squads from the Europe Tour fictitious rankings.

Only Continental teams registered for each UCI Continental Tour are considered for automatic invitations, thus Rapha-Condor Sharp which was second in the Oceania Tour does not warrant inclusion in Australian and New Zealand events. However, its second in the Europe Tour does warrant its inclusion in all x.2 events in Europe. Similarly, Professional Continental teams were not considered in the fictitious rankings.

UCI Europe Tour
1 Christina Watches – Onfone (Den)
2 Endura Racing (GBr)
3 Salcano - Manisaspor Cycling Team (Tur)

UCI Africa Tour
1 Groupement Sportif Petrolier Algerie (Alg)
2 MTN Qhubeka (RSA)
3 Team Bonitas (RSA)

UCI America Tour
1 Funvic – Pindamonhangaba (Bra)
2 Movistar Team (Col)
3 EPM – UNE (Col)

UCI Asia Tour
1 Tabriz Petrochemical Team (IRI)
2 Terengganu Cycling Team (Mas)
3 Azad University Cross Team (IRI)

UCI Oceania Tour
1 Team Jayco – AIS (Aus)
2 Drapac Cycling (Aus)
3 Genesys Wealth Advisers (Aus)

Full Rankings

UCI Africa Tour fictitious ranking
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Groupement Sportif Petrolier Algerie (Alg)471 pts
2Mtn Qhubeka (RSA)304 
3Team Europcar (Fra)197 
4Team Bonitas (RSA)190 
5Team Ig - Sigma Sport (GBr)79 
6Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's (Bel)76 
7Rapha Condor - Sharp (GBr)68 
8Konya Torku Seker Spor (Tur)59 
9Dukla Trencin Trek (Svk)47 
10Velo Club Sovac Algerie (Alg)41 
11Chipotle Development Team (USA)38 
12Miche - Guerciotti (Ita)36 
13Wallonie Bruxelles - Credit Agricole (Bel)24 
14Geofco - Ville D'alger (Alg)21 
15Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team (USA)15 
16Whirlpool - Author (Cze)11 
17Caja Rural (Spa)9 
18Koga Cycling Team (Ned)8 
19Marco Polo Cycling Team (Eth)6 
20Amore & Vita (Ukr)6 
21Team Type 1 - Sanofi (USA)5 
22Endura Racing (GBr)3 
23Team Differdange - Magic-Sportfood.De (Lux)2 
24Asc Dukla Praha (Cze)2 
UCI America Tour fictitious ranking
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Funvic - Pindamonhangaba (Bra)441 pts
2Movistar Team (Col)356 
3Colombia - Coldeportes (Col)205 
4Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team (USA)198 
5Androni Giocattoli (Ita)191 
6Epm - Une (Col)176 
7Clube Dataro De Ciclismo (Bra)158 
8Team Optum Presented By Kelly Benefit Strategies (USA)149 
9Spidertech Powered By C10 (Can)141 
10Jamis - Sutter Home (USA)132 
11Real Cycling Team (Bra)124 
12Colombia - Comcel (Col)123 
13Chipotle Development Team (USA)98 
14Gobernacion De Antioquia - Indeportes Antiquia (Col)87 
15Competitive Cyclist Racing Team (USA)85 
16Bissell Cycling (USA)82 
17Continental Team Astana (Kaz)78 
18Team Type 1 - Sanofi (USA)75 
19Caja Rural (Spa)60 
20Kenda - 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team (USA)58 
21San Luis Somos Todos (Arg)39 
22Team Exergy (USA)32 
23Project 1T4I (Ned)30 
24Bontrager Livestrong Team (USA)26 
25Team Europcar (Fra)25 
26Champion System Pro Cycling Team (Chn)24 
27Miche - Guerciotti (Ita)22 
28Andalucia (Spa)16 
29Farnese Vini (GBr)13 
30Endura Racing (GBr)12 
31Blue Water Cycling (Den)12 
32Amore & Vita (Ukr)10 
33Bkcp - Powerplus (Bel)10 
34Wonderful Pistachios Cycling (USA)10 
35Dukla Trencin Trek (Svk)10 
36Colnago - Csf Inox (Irl)9 
37Rusvelo (Rus)5 
38Team Jayco - Ais (Aus)5 
39Groupement Sportif Petrolier Algerie (Alg)5 
40Team Nsp - Ghost (Ger)5 
41Leopard - Trek Continental Team (Lux)4 
42Start Cycling Team - Atacama Flowery Desert (Par)3 
43Subway Cycling Team (NZl)2 
44Team Raleigh - Gac (GBr)2 
UCI Asia Tour fictitious ranking
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tabriz Petrochemical Team (IRI)534 pts
2Terengganu Cycling Team (Mas)329 
3Rusvelo (Rus)274 
4Androni Giocattoli (Ita)273 
5Champion System Pro Cycling Team (Chn)268 
6Azad University Cross Team (IRI)211 
7Team Europcar (Fra)197 
8Rts Racing Team (Tpe)193 
9Farnese Vini (GBr)181 
10Colnago - Csf Inox (Irl)155 
11Ccc Polkowice (Pol)142 
12Konya Torku Seker Spor (Tur)138 
13Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team (USA)132 
14Rc Arbö Wels Gourmetfein (Aut)123 
15Endura Racing (GBr)109 
16Project 1T4I (Ned)108 
17Node 4 - Giordana Racing (GBr)105 
18Arbö Gebrüder Weiss - Oberndorfer (Aut)91 
19Team Netapp (Ger)91 
20Continental Team Astana (Kaz)84 
21Adria Mobil (Slo)84 
22Drapac Cycling (Aus)77 
23Team Type 1 - Sanofi (USA)72 
24Christina Watches - Onfone (Den)61 
25Loborika Favorit Team (Cro)54 
26Mtn Qhubeka (RSA)51 
27Team Bonitas (RSA)47 
28Andalucia (Spa)47 
29Joker Merida (Nor)42 
30Jelly Belly Cycling (USA)42 
31Team Idea (Ita)37 
32Kspo (Kor)37 
33Genesys Wealth Advisers (Aus)31 
34Geumsan Ginseng Cello (Kor)29 
35Seoul Cycling Team (Kor)29 
36Team Eddy Merckx - Indeland (Ger)27 
37Chipotle Development Team (USA)24 
38Rapha Condor - Sharp (GBr)24 
39Nutrixxion Abus (Ger)23 
40Team Nsp - Ghost (Ger)23 
41Caja Rural (Spa)20 
42Team Wit (Ita)19 
43Landbouwkrediet (Bel)18 
44Team Optum Presented By Kelly Benefit Strategies (USA)13 
45Max Success Sports (Chn)10 
46Team Vorarlberg (Aut)10 
47Holy Brother Cycling Team (Chn)8 
48Marco Polo Cycling Team (Eth)8 
49Qinghai Tianyoude Cycling Team (Chn)7 
50J.Jensen - Sandstod Salg Og Event (Den)6 
51Mes Kerman (IRI)6 
52Bmc - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team (USA)5 
53Miche - Guerciotti (Ita)5 
54Atlas Personal - Jakroo (Swi)4 
55Kolss Cycling Team (Ukr)3 
56Bank Bgz (Pol)3 
57Hengxiang Cycling Team (Chn)3 
58Action Cycling Team (Tpe)2 
59Whirlpool - Author (Cze)2 
UCI Europe Tour fictitious ranking
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Project 1T4I (Ned)1628 pts
2Colnago - Csf Inox (Irl)1338 
3Saur - Sojasun (Fra)1281 
4Androni Giocattoli (Ita)1229 
5Team Europcar (Fra)1178 
6Team Type 1 - Sanofi (USA)1113 
7Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne (Fra)1071 
8Team Netapp (Ger)973 
9Bretagne - Schuller (Fra)928 
10Accent Jobs - Willems Veranda's (Bel)919 
11Farnese Vini (GBr)844 
12Landbouwkrediet (Bel)758 
13Acqua & Sapone (Ita)733 
14Christina Watches - Onfone (Den)728 
15Endura Racing (GBr)671 
16Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator (Bel)646 
17Salcano - Manisaspor Cycling Team (Tur)582 
18An Post - Sean Kelly (Bel)552 
19Adria Mobil (Slo)530 
20Itera - Katusha (Rus)522 
21Team Nsp - Ghost (Ger)485 
22Efapel - Glassdrive (Por)473 
23Caja Rural (Spa)450 
24Colombia - Coldeportes (Col)436 
25Roubaix Lille Metropole (Fra)416 
26Bigmat - Auber 93 (Fra)373 
27La Pomme Marseille (Fra)362 
28Rabobank Continental Team (Ned)358 
29Whirlpool - Author (Cze)354 
30Cyclingteam De Rijke (Ned)350 
31Carmin - Prio (Por)350 
32Bdc - Marcpol Team (Pol)324 
33Loborika Favorit Team (Cro)321 
34Utensilnord Named (Irl)309 
35Ccc Polkowice (Pol)308 
36Rusvelo (Rus)291 
37Tirol Cycling Team (Aut)267 
38Jong Vlaanderen Cycling Team (Bel)267 
39Koga Cycling Team (Ned)257 
40Isd - Lampre Continental (Ukr)256 
41Atlas Personal - Jakroo (Swi)248 
42Bank Bgz (Pol)243 
43Sava (Slo)233 
44Konya Torku Seker Spor (Tur)205 
45Andalucia (Spa)202 
46Team Cykelcity.Se (Swe)191 
47Leopard - Trek Continental Team (Lux)186 
48Spidertech Powered By C10 (Can)183 
49Champion System Pro Cycling Team (Chn)179 
50Glud & Marstrand - Lro (Den)177 
51Onda (Por)163 
52Rc Arbö Wels Gourmetfein (Aut)157 
53Lkt Team Brandenburg (Ger)146 
54Rietumu - Delfin (Lat)139 
55Thüringer Energie Team (Ger)131 
56Bontrager Livestrong Team (USA)131 
57Wallonie Bruxelles - Credit Agricole (Bel)130 
58Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team (USA)128 
59Team Idea (Ita)126 
60Team Differdange - Magic-Sportfood.De (Lux)125 
61Lokosphinx (Rus)118 
62Team Vorarlberg (Aut)116 
63Joker Merida (Nor)115 
64Kolss Cycling Team (Ukr)111 
65Tt Raiko Argon 18 (Ger)110 
66Team Eddy Merckx - Indeland (Ger)109 
67Rapha Condor - Sharp (GBr)105 
68Wsa - Viperbike Kärnten (Aut)101 
69Team Wit (Ita)100 
70Chipotle Development Team (USA)99 
71Blue Water Cycling (Den)86 
72Cyclingteam Jo Piels (Ned)86 
73Amore & Vita (Ukr)84 
74Team Jayco - Ais (Aus)83 
75Continental Team Astana (Kaz)83 
76Dukla Trencin Trek (Svk)82 
77Team Concordia Forsikring - Himmerland (Den)80 
78Telenet - Fidea (Bel)80 
79Sunweb - Revor (Bel)72 
80Epm - Une (Col)71 
81Veranda Rideau - Super U (Fra)69 
82Burgos Bh - Castilla Y Leon (Spa)68 
83Drapac Cycling (Aus)65 
84Team Oster Hus - Ridley (Nor)62 
85Tusnad Cycling Team (Rom)61 
86Orbea Continental (Spa)58 
87Bkcp - Powerplus (Bel)58 
88Metec Continental Cyclingteam (Ned)57 
89Nutrixxion Abus (Ger)57 
90Node 4 - Giordana Racing (GBr)56 
91Radenska (Slo)49 
92Asc Dukla Praha (Cze)41 
93Rts Racing Team (Tpe)40 
94Uk Youth Cycling (GBr)39 
95Oneco - Mesterhus Cycling Team (Nor)38 
96Bmc - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team (USA)38 
97Ac Sparta Praha (Cze)38 
98Geofco - Ville D'alger (Alg)37 
99Team Ig - Sigma Sport (GBr)36 
100Colba - Superano Ham (Bel)34 
101Arbö Gebrüder Weiss - Oberndorfer (Aut)32 
102Kenda - 5-Hour Energy Cycling Team (USA)32 
103Alpha Baltic - Unitymarathons.Com (Lat)30 
104Team Optum Presented By Kelly Benefit Strategies (USA)24 
105San Luis Somos Todos (Arg)24 
106Groupement Sportif Petrolier Algerie (Alg)21 
107Miche - Guerciotti (Ita)16 
108Lotto - Pôle Continental Wallon (Bel)13 
109Plussbank - Bmc (Nor)13 
110Colombia - Comcel (Col)12 
111Start Cycling Team - Atacama Flowery Desert (Par)12 
112Mtn Qhubeka (RSA)12 
113Azad University Cross Team (IRI)10 
114Team Raleigh - Gac (GBr)10 
115Team Budget Forklifts (Aus)8 
116Genesys Wealth Advisers (Aus)6 
117Team Heizomat (Ger)3 
118Gobernacion De Antioquia - Indeportes Antiquia (Col)3 
119Jelly Belly Cycling (USA)  
UCI Oceania Tour fictitious ranking
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Jayco - Ais (Aus)102 pts
2Rapha Condor - Sharp (GBr)100 
3Drapac Cycling (Aus)49 
4Genesys Wealth Advisers (Aus)48 
5Team Budget Forklifts (Aus)25 
6Team Raleigh - Gac (GBr)24 
7Chipotle Development Team (USA)14 
8Subway Cycling Team (NZl)8 
9An Post - Sean Kelly (Bel)6 
10Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team (USA)5 
11Endura Racing (GBr)4 

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