Team Movistar counting on Valverde's return after suspension

Manager Unzue says team needs the strong leader

Alejandro Valverde will have his choice of teams to ride for when he returns from his doping suspension next season, but Eusebio Unzué hopes he will come back to his team, now called Movistar but formerly Caisse d'Epargne.

“Valverde is one of the greatest, and will be on the agenda of many teams,” Movistar  team manager Unzue told the Diario de Navarra.  “Riders of a certain level are on the minds of many teams.”

“We will try to help Alejandro not to lose his brilliance in this year and a half during his ban, and then agree to his return.”

Valverde rode with the team from 2005 until his suspension.

Unzue praised the commitment from his new sponsor.  “With such a structure, it is evident that we must aspire to be good riders, we need a strong leader.  And we are working for 2012 as well.  Because of our personal and professional relations, and because of his knowledge of our structures, we are going to fight for Valverde to return with us."

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