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USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships 2010

Date range:
December 8-12, 2010

December 09, B Men 30+:

Five national titles earned in Bend

Cycling News
December 10, 2010, 16:44 GMT,
December 10, 2010, 16:47 GMT

Ned Overend, Glen Norton add to stars-and-stripes jersey collection

After the mud in Bend, this bike might need to find another place to ride home.

After the mud in Bend, this bike might need to find another place to ride home.

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The 55-59 master men's contest was a battle of heavy hitters, with the legendary Ned Overend (Specialized) powering to a solo victory.

Finishing second in yesterday's time trial to ‘Cross Vegas organizer Brooke Watts (Cody Racing), Overend started on the front row start with reigning national champion Paul Curley (Midstate Cycling Club-Gear Works) and six other strong men.

Norman Kreiss (Morgan Stanley) surged from the second row to take the early lead while Curley and Overend rode patiently behind Kreiss on the first lap.

"The course was changing all the time," said Overend. "It was kind of dicey on that first lap, but then I was able to bridge up to Norm and put it down on the grass areas."

Overend finished nearly one minute up on silver medalist Kreiss, while Randall Root secured the bronze medal 2:51 behind Overend.

Glen Norton (Puget Sound Cycling) earned a national title over Fred Wittwer (Alan North America) and George Pawle (Cyclonauts) in the 60-64 master men's race.

John Elgart (Alto Velo Racing) won the 65-69 men's event to join his wife atop the podium.

"The former national champion Jim Wagner was right on me for two laps," said Elgart. "He eventually went off his line, and I got a gap and managed to win."

Erik Nordenson rode strongly to win the 70-74 men's title, as did Walter Axthelm (Durango Wheel Club) in the 75-79 race.

Master Men 55-59
1 Edmund (Ned) Overend (Specialized) 0:42:38  
2 Norman Kreiss (Morgan Stanley Cycling Team) 0:00:57  
3 Randall Root (Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster) 0:02:51  
4 Paul Curley (Mid State Cycling Club/Gear Works/Spin Arts Cyclery) 0:03:13  
5 George Smith (Alto Velo Racing Club/Webcor/Alto Velo) 0:03:57  
6 Michael Longmire (Northern Rockies Cycling Team/ 0:04:15  
7 Evan Griffiths (Emerald Velo Cycling Team Inc.) 0:04:31  
8 Jeff Townsend 0:04:57  
9 Steve Yenne 0:05:19  
10 Terrell Knight 0:05:57  
11 R Brook Watts (Cody Racing) 0:05:59  
12 Wayne Gorry 0:06:12  
13 Steve Lamont 0:06:26  
14 Gary Klingler (Webcyclery Racing/Webcyclery.Co) 0:06:37  
15 David Burnard 0:06:43  
16 Gregory Pautsch (Planet Bike) 0:06:44  
17 Glen Jones (Brazen Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts) 0:06:46  
18 Torre Smitherman 0:06:58  
19 Steve "Cosmic" Miller 0:07:28  
20 Daniel MacNaughton 0:07:58  
21 rick gregory 0:08:06  
22 Michael Olenick (Durance-Colnago /Durance-Colnago) 0:08:15  
23 John Brown 0:08:35  
24 steven miller 0:08:59  
25 Steven Lacey (Showers Pass) 0:09:06  
26 Randall Silva (Nob Hill Velo) 0:09:39  
27 Peter Spir 0:09:44  
28 Ralph Tolli 0:10:06  
29 James (Jimmy) Day (Velo Del Norte) 0:10:31  
30 Ken Coleman (Berkshire Cycling Association/BCA/Tosk Chiropractic)  -1lap  
31 Eric Perryman    
32 Richard Sachs (Connecticut Yankee Bc/Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix)    
33 Vern Krist (Showers Pass)    
34 Kevin Ryan (The Team /The Team Socalcross)    
35 Robert Walker (Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team)    
36 Thomas Sullivan    
37 Kerry Shields (Carolina Masters)  -2laps  
38 Karl Jackson  -3laps  
DNS Harold Parker (360 Racing)    
DNS Rick Swanson (Radsport Cycling Team)    
DNS Chris Canfield (Blue Sky Velo)    
DNS Erik Brooks (Avanti Racing Club)    
DNS Paul Sadoff    
DNS Robert Downs (Planet Bike)    
DNS Scott Sampson    
DNS Barry Johnson    
DNS Charles Townsend (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club/Bianchi/Grand Performance)    
DNF Roland Goeckel    
DNF Tom Holmes    
Master Men 60-64
1 Glen Norton (Puget Sound Cycling Club) 0:35:44  
2 Fred Wittwer (Alan North America Cycling) 0:00:34  
3 George Pawle (Cyclonauts Racers Inc.) 0:01:30  
4 David Rath (Corner Cycle Cycling Club) 0:02:31  
5 Bob Guglielmelli (Central Coast Tire Cct) 0:02:53  
6 Don Leet 0:03:54  
7 RIchard Pearson (Team Kaos Cycling/Team Kaos-Ale) 0:04:36  
8 Douglas Cottle 0:04:43  
9 Ron Strasser 0:05:17  
10 Ken Rodgers 0:05:54  
11 Lee Waldman 0:06:05  
12 Amory Cheney 0:06:27  
13 Charles Vanzandt 0:07:54  
14 Timothy Tarte (Puget Sound Cycling Club/Gregg's Specialized/LeMond Racing Team) 0:09:09  
15 Thomas Gee (St Louis Cycling Club)    
16 Brian Volkert (Team Double Check) 0:09:21  
17 Hal Woodruff (The Team /The Team Socalcross) 0:10:06  
18 Richard Bagienski (Durango Wheel Club) 0:10:12  
19 Amos Galpin 0:10:13  
20 Larry Varys (International Christian Cycling) 0:10:37  
21 Malcolm Johnson  -1lap  
DNS John Rubcic (Sun Coast Velo)    
DNS Michael Weaver (Avanti Racing Club/Blue Rooster)    
DNS David Beals (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)    
DNS Joseph Brown (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)    
DNS David Parks (Mirage)    
DNS Ric Kellen (Mellow Motors)    
Master Men 65-69
1 John Elgart (Alto Velo Racing Club) 0:39:14  
2 James Wagner (Cycle Therapy-4 Corners Cycling) 0:00:33  
3 Robert Llamas (Montrose Cycling Club) 0:03:49  
4 Bob Ludecke (Laurel Bicycle Club) 0:04:02  
5 Harry Williamson (Fightin' Bobas) 0:05:04  
6 Russell Speirn  -1lap  
7 John Collins (Violet Crown Sports Assoc/Violet Crown)    
8 Jerry Shere (Khsnm.Com/    
9 David Gustafson    
10 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)    
Master Men 70-74
1 Erik Nordenson 0:35:21  
2 Loren Hettinger 0:00:21  
3 Mike Macdonald (Jaeger Wheelmen) 0:04:20  
Master Men 75-79
1 Walter Axthelm (Durango Wheel Club) 0:36:49  
2 Ronald Riley (Bike Station Aptos /Bsa Racing) 0:04:58