Podcast: Qatar, Oman and tattoos

From Landis to Boasson Hagen to Ricco

Ciao faithful podcast listeners. Once again your faithful servants, Benson and Jones are back to their podcast domestique duties for Episode 39 of the Cyclingnews podcast.

This week the pair open with the latest revelations in the ongoing never-ending story that is Floyd Landis. They also discuss the finale of the Tour of Qatar where Wouter Mol wrapped up the overall and Chicchi won two stages. The Tour of Oman gets its fair share of airtime, too, with Boasson Hagen winning his first sprint of the year. Unfortunately, just like in Qatar, the shy whippersnapper couldn’t hold the lead and there were some debatable tactics from other teams. We’ll be talking about this in much more depth next week.

Introducing a slightly more Italian flavour, Pippo Pozzato’s first Cyclingnews blog is discussed, leading to revelation of epic proportion when Jones reveals whether he has a tattoo.

Finally, Ricardo Ricco gets a mention for his split from Vania Rossi after she tested positive for EPO. We almost made it through a whole podcast without mentioning doping. Doh!

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