Leopard Trek denies merger with RadioShack for 2012

Team spokesman says Nygaard will not leave team

There will be no merger of Leopard Trek and RadioShack for the 2012 season, Leopard Trek spokesman Tim Vanderjeugde has said. He denied the reports in L'Equipe and other media that Brian Nygaard would leave the team, which would then merge with the American team run by Johan Bruyneel.

“On the team's behalf, I can flatly deny that there is a merger with Radioshack," Vanderjeugde told sporten.dk.

“We see it as pure rumour. Nobody on our team has heard of any merger. Brian Nygaard is still on the payroll here at Leopard Trek and has not taken any decision to leave the team.”

L'Equipe reported the possible merger, with Nygaard allegedly being forced out of the team after failing to find a title sponsor for the Luxembourg team.

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