Trek World Racing's Leov, Moseley win in Leogang

iXS European Downhill Cup keeps some of the best racing another weekend in Austria

The action continued in Leogang, Austria, one week after the World Cup held there last weekend. The second round of the iXS European Downhill Cup drew 403 participants from 25 countries to compete on the 2.3km World Cup course with 480m of elevation drop.

Unlike for the World Cup, the weather was dry and conditions were more favorable. About half of the World Cup peloton had stayed in town for the race.

A few riders made good use of the seeding run to show their ambitions to win, and thus Nick Beer (Scott 11) moved into first position with a full four-second advantage. Justin Leov (Trek World Racing) qualified second, followed by Shaun O'Connor (Kenda Playbiker) and Marcus Klausmann (Ghost International).

For Sunday's final, even the course's moistest forest sections had dried up, so the speeds picked up and it was obvious that the times clocked in the seeding run would not hold. Brook MacDonald (MS Evil Racing) made that clear right from the start.

As he had faced some problems in his seeding run, he had to start very early in the men's elite category, and he posted a time that would have put him in second a day earlier. Thus he made himself comfortable in the hotseat and enjoyed the race from that position, finishing in a fine fifth position in the end.

The first rider to beat his time was Steve Smith (MS Evil Racing), who was only surpassed by Leov. Although Beer was quicker than the day before, he could not do better than third, but seen the strong competition that result is even more valuable, and it also moved him into the lead in the series' overall standings.

In the women's elite category, there was Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing) and then there were the others. She literally outclassed her 21 opponents by putting an enormous 23 seconds between her and the next-placed riders Martina Brühlmann (iXS/YETI) and Miriam Ruchti (dr-gravity union). This made the double perfect for the Trek World Racing team led by Martin Whiteley.

The master's race was won by Wilfred van de Haterd (NOX Cycles), with Heinz Hostettler ( and Marcel Waldmann (DT Swiss) filling the other podium spots.

The winner of the under 17 race was Antoine Bagnoud (Crans Montana Racing), who was faster than second-placed Matthew Scott and Aram Raoof (RMF FM-PEPSI MAX) in third.


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Leov (NZl) Trek World Racing0:03:49.718 
2Steve Smith (Can) MS Evil Racing0:00:00.233 
3Nick Beer (Swi) Scott 110:00:01.444 
4Marcus Klausmann (Ger)0:00:05.793 
5Brook Macdonald (NZl) MS Evil Racing0:00:06.682 
6Markus Pekoll (Aut) fast4ward-racing0:00:07.113 
7Luke Strobel (USA) MS Evil Racing0:00:07.919 
8Shaun O'conner (Aus) Kenda Playbiker0:00:08.224 
9Thomas Braithwaite (GBr)0:00:08.763 
10Toni Berg (Fin)0:00:09.159 
11Dennis Dertell (Swe) 23 Degrees0:00:09.229 
12Lewis Buchanan* (GBr) MS Evil Racing0:00:11.600 
13Benny Strasser (Ger) Toxoholic's Turner Fox Shox0:00:13.535 
14Thomas Jeandin (Swi) Lapierre Swiss - Tech Bike Gen0:00:13.975 
15Filip Polc (Svk) MS Evil Racing0:00:14.369 
16Dominik Gspan (Swi) ewz mountainbiketeam loop0:00:14.751 
17Josua Hein (Ger) OnTheEdge0:00:15.177 
18Richard Leacock (NZl)0:00:15.556 
19Ruppert Shapman* (NZl)0:00:15.733 
20Boris Tetzlaff (Aut) Ghost AtG pro Team0:00:16.398 
21Aki Fär (Fin)0:00:16.737 
22Kristof Lenssens (Bel)0:00:16.873 
23Mark Scott* (GBr)0:00:17.635 
24Markus Schwab (Swi) Magic Downhill0:00:17.934 
25Jed Rooney* (NZl)0:00:17.945 
26Aari Barrett (NZl) Scott 110:00:18.076 
27Martin Frei (Swi)0:00:18.382 
28Lutz Weber* (Swi) iXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:19.968 
29Joe Barnes (GBr)0:00:20.059 
30Claudio Loureiro (Por) Team BikeZone M.C. Felgueiras0:00:20.097 
31Maciej Jodko (Pol) RMF FM Pepsimax0:00:20.650 
32Michal Sliwa (Pol) Answer0:00:21.610 
33Daniel Wolfe (Irl) Wolfe Racing0:00:21.797 
34Maximilian Bender (Ger) Zonenschein, FLY-racing, Laufr0:00:22.249 
35Rene Schmidt (Ger)0:00:22.831 
36Mathias Haas (Aut) Alpine Connencal0:00:23.117 
37Freddy Hunziker* (Swi) Scott 110:00:23.154 
38Billy Caroli (Swi)0:00:23.183 
39Roman Roschi (Swi)0:00:23.287 
40Rick Balbierer (Ger)0:00:23.420 
41Bertrand Gilles (Bel) Kona Barracuda0:00:23.493 
42Loic Delteil (Fra) Hotpoint0:00:23.536 
43Freddie King (NZl)0:00:23.546 
44Scott Laughland (Irl)0:00:23.715 
45Basil Weber* (Swi) ewz mountainbiketeam loop0:00:24.440 
46David Balderstone (NZl) Rockstar Racing0:00:25.599 
47Ruediger Jahnel (Aut)0:00:25.875 
48Antti Lampen* (Fin) Downhillteam Finnland0:00:25.888 
49Nino Antic (Cro) Giant/Royal/Maxxis0:00:26.082 
50Andi Zehentner (Aut) Revolution Racing0:00:26.664 
51Miikka Lehtinen* (Fin) STARLESS DH TEAM0:00:26.747 
52Nicolas Walser (Swi) Bikezone0:00:27.777 
53Markus Olkkonen (Fin) Kona0:00:28.020 
54Johannes Suetter (Ger) PROPAIN0:00:28.220 
55Jordan Doig* (GBr)0:00:28.915 
56Blaz Hölel* (Slo) Enduro Maxxis0:00:29.097 
57Felix Wunderlich (Ger) Trek Munich Racing0:00:29.585 
58Janick Lieberherr (Swi) iXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:30.880 
59Antti Luttinen (Fin) Downhillteam Finnland0:00:31.499 
60Jasper Jauch (Ger) Syntace Liteville0:00:32.791 
61Manuel Gruber* (Aut) The Gap-Ironracing0:00:33.108 
62Philipp Buennemann* (Ger) Zonenschein Fly Factory0:00:33.145 
63Robin Wallner (Swe) Sunn-Montgenevre0:00:33.640 
64Grossmann Noah (Ger) / dirtstylers.de0:00:33.699 
65Benjamin Ayling (Aus)0:00:33.882 
66Ronan Taylor* (GBr) High line racing0:00:33.922 
67Leo Combee* (Ned) Merida Combee0:00:34.603 
68Oliver Morris (GBr)0:00:35.608 
69Chris Barlen (Aus)0:00:35.825 
70Macel Basener (Ger) 77 Designz0:00:36.057 
71Primo- Figaro Ravnik (Slo) URC Flowmotion0:00:36.098 
72Christian Vogt (Ger) Last0:00:36.128 
73Lukas Anrig (Swi) Driftbike Team0:00:36.363 
74Mario Kranz (Lie)0:00:36.734 
75Johannes Mueller (Ger)0:00:37.236 
76Fabian Pfister (Swi)0:00:37.898 
77Philipp Inselsbacher (Aut) Lietz Sportracing0:00:37.961 
78Tom Mathue (NZl)0:00:38.349 
79Andreas Gasser (Aut) URC Flowmotion0:00:38.433 
80Jan Cestnik (Slo) Unior Tools Team0:00:38.602 
81Andre Wackenhut (Ger)0:00:39.016 
82Gino Schlifske (Ger)0:00:39.190 
83Christoph Schnettler* (Ger)0:00:39.848 
84Perin Arkadiusz (Pol) Diver Extremeteam0:00:40.641 
85Mario Koch (Ger) Last Bikes / Funn / Bench0:00:41.897 
86Fabian Heim* (Ger) Team Last International0:00:43.285 
87Denis Paradiz (Slo) Enduro Maxxis0:00:43.862 
88Vesa Virta (Fin) RMR0:00:44.083 
89Nicolas Cherix (Swi) cransmountainracing team0:00:44.721 
90Peter Felber (Aut) ARBÖ Bangbrothers Klagenfurt0:00:44.920 
91Ross Searle (GBr)0:00:45.188 
92Daniel Vogt (Ger) Last / renz radsport0:00:45.465 
93Manuel Schatz (Ger)0:00:45.466 
94Ales Wittic* (Slo)0:00:45.571 
95Jelmer Aeschlimann* (Swi) Velo-Franz/ Bergamont0:00:45.693 
96Jonas Linnemann* (Ger) TEAM Rudel0:00:46.169 
97Markus Planitzer (Aut) Bodenhaftung0:00:46.479 
98James Hoggan* (NZl)0:00:46.620 
99Oliver Berger* (Ger) Trek international Eberhardt0:00:46.879 
100Henning Schipper (Ger)0:00:46.991 
101Felix Heine (Ger)0:00:46.996 
102Fabio Gangi* (Ita) TEAM Rudel0:00:47.012 
103Andreas Chronz (Ger)0:00:47.697 
104Ian Schaad (Swi)0:00:48.265 
105Florian Nagele (Aut) superslowflowmotion0:00:48.444 
106Gerard Wolfe (Irl) Wolfe Racing0:00:48.585 
107Kevin Kontschieder (Aut) Revolution Racing0:00:48.634 
108Simon Finkel (Ger)0:00:49.046 
109Marcus Neumann (Ger) No6Pack0:00:49.235 
110Murray Dickson (Aus)0:00:49.454 
111Alexander Mikowitsch (Aut) Bikebox0:00:49.560 
112Hannes Gruebner (Ger)0:00:49.578 
113Leopold Koellner* (Aut) Specialized-mountainbiker.at0:00:49.848 
114Florian Wilhelm (Aut)0:00:50.208 
115Fabian Fader* (Ger) Solid Aclass Factory Team0:00:50.515 
116Daniel Jahn (Ger) Conti Nicolai Team0:00:51.056 
117Jens Bayer (Ger) Team Bodenhaftung0:00:51.084 
118Michael Jolk (Ger)0:00:52.235 
119Jochen Rehwald (Ger) HEROBIKES.DE0:00:52.590 
120Peter Mlinar* (Slo) MTB Koroska0:00:53.340 
121Mario Jantsch (Ger) RSV Garchingen0:00:53.887 
122Daniel Dobler (Aut)0:00:55.170 
123Felix Herdzina (Ger)0:00:55.217 
124Stefan Bax (Ger) Herobikes.de0:00:55.397 
125Michal Gzela* (Pol)0:00:56.042 
126Rufus Wenlock (NZl)0:01:00.515 
127Krzysztof Kosmowski (Pol) bike-camp team0:01:00.940 
128Nicolas Wolflisberg (Swi) EISS #10:01:01.369 
129Mario Steiner (Ger) steiner-racing.de0:01:01.750 
130Mark Balbierer* (Ger)0:01:06.753 
131Moritz Baumung (Ger)0:01:07.503 
132Bork Schuetzenhofer (Aut) RC Alpine Commencal0:01:07.796 
133Jan Smetana* (Ger) Bruchpilotracing0:01:08.193 
134Marc-Oliver Vaccaro* (Ger) GravityPilots e.V-Team Extra..0:01:09.713 
135Jonathan Debus (Ger) Last Bikes0:01:11.750 
136Beda Berchthold* (Swi) Luckystarteam0:01:12.401 
137Alexander Berman* (Swi) followmestore Kona Team0:01:14.287 
138Markus Maurer (Aut) URC FLOWMOTION0:01:16.405 
139Denis Weber (Aut) UnionVR Mountainbikers at0:01:16.729 
140Christian Daxner (Aut)0:01:18.315 
141Armin Weber* (Aut) UNION VR mountainbiker.at0:01:19.393 
142Julian Gerhardt (Ger) Selmarstar.de0:01:25.106 
143Aleksandar Prvulj (Lie)0:01:26.715 
144Lukas Pfiffner* (Swi) Luckystarteam0:01:29.207 
145Thomas Schmied* (Aut) RC Alpine Commencal0:01:31.736 
146Slawomir Lukasik* (Pol) RMFFM Pepsimax0:01:37.748 
147Stephan Maderthaner (Aut) YMV rsp raceingteam0:01:37.968 
148Sven Liebscher (Ger) No6Pack0:01:47.601 
149Sascha Reinsberger* (Aut) Union VR0:02:09.577 
150Simon Heussner* (Ger) Team Last International0:02:23.721 
151Claudio Caluori (Swi) Scott 110:02:54.341 
152Mauricio Baumann* (Ger)0:03:07.325 
153Ewan Doherty (Irl)0:04:00.989 
154Philipp Proft (Ger) Wheels over Frankfurt Radsport0:04:10.984 
155Toni Tillmann (Ger)0:05:00.351 
156Joseph Nation (NZl)0:05:21.652 
DNSMarcel Beer (Swi) GT - iXS  
DNSAndreas Sieber (Ger)  
DNSErik Irmisch (Ger)  
DNSViktor Seboldt (Ger) Team Rudel  
DNSWolfgang Eysholdt (Ger)  
DNSMarkus Hillmann (Ger) RSV Adler Arnstadt  
DNSKonrad Porochniak (Pol)  
DNSPatrick Kontschieder (Aut) Revolution Racing  
DNSRob Davis (Irl)  
DNSRobert Meyer (Ger) Wheels over Frankfurt e.V.  
DNSHayden Lee (NZl)  
DNSŽiga Pandur (Slo) Unior Tools Team  
DNSLiam Moynihan (GBr) Offbeatbikes  
DNSMario Reinbacher (Aut) MP-Suspension  
DNSHendrix Jonke (Aut) RC ANDAS BIKEN  
DNSMichael Grohmann (Aut)  
DNSFlorian Drexel* (Ger)  
DNFDaniel Von Kossak Glowczewski* (Ger) Dirt Stylers  
DNFMarkus Bihler (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker  
DNFRaphael Heule (Swi) RSF  
DNFRui Domingues* (Por) Team BikeZone M.C. Felgueiras  
DNFMax Kruse* (Ger)  
DNFRobin Moelders (Ger) Bikeride  
DNFOliver Kunz (Ger) Soulrider e.V.  
DNFPascal Tinner (Swi) Radbar-Racing  
DNFTomasz Jezierski (Pol) AZS-AWF-Katomize  
DNFTommy Herrmann (Ger) RSV Rederberch e.V.  
DNFElias Vonier (Aut) VMV N.S.P.Racingteam  
DNFMichael Nöarer (Aut) Redneck  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley (GBr) Trek World Racing0:04:29.015 
2Martina Bruehlmann (Swi) iXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:23.753 
3Miriam Ruchti (Swi) dr-gravity union0:00:25.243 
4Harriet Ruecknagel (Ger) OnTheEdge0:00:30.497 
5Caroline Forrer (Swi) iXS Sports Division Yeti Team0:00:33.745 
6Petra Bernhard (Aut) RC Alpine Commencal0:00:38.149 
7Sandra Ruebesam (Ger) Giant Germany0:00:49.670 
8Elke Rabeder (Aut) Revolution Racing0:00:50.730 
9Birgitt Braumann (Aut) Specialized-Mountainbiker.at0:00:54.301 
10Helene Valerie Fruhwirth (Aut) RC Alpine Commencal0:00:54.636 
11Leoni Caroline Dickerhoff (Ger)0:01:00.142 
12Tamara Ulrich* (Aut) Asko Trendsport0:01:19.039 
13Joanne Muoser (Swi) Suspension Center0:01:21.526 
14Špela Horvat* (Slo) KD Rajd0:01:56.001 
15Lauriane Darbre* (Swi)0:01:58.900 
Under 17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ville Ormo (Fin) Downhillteam Finnland0:04:18.889 
2Aram Raoof (Pol) RMF FM-Pepsi Max0:00:20.826 
3Matthew Scott (GBr)0:00:23.504 
4Antoine Bagnoud (Swi) Crans-Mountain Racing0:00:24.412 
5Julian Hibben (Ger) ROSE / DR Gravity Union0:00:26.591 
6Tobias Kalupke (Ger)0:00:50.264 
7Jan Berkenkopf (Ger) JWF Fahrradhandel Giant0:00:54.948 
8Nicolas Omlin (Swi) Fatwork0:01:02.379 
Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wilfred Van De Haterd (Ned)0:04:18.054 
2Heinz Hostettler (Swi) BanditBike.ch0:00:06.478 
3Marcel Waldmann (Swi)0:00:10.440 
4Henrik Karppinen (Fin)0:00:14.987 
5Joerg Heydt (Ger) LAST0:00:17.072 
6Michael Stammbach (Swi)0:00:19.695 
7Matthias Reichmann (Ger) G-Force Downhill Racing0:00:19.963 
8Dennis Stratmann (Ger) Team Rockymountain0:00:21.905 
9Robbert Crommentuyn (Ned)0:00:29.557 
10Stefan Westerveld (Ger) Team Eqiupe Pedaliero0:00:30.904 
11Mario Arn (Aut) Flatout-Racing/URC bikestore.c0:00:32.754 
12Georg Vit (Aut)0:00:32.842 
13Matthias Haake (Ger)0:00:34.782 
14Thomas Schaal (Ger) Team Bodenhaftung0:00:37.976 
15Dirk August (Ger) Royal Barvarian Woodpacker0:00:40.841 
16Urs Sturzenegger (Swi)0:00:41.451 
17John Rowan (GBr)0:00:47.402 
18Laurent Castella (Swi) Crans-Mountain racing0:00:51.031 
19Jan Sponseil (Ger) Bergamont0:00:56.641 
20Christoph Grill (Aut) Revolution Racing0:01:08.464 
21Hadald Schwarz (Aut) Drateselteam0:01:09.243 
22Christian Panzer (Aut) Flatout-Racing/URC bikestore.c0:01:17.585 
23Simon Daniel (Aut)0:01:21.386 
24Michael Grindmayer (Ger)0:01:37.424 
25Carsten Portsch (Ger) Royal Barvarian Woodpacker0:16:36.439 
DNSPeter Boo (Swi) Fatwork  
DNSMarkus Wiersch (Ger) Royal Bavarian Woodpacker  
DNSJan Patocka (Cze)  
DNSSebastian Schreinmoser (Aut) URC Flowmotion  
Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christian Textor(Broductions)0:04:24.921 
2Johannes Graf(Kraftstoff)0:00:02.333 
3Pascal Scheer0:00:07.503 
4Julien Rosse0:00:09.424 
5Stephan Schelling0:00:09.438 
6Christian Schlothauer(Team Rad-i-o Racing, WSV Oberh)0:00:10.279 
7Benjamin Peer(Radi i.O. Racing)0:00:11.852 
8Vito Tschenett0:00:11.991 
9Sebastian Strehl0:00:16.748 
10Erich Wieland0:00:18.604 
11Gerald Niss((Aut))0:00:19.530 
12Jens Steinsberger0:00:22.443 
13Matthias Obermair((Aut))0:00:24.128 
14Marc Mitscherick0:00:24.884 
15Benedikt Rieder0:00:24.939 
16Benni Bindels0:00:25.192 
17Marcel Elsaesser0:00:26.359 
18Alan Turin((Swi))0:00:26.686 
19David Pache0:00:27.740 
20Johannes Neumeier0:00:28.841 
21Martin Kuhn0:00:29.322 
22Tobias Ponkratz0:00:29.848 
23Matthies Klotz0:00:31.855 
24Hardy Haenel0:00:32.223 
25Tim Muncke0:00:33.413 
26Richard Lesiak0:00:34.144 
27Benni Walzthoeni(--)0:00:34.805 
28Thomas Hechler0:00:35.813 
29Henrik Meyer0:00:35.908 
30Ramun Tschenett0:00:36.191 
31Timo Steck0:00:37.090 
32Daniel Tulla0:00:38.651 
33Christian Heilwagen0:00:41.299 
34Tobias Mueller0:00:42.173 
35Philipp Persch0:00:42.238 
36Denny Lischke0:00:42.791 
37Jan-Phillip Strehl0:00:44.059 
38Timo Weiss0:00:44.659 
39Vincent Butticaz0:00:45.962 
40Daniel Apreutesei0:00:46.352 
41Alex Deuschl0:00:46.941 
42Ronny Quittschalle0:00:48.160 
43Christoph Reiser0:00:48.923 
44Stefan Mauser0:00:49.761 
45Dominik Lissé0:00:54.908 
46Philipp W.0:00:55.042 
47Philipp Ostermann((Aut))0:00:57.077 
48Thomas Boeldl0:00:58.054 
49Marcin Ma?Lak0:00:59.641 
50Martin Stitz0:01:07.314 
51Ramon Holm0:01:11.905 
52Marco Schaerer0:01:11.977 
53Bernhard Spitzer0:01:19.003 
54Fabian Margreiter0:01:27.534 
55Daniel Koller0:01:34.146 
56Jerome Lehmann0:01:37.608 
57Manuel Niedhart0:01:45.829 
58Philipp Kratzer0:01:56.193 
59Marco Kleinschmidt0:01:57.182 
DNSJoachim Krug  
DNSSebastian Heyn  
DNSAndreas Obermoser  
DNSBastian Rieder  
DNSStefan Dopplinger  
DNSGuenter Kornberger  
DNSStefan Szigeti((Aut))  
DNSJohannes Stiffak  
DNSRudi Dorotka  
DNSGabriel Monne  
DNSAndreas Woell  
DNSMichael Fünfstück  
DNFFlorian Maehr  
DNFMaik Pfeifer  
DNFChristian Arzt  
DNFMichael Schmidt  
Junior men open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Schwab0:04:39.270 
2Thomas Dueber0:00:00.618 
3Hubert Posmyk((Pol))0:00:01.748 
4Timo Schuetz0:00:12.433 
5Maximilian Mittelbach0:00:22.758 
6Valentin Egger0:00:28.763 
7Michael Muehlegger0:00:29.583 
8Sebastian Moser0:00:31.483 
9Matthias Fenke0:00:34.067 
10Damian Czopek((Pol))0:00:38.915 
11Markus Guerster0:00:41.138 
12Rene Bloechle0:00:42.343 
13Stefan Noehrer((Aut))0:01:05.548 
14Florian Walchhofer0:01:05.857 
15Georg Aumuellner0:01:25.819 
16Marven Steeg0:01:30.233 
17Florian Mueller0:01:31.263 
18Lorenz Spann0:01:34.951 
DNSChristoph Mauser  
DNSHenrik Brunold  
DNSMartin Handle  
DNSDominic Tinner  
DNFSteffen Claus  
Open senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Blech0:04:43.803 
2Mike Rum0:00:09.657 
3Christoph Eichinger0:00:19.043 
4Peter Roeschner0:00:23.068 
5Josef Wenge0:00:38.036 
6Markus Pacher0:00:40.645 
7Stefan Krippner0:00:41.630 
8Klaus Molnhuber0:00:43.549 
9Hristo Hristov0:00:44.351 
10Damian Chromik0:00:56.395 
11Mike Wutzler0:00:58.049 
12Sven Klein0:00:58.783 
13Sebastian Kammerer0:01:08.500 
14Roger Beutler0:01:35.518 
15Oliver Boegner0:01:40.338 
16Georg Danner0:03:11.602 
DNSPeter Proestel  
Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathalie Daeppen0:05:38.449 
2Sandra Von Allmen((Swi))0:00:17.278 
3Ina Junker0:00:46.973 
4Manuela Drenska0:01:25.474 
5Claudia Timm0:02:02.269 

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