Iglinskiy afoul of French police for speeding

Astana rider denies reports of drunk driving

The Astana team of Valentin Iglinskiy has denied reports made by RTL.fr that he was stopped by police for driving while impaired on Tuesday night.

The team's spokesperson confirmed to Cyclingnews that Iglinskiy was stopped for speeding, but denied further reports that he had been under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

"The police made an alcohol test and a blood control. The report of this blood testing isn't known for the moment, we will communicate it as soon as the result will be given," the statement read. It also added that the UCI arrived to perform a doping control on Wednesday morning.

RTL.fr reported that Iglinskiy was stopped for speeding at 203km/h in a 110km/h zone on the A8 motorway on Tuesday night, and that he had been over the legal limit for alcohol. However, the report also identified Iglinskiy as riding the Tour de France, when it was his brother Maxim who participated in that race.

The report also stated that the rider from Kazakhstan was on his way from a party held by Alexander Vinokourov, but the team denied the two had been together yesterday evening.

"There might be some misunderstanding, because Valentin can't understand and speak French, English or Italian correctly. The team was astonished to learn that he signed a legal paper with statements in French, while he can't understand, speak and read this language.

"The team is really shocked that the information of this confidential case as been made public to the press, while no official results have been provided yet."

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