Best Garmin Edge 1030 Plus deals

Best Garmin Edge 1030 Plus deals
(Image credit: Garmin)

The Garmin Edge 1030 Plus is the Rolls Royce of the brand's range, and like a Rolls, it has a presence. Smartphone size, its 3.5-inch colour touchscreen is super-responsive and lets you view loads of data as you ride. It's one of the best cycling computers out there.

As we've noted in our review, the Edge 1030 Plus comes with base maps and navigation as standard, which are easy to follow on the large screen. There's also the whole range of Garmin's cycling functionality, including performance monitoring, smartphone notifications and grouptrack, while Strava Live and Climbpro let you follow your on-bike performance as you ride.

There's great connectivity to peripherals and you can link up to Shimano and SRAM electronic groupsets and to the Garmin Varia light range. The Edge 1030 Plus will work with your turbo too, to guide you through your indoor workouts and control resistance levels.

Lots of functionality can be a drag on battery life, but the Edge 1030 Plus can stay the distance with around 24 hours of runtime, which can be extended with an optional battery pack that clips on its underside.

With all those features, Garmin's top-flight bike computer fetches a pretty penny, so if you've made your mind up and decided the Edge 1030 Plus is the one for you, then you want to be sure you get the best deal available. Thankfully, there are deals to be had, so we've set our system to hunt them down, and you'll find them outlined below. 

For the complete package, rather than just the Edge 1030 Plus computer, we've found deals on the bundle as well. This packages up a heart rate monitor and separate speed and cadence sensors. The former helps to smooth out the peaks and troughs you get when using a GPS to track your speed, while the latter lets you keep track of your pedalling if you don't use a power meter. 

There's an out-front mount included too. You'll need that - the Edge 1030 Plus is a chunky beast to have perched on your stem if you only have the standard mount that comes with the computer.

Although it only came out as an upgrade to the original Edge 1030 in 2020, you can already find deals on the Edge 1030 Plus, as well as deeper discounts on the non-Plus 1030. It's worth considering the bundled computer too, to add all the extras you'll need to make the most of your deluxe bike computer.

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