InCycle video: Adam Hansen's logistics solution for Lotto Soudal

Australian creates software programme to improve organisation

Adam Hansen (Lotto Soudal) is currently surviving his 12th consecutive grand tour, after dislocating his left shoulder during stage 2 of this year’s Tour de France. Throughout the season, cycling teams have many components that are working in unison to help their riders prepare for the days ahead. The logistics for this travelling circus is enormous, especially during a three week grand tour. Hansen created a software application to help Lotto-Soudal organize this logistical nightmare.

“At the age of 17, I was a programmer, it was actually just like being a cyclist,” Hansen said. “You get contract jobs and you go from contract to contract.”

The Australian used this background in computer programming to create a web application he named Logiscycle. The software application acts as a central hub for all the logistics of the team staff and riders.

Valerie d’Haeza, logistics manager for the team, gladly welcomed the program that has helped her position.

“There was one rider who used fax,” she explained. “I always had to wait until I had everything with the information, and then send him a fax before he had to go to a race. Nowadays, we can use this system. Every time I have new information, I put it in the system, it’s more easier. I don’t have to wait until I have everything.”

The programme also keeps a record of travel history. “Sometimes when you stay at the airport, you stay at really bad hotels,” Hansen added. “Last year, I stayed at a really nice one. So we make sure the year after that we stay at the same one, so that’s also important there.”

Watch the full interview below, as Hansen discusses how the programme works, and other ways it has helped him and his team. To subscribe to the Cyclingnews video channel, click here.


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