NICA creates Honorary Board

New board members to promote various NICA initiatives

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) announced an honorary board of directors, comprising a group of prominent figures in the cycling industry who are actively contributing to NICA's efforts to achieve its mission of developing high school mountain biking programs from coast-to-coast by 2020.

NICA Executive Director, Austin McInerny, said, "I have very high hopes for our new honorary board. We are so very fortunate that everybody involved with NICA has shown a willingness to roll up their sleeves and volunteer time to help assist us grow interscholastic cycling opportunities across the nation."

"The honorary board members are keen to help us expand our programs aimed at providing every American teen the opportunity to strengthen body, mind and character through participation in their school’s mountain bike team."

Honorary board members are high-profile devotees of the NICA mission who are very active in cycling events and have demonstrated strong communication skills. By including NICA in their regular communications efforts, honorary board members are expected to attract 25,000 viewers to screenings of Singletrack High, recruit 500 members to the NICA Booster Club, and cultivate sponsors from out of the cycling industry.

The co-chairs of the honorary board are Sara Ecclesine of Sidi America, and Gary Boulanger, of Dirt Rag magazine.

"For starters, all honorary board members have joined the Booster Club, and some such as Mike Sinyard of Specialized Bicycle Components, Scott Tedro and Jeremiah Bishop both from the Sho-Air/Cannondale Mountain Bike Team have made very significant financial contributions," said Boulanger.

Other duties for honorary board members include applying their unique skills and talents to assist NICA expand its support network, especially outside of the bike industry.

"High school cycling should have sponsorship appeal to out-of-industry companies, and this seems just the right cast of characters to work on identifying and connecting with interested companies," said Ecclesine.

The board currently has 22 members, as follows, and seats on the board are appointed annually. For bios of all honorary board members, click here.

NICA Honorary Board

Gary Boulanger Sales Guy/Writer, Dirt Rag Magazine (co-chair)
Sara Ecclesine Brand Manager, SIDI America (co-chair)
Jeremiah Bishop, Pro Athlete, Sho-Air/Cannondale MTB Race Team
Chris Cocalis, CEO, Pivot Cycles
Lea Davison, Pro Athlete, Specialized MTB Team
Lucas Euser, Pro Athlete, UnitedHealthcare Cycling Team (NorCal League alum.)
Gary Fisher, Mountain Biking Evangelist, Trek Bicycles
Jimena Florit, Mountain Biking Olympian (2000 and 2004)
Mari Holden, Road Cycling Olympic Medalist
Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, Pro Athlete, Trek Factory Racing
Heather Irmiger, Pro Athlete, Trek Factory Racing
Ashley Korenblat, CEO, Western Spirit Cycling Adventures
Jimmy ‘Mac’ McIlvain, Editor, Mountain Bike Action
Eddie O'Dea, Owner, 55nine Performance, Pro Athlete, Topeak-Ergon MTB Team
Namrita O'Dea, Owner, 55nine Performance, Pro Athlete, Topeak-Ergon MTB Team
Ned Overend, Pro Athlete, Specialized MTB Team
Nat Ross, POC Sales//Marketing Manager
Rebecca Rusch, Pro Athlete, Specialized MTB Team
Mike Sinyard, CEO, Specialized Bicycle Components
Marla Streb, Media Liaison/Coach, Team LUNA Chix
Kimber Tedro, Amateur Athlete, Sho-Air/Cannondale MTB Race Team
Brian Vaughan, CEO/Co-founder, GU Energy

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